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  1. I just started playing the game today. It's well worth the money!
  3. Damn, I have nothing witty to come back with. You've won this one....
  4. I do hope you have your fast pass @Squillium
  5. Thread is looking a lot better. Senetnced to death....y'all gotta get in line
  6. I've looked at RP with two things in mind. RP is only as great as you make it, you cant expect everyone to do the work for you. Second, as the OP said, I usually only have one or two truly memorable rp moments on a weekly basis, buts it's for those one or two encounters that I continue to grind through the hours of average rp to get there again. So far thats been enough to keep me going. Just my two cents.
  7. Nice Read .....Mr. Raffe
  8. *As he usually does when he wakes up for the day, James is taking a stroll through the northern woods, when he hears the message. He pushes the PTT* 'The Dominic you speak of was doing the remnant a favor. If you decide to pursue him, you will discover that it'd be more trouble than it's worth. Tread Carefully Stranger *James releases the PTT and continues his slow and peaceful walk*
  9. *James listens to foreign man's banter for awhile before deciding to respond* Eh, excuse me, I must of have missed something. Knowing our men they wouldn't have cracked under your petty Russian interrogation techniques, we also don't go around with nametags identifying our group. I've always had a feeling that you Russians turned to the ways of Dark Sorcery in order to gain knowledge at a moments notice. *James considers shutting up but he remembers something else he had to mention* I also fail to recall at time where you kindly asked us to 'leave your country' nor did I see a sign outside the Vybor Compound calling it 'yours'. Property is a thing of the past, everything belongs to anyone who is willing defend it. Obviously you haven't learned this lesson yet. We'll give you no trouble if you just let us be and allow us to do our holy work in this land. Fare well Ivan, take care in 'your country' *James releases the PTT with a sense of satisfaction*
  10. *James is relaxing at the Savior compound when he stumbles upon this wonderful frequency. He decides to attempt to speak back to the sender of all this news* 'My my, it's been a while since I've heard something so practical come over this blasted radio. Now I don't have to waste my time flipping between radio frequencies' Keep this up and maybe you will be rewarded *Some genuine laughter can be heard as James releases the PTT*
  11. Its going to feel strange getting on this evening and he who cannot be named not playing. I took him for granted. #Neverforget

  12. I've been waiting for more base building tools forever, having just a lockpick isnt going to cut it.
  13. These look pretty sweet
  14. At least for the mod I would say 501st CLF, RSM, IRA, SDS, BHM, and the Imperial Dragons. These groups were always around, if not officially then in essence.
  15. When I bought 7 dtd I loved it for about two weeks, and then it got boring, really boring. I dont think this server would have much staying power.