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  1. I was about to hop on the server..
  2. Praising the maker in minecraft! anybody wanna join me and a couple of others? :P  ( edit: don't have to praise anything, @lol @praise the maker @the true father ) 

  3. Ok! so.. how is this minecraft thing working?
  4. Hey Grimnir, nice to see you again. Don't take anything personal but the reason for vanishing is really my own and was not reflected on the group at that time or any other members within it. Real life always come first. I am not really going to discuss details about my personal life here, so if you feel you have questions you can always send me a pm. friendship is always going a two way street, i hope you are not trying to say that i don't give a fuck because that is not really the case. Take care bud. In a other note, it is great to see some familier faces around here, seeing so many people banned got me really worried to be honest! I feel things are going to be fine and i will find my way around. Thanks for all the pep talk, friendly advice and suggestions. <3 and i see many of you guys around
  5. Thanks for the replys guys, i will find you guys on ts3, or just join or ask me to join your ts3 channel.
  6. I had some thought about making a post about this. To be honest with you guys I am not really the guy that is open about this kind of things. I started playing in this community in 2013 and during that time I met a crazy amount of people. Now.. it is a bit of a different story. I noticed that a lot of people got banned before many of the other people I knew before that got banned aswell. Now while I am playing with this community I feel myself lost, Yes i know a few regulars by forum name and the know me as the father. Do I really have friends in this community and game buddies I hang around with? To be honest it is pretty much a no.. I feel It would be great again to make new friends, and postive/friendly roleplayers to hang around with and visit new aspects in this community. Instead in the past I always made groups to be seen in the community, but for now that is not what I want ( for now ) Now comes the awkward question, are there any people here having the same position as myself? old roleplayers or new roleplayers alike? Mind if I hang with you guys/girls? and accepts a 34 year old fart? This is not really a plee for help, but damn it is just really shit to sit alone in a teamspeak channel walking around the server and recieving 5 second drop weapons roleplay. Regards, Forever alone.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, it is good to see a few regulars around here!
  8. And all who trust him-The Father will recieve eternal life; those who don't believe and is full of sin will never see makers heaven.. but will recieve the makers wrath upon them. The Father walks on the road with his backpack on his shouders.. and slowy repeats to himself. '' The sovereign Maker is coming in power. He will rule with a powerful arm. See, he brings his reward with him as he comes.. He tends his flocks like a shepherd: he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. '' Greetings fellow roleplayers, I hope you are all doing well, and hello everybody! are you peeps still going strong? I sure hope so! I will see you soon all ingame! and we can all praise together once more. yes.. praise.. With regards, The Father.
  9. I think i died a little when was reading this haha!
  10. but more rules is not going to help either. I also don't like it because people are forced to come on the forums.
  11. this, as much as it is a addition, i can't handle more rules. I would welcome more creativity among groups, gameplay, events and such, but rules.. no..
  12. IGN: (fresh character depending on group) or continuation old roleplay chars if group is stable Age:33 IRL Country:EU English skills:Excellent DayZ Mod Experience:500+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience:played sinds beta Roleplaying Experience:To much What kind of In Game role best describes you Can play any role, open for someting fresh and new Have you been in any clan/group previously:Yes leaded several groups Additional notes: Looking for a friendly buch of people where i can start a fresh character and grow myself into the roleplay and group also like to banter a bit Best way to contact you:send me a PM!
  13. I feel we made a grave mistake when the community decided to move towards dayZstandalone from dayzmod. We all hoped for better things, and after so many things we have more visions and hopes for this game then that the development is going towards to. I always said it, move back to the mod, work on that. The community back then had real unity and people that played the mod, i know for a fact the agree with me.