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  2. Wow so you do
  3. giphy.gif.a2dd0418e40c865b494f2a23fb2a283e.gif

    I have had a really really bad day today.

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    2. H1ber


      Vodka helps with everything, that's what the finns say 

    3. Munter
    4. Kieran_Hales


      Just ad a little milk to the vodka and shot it, I'm sure it'll be fine! I'm currently on my 5th Bulmers after getting in at 10, been at work from 7:30am till 9:30pm being an adult is shit, take me back 10 years when pocket money would get me by for a week! 

  4. We will keep this group alive for him. We will move on but this will not be forgotten. <3
  5. well done very creative "The family he never had" I wonder what that will be lol
  6. GHOST WHY their's only two direwolves left they can't kill them off they need protected do you hear me protected. They can kill everyone but Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Davos, Arya and *GHOST* they just cant kill that white furball. Ok sorry I will answer your question got a little side tracked basically everyone I just answered cant decide lol Q: Who do you want to win GOT?
  7. Good answer I do think though that both will rule together both are Targs wether Jon whats to admit it or not when he finds out his father was Rhagaer by blood. And if Dany finds out she may not be willing to let the only family left fight or hide away up North or she may end up trying to kill him but I dont think so its not in her nature. But to answer your question I'm basically counting down till it comes back extremely excited for the next season and what it will bring. Q: Who will die next in the next Season of GOT?
  8. i have two favs stark and targaryen Q: Who is the rightful ruler of Westeros?
  9. lol vodka would be a start then onto whiskey
  10. 10/10 was an interesting read