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  1. hit me up with a shipment of the purple
  2. Enjoyed this!
  3. looks good
  4. Find it fam
  6. the gay voice 'the fireflies xD'
  7. Awha! good group Toasty I remmber when toasty comes in with sweet fuck all gear just a M4 fuck all bullets shouting some shit 'LOUIE AND THE BOYS' The boishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. *Western grabs his radio* 'Of course i fucking am you fat fucking ginger Irish bastard where the fuck have you been' *Lets go of PTT*
  9. *Endeavour is sitting on a chair in this old wooden green house drinking a warm brew he made from his camping set he looks out the window onto veg patch he dug up weeks ago, he heard the radio going off and presses the PTT* 'Louie?'
  10. Yes of course mate, jump in and pave
  11. i did not know that was seasons in this and fucked up big time
  12. We need to build a pave road bois to every where D:
  13. Enjoyed Lothic and his boys rp today!
  14. Clan Ulfsson Are you looking for work? Are you in need of somewhere to live? Ulfsson are now looking for hard working workers! Knock on the door if interested.