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  1. You are welcome to run with us anytime, Willis! (You didn't get me captured . . . I got me captured.)
  2. Darra

    Gotta real good feelin' somethin' bad about to happen.

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      Hebi Kotei

      Our Diety Kek has seen the future and warns us of another meme war. The 2nd Great Meme war may start again.

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    I'm so sad, a good friend is gone today.  I will miss him.  RIP Moody!

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  4. Ludmila Kovarik

    Mila was born in Moskva, Russia to a Chernarussian father and a Russian mother. Her parents first met at a secondary teacher’s convention in Moskva. After the convention ended, her parents kept in touch, fell in love, and eventually her father, Konstantin, moved to Moskva and settled down with her mother, Valera. The two lived a very happy and busy life together as teachers and parents to three daughters: Ludmila (Mila), Aleksandra (Leksa), and Yelena (Lena). Because family was very important to both parents, Mila, Leksa, and Lena spent each summer break with their father’s family in Sinistok, Chernarus. But, as each daughter grew into adulthood and jobs, education, and relationships took precedence, the time they spent in Sinistok became shorter and shorter until the visits ended when each girl reached her late teen years. Frequent phone calls and letters, however, helped maintain the close ties formed over the years. In September, 2014, when Mila was 29 years-old, the family learned her grandmother’s health was failing. She took leave from her job in retail sales and, along with her parents and sisters, traveled to Sinistok to be at her grandmother’s side. After her grandmother passed, Mila remained to care for her now ailing grandfather; her parents and sisters returned to Russia. By the time the infection broke out in October, Mila’s grandfather was too frail to travel. The infection spread rapidly and quickly reached Sinistok. Mila’s grandfather, as well as many others in the small, closely knit town, succumbed to the infection. Chaos quickly ensued as the numbers of infected grew and small roving bands of survivors attempted to take what little was left. After enduring a few small losses, they realized their numbers were not large enough to effectively resist outside aggression. Mila and a few other family members abandoned the town and moved north into the hills. Overtime, disease, hunger, and other dangers further eroded their numbers until only Mila was left. After burying her last remaining family member from Sinistok, Mila left the hills to seek out other survivors. Mila has received no news of her parents or sisters since the infection spread outside the borders of Chernarus. She desperately wants to believe they too survived, but, in reality she knows most likely they did not.
  5. Make @Darra a PVP legend? That is one tall order, Squilly.
  6. Had great fun tonight with my guys from Bastion. Thanks also go out to the Saviors (my captors) and the Chernarus Liberation Front (my rescuers).
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  13. Sosnix, you can also stop by the TeamSpeak helpdesk once your appeal is accepted. I'm sure a staff member would be willing to offer assistance. Good luck!!
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