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  1. Sounds about right..... I'll see myself out. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  2. -User was warned for this post-
  3. fucking hell man, nice song 

  4. omg i need this for my profile better donate xD 

  5. *footsteps* Idiot - "Hey! how are you ?" Me - Not this shit again.jpg "what do you want ?" Idiot - "nothing.. I just wanted to say Hey." Me - Waiting for the inevitable.bat Idiot - "Got any 5.56 bruh ?" Repeat daily for best results.
  6. But then how will we gear up after being killed if there no empty servers ?
  7. Factions should get to fuck and just make it so groups can have settlements if they have 20 or more members. Then when they apply for a settlement make sure they have a suitable thread. Factions are a fucking dumb idea they add nothing extra to the roleplay or the community which groups don't already.
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    i hope you burn

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      We got water on standby.

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      well atleast im not leaking like an old iron pipe.

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    Best PS ever

  8. Yer thats what I trying to say lol I have just started saying Yer everything you've got. They tend to fuck off pretty quickly.
  9. The fact that you put a trigger warning triggered me... Also every body is at Green mountain Server 1 and its aids and because everybody is there nobody can rp.
  10. This guy lmao
  11. Let me guess was the part about the sore arse hole ?
  12. Am I right ?


  13. nice aim wanky dick

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