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  1. member berries

    member the market section on the forums for in game items?
    • GirlGamer
    • Roach

    Congrats on winning! Voted for ya you earned it!

    1. Roach


      Thanks dude :) I appreciate the vote and always glad to bring entertainment :)

  2. Feedback that's related to the thread, yes. I do not see any correlation of what he's written and OP. Please stop cluttering my thread with useless posts and if there's any feedback you'd like to give regarding the video posted, then I implore you to do so.
  3. Still lost, the only gif I responded to someone with wasn't feedback about the content I posted. If someone who has no idea what they're talking about wants to incite drama on a topic that's completely unrelated to the points that they're trying to make, then they'll either be disregarded or reported. If he would like to provide feedback on me as an online persona, then he may private message me as that's the correct thing to do.
  4. Thanks lol, hopefully my next episodes will be even more interesting
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    Congrats on trending


  5. @Terra I challenge you to roast @Alex, record it, and post it here (Safe space friendly roast)
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    I've signed you up for some sensitivity training.

  6. erp

    Well played
  7. erp

    Hey cutie, i'm a real hot gamer girl looking for some rough action in Escape From Tarkov, but I can't afford it. Would you give a gamer girl such as myself $140 and we could play together? winky face/cute emoji/no scam
  8. erp

    which package allows you to play it right now?
    • Macbrine
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    What the hell is going on here arcus???

    1. GirlGamer


      Who's Arcus?

  9. hopefully tonight's recording goes even better than yesterdays. episode 2 soon