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  1. mafia

  2. *He presses the PTT* Fuck outta here cleveland brown looking ass that wheelchair is mine 250 5.56 SIR! *He releases the PTT*
  3. *Bear is angered by the mans response, he presses the PTT* HEY BACK OFF, THATS MY FUCKING WHEELCHAIR. I WILL HAVE MORE FUCKING USE FOR IT hey dude im willing to pay a hefty price of 150 5.56 ammunition *he releases the ptt*
  4. *Bear hears some exciting news coming through the radio, he presses the PTT* ahhhhhh i was wondering when wheelchairs would be back on the market, i need some mobility in my life incase my sore leg has to get amputated, il think about it *He pauses for a second* That is if it is electric *He releases the ptt*
  5. *Bear hears lots of shoutin on his radio, he stops cleaning his boots and pulls out his radio from his back pocket, he presses the PTT* Hahahah, i wish i was there to see that trader camp get ransacked and pillaged. oh well. i was too busy doing other things. should not have killed the lad *Bear released the PTT, and continues polishing his boots*
  6. *Bear is fiddling with his SVD, He hears chatter on the radio frequency, he holds the PTT* To be honest this guy is right, fist fight would be better and more entertaining. Jack ive seen you fight, that Shaun black-water guy, you fucked him up. thats until you slapped his ass. that was a bit weird but i wont judge. *He releases the ptt*
  7. More like fucking nightmare ex dee
  8. militia

    x d https://gyazo.com/069a60dbff94b158521bed86c7efc703
  9. *bear presses the ptt* You know shane, you and caleb i respected alot. *He takes a deep breath* I hope we can still get along on good terms. *he releases the ptt*
  10. "Bear presses the PTT* Same here boys, ta ta *releases ptt*
  11. *bear switches frequency to the one jack told him, hears a bunch of crazy shirt come from the radio. Presses PTT* Okay first off what the fuck are you on about mate? talking about toenails and shit. From what im hearing The Hangmen are all a bunch of all talk no action big dickers. You can certainly talk the talk, but cant walk the walk? *he flicks off his ptt*