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  1. bang
  2. When someone was in gillie suit was rping as a cat. what is your favorite pistol?
  3. I dont remember
  4. Looking good!!
  5. 55
  6. BANG
  7. 10/10 would read again. Based on a true story.
  8. *Endeavour picks up the radio after laughing so much he hears a voice coming from the radio he presses the PTT* 'Vanessa..' 'A wise man once said Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer' *Endeavour lets go off the PTT*
  9. Help me please theres a bear chasing me Anyway i will check out the server!! hopefully it will be good!!
  10. do you wanna adopt my 16 children  

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    2. Western
    3. Lyaria

      @Buddy are you harboring the men I have pledged to kill......

    4. Buddy


      That's too big of a word for me, but I'm not doing anything with anybody xD

  11. Oh my. 69 Beanz.

    1. Western
    2. Buddy


      I'm giving you a bean just because it bothers me :|

    3. Western



  12. Banned for being no pupper