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  1. -snip lmao private frequency-
  2. survivor

    Western! ma boi!
  3. 11/10 mon then you jakebaw
  4. 7/10 bumsook
  5. Loving your profile song mate

  6. idk banned for sumthin lmao
  7. *cletus is startled by the angery radio chatter and is awoken from his glorious sleep, he picks up his radio and presses the PTT* so, people have been doing shit to the doctor huh? Dr stone helps people and you go and do this shit, sending people after him. As a good friend of dr stone i do not like to hear this sort of behaviour. You fellers need any help with killing these pricks that did this, you hit me up on the radio. Ciao *he releases the PTT*
  8. ayyyy good keel
  9. bang bang
  10. *Cletus is fiddling with his vest, when he hears Ewan speak, he lets out a sigh of relief/dissapointment, he picks up his radio and presses the PTT* you never fucking learn don't ya? how many times do i have to say make friends and not enemies? hope this taught you a lesson ewan. *he chuckles, regains thought* and you Olatunji, i hope you and you're friends can please forgive me for what i took part in. i just wanna get along with y'all. and OJ, can you please tell james i am truly sorry, il make it up to him when i see him around, i promise. *He releases the PTT, and proceeds to sit down on a wooden chair, worrying about his mistakes he had done on this day*
  11. hop on to s2, hear a firefight, leave s2.

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    2. WeeMan

      Yeah s2 is trash tbh cant play without zombes lunge hitting me 

      >See's s2


      >goes on s1

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    4. evanm23
  12. 48
  13. im very proud of you lmao