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  1. Genji

    So bored, cba to join that queue :( 

  2. Or a gold bullet @Jamie Depending on who it is lol
  3. I think maybe one of the reasons that some do not want to apply for the mentor program is because (Not be be a dick) They don't have the time to learn how to play a game with a teacher, I don't want to sound tight, but after all people may feel like the mentors are relying on them. At least that is how I would feel anyway, But I guess the program is good for those who have the time.
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    I'm sorry idk why I'm subjecting you to this.

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    2. Genji


      Totally a typo!

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      Damn it even the women are cruel to me :/

  4. @Keira You read my mind, I feel the same way.
  5. @Pontiff To be honest I would not see the point, There are much more serious cases that need to be dealt with daily and let's be honest, you cannot really punish someone in any way for trying to stay away from you (it is what you would do in reality). I think that putting post's like this on the Forums every now and then is a positive thing, it advertises the issues and generates awareness.
  6. I understand where you are coming from, but it just the way things are, I still think even now that the community is starting to become just one big popularity contest and it feels like I am in school again. For example there are some characters I have met in game that just think they are too good for others, if they don't know you OOC then they will leave you be IC. Hmm, I think it is called "internal RP". Yea, that's the one, it winds me up and I think it is one of the main causes RP is stale.
  8. I was about to, My ult was about 99% there WHY WAS YU NOT THERE!
  9. 9/10 Very Magnificent