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  1. Rest in peace :(

    1. Castiel


      The world's smallest violin plays

    2. Hebee
  2. I'd win
  3. I feel like Rolle is behind this #RolleExposed

    1. Dora

      fill me with juice pull my hair and scream nice

  5. Let me just take off my socks first, this is gonna be fun
  6. Comedy is dead, people ruined it by taking everything so seriously.
  7. ERP allowed?
  8. Very well Terra, you have escaped your fate once more
  9. There's plenty of threads you can go to, everything we can say has already been posted on the forums by either myself or other members.
  10. You'll just never understand it until you've actually taken part of a lore wipe for yourself. You can only just assume things whereas I actually know things. No point in arguing with ya. Bottom line, Lore wipe will change everything.
  11. Lore wipe changes everything completely. I get you're a 2016er, never experienced one before and scared to lose your character, but it'll make RP so much better. Reason why I don't play in game much is because the server is just so boring, it's like listening to a song on a loop and never switching off.
  12. Since staff decided to arbitrarily deleted my post and gave you beans for yours after, I'm sure you read what I've written. Off chance you haven't, people who circumvent their bans can still be unbanned and it has happened multiple times in the past, you were staff too so you should know that. I have no clue why you would argue otherwise. Ofc if the point you're trying to make is he posted a mutilated baby and he circumvented his ban, I'm talking about the second offense of circumventing the ban. If he appeals the first offense and it's accepted, then the circumvented ban part usually doesn't matter.