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  1. Yer thats what I trying to say lol I have just started saying Yer everything you've got. They tend to fuck off pretty quickly.
  2. The fact that you put a trigger warning triggered me... Also every body is at Green mountain Server 1 and its aids and because everybody is there nobody can rp.
  3. This guy lmao
  4. Let me guess was the part about the sore arse hole ?
  5. Am I right ?


  6. nice aim wanky dick

    1. Husky




    2. Uriki
  7. That game looks fucking awful. It's a -1 from me.
  8. Folabi Mugabe

  9. TFW you initiate on Kab
  10. No idea what your on about mate...
    • Dr Brandon
    • Uriki


    How I felt last night with that certain person. Wouldn't you agree?

    1. Uriki


      I would agree.

  11. donations

    I'm a pvp scum so put your hands in the air and drop your beans or you will be shot.
  12. I couldn't resist


    ....so much pink...

  13. this, +1 couldn't agree more.
  14. I've gave my opinion, you don't like it and now you're chucking your toys out the pram. I'm not going to help you derail your own thread. taty bye...