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  1. Sara always wears her mask! For all I know she has a beard and missing teeth .
  2. The day everything went wrong...(an untold story of lose) Heading out for another Operation. Meeting strangers in the oddest of places. Enjoying South Zagoria beauty with the most beautiful lady in all of Chernarus. (Pepa and Petra Forever) Catching up on the latest gossip around our new Home. The night shift can be so...I don't know what the word is. Another day rises over our Homestead. Contemplating Life and the meaning of it.
  3. Look at this CUTENESS!


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    2. Razareth


      There is no amount you can pay that will be enough. :D@ToeZies

    3. Caesar


      My heart, it's melting!

    4. MeenMuginLovin


      Dawe :3

  4. When fighting foreigners on a daily bases, you need to keep in shape. Though it doesn't hurt to let your hair down and try something different. If it gets too hot we fellow countrymen don't leave the kitchen, we find a nice vantage point to provide over watch. Always good to gain some information from the more neutral foreigners. Also get to know the people you walk with on a daily bases. When all is said and done, it's nice to come home and enjoy the little things in life.
  5. A Cat.
  6. If I can throw in my 2 cents here. I know it is not worth much, but yeah. Please bare in mind I'm a VIOPRPer, I have not tried being a TextRPer and frankly how the current community is I doubt I'll try to be one anytime soon. Which is a shame cause I feel it limits the options I have as a RPer to express myself. I've traveled a lot with TextRPers, have been since I joined this Community actually. So I've gotten quite use to seeing them as a equal part of the RP experience. Anyways, I think the problem here is currently the trend to ignore TextRPers because they use text and not VIOP. Text should be seen as a important part of the RP experience and there shouldn't be rules that cripple a RP style because majority of people are to lazy to read or pay attention the bottom corner of their screen. I'm not saying all do it, but the amount of people I've had to "Correct" when they ignore the people I walk with has become close to the point of frustration. I believe personally that with the current state of how DayZ has implemented VIOP, Text is the only useful form to communicate with a Driver. Anyone that has been in the Offroader knows it makes it nearly impossible to hear what is going on around you while driving or inside for that matter. I've had countless moments where I've driven pass someone and only hear a faint mumble and not know at all what the person was trying to say. To be honest this is the case with most vehicles and I tend to drive around quite a bit with diffirent kinds. And regarding text when it comes to Initiations on Vehicles. VIOP should be optional and Text should be Mandortary, cause the distance Text can be send and the clear message that can be seen by a Driver is far more easily understood then a faint mumble off in the distance while you zoom by with your vehicle.
  7. Had a nice hour long talk with @Babyface. Was quite enjoyable sitting by the barn. Might even say it was romantic . Pepa and Petra Forever <3
  8. Uhm...is it too late to get off the Game?
  9. Revenge is a dish best served with a AKM and a Drum Mag of 75 Rounds of RP :D.

    Thanks Nasinec.

    Pepa and his balls thanks you for showing foreigners what happens when you capture and torture a Chernarussians.

    1. ToeZies



    2. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      Sara and her SVD always have your back

    3. Razareth


      Ano. Ano.

      I got all my stuff back :D.

      I have the best Boss Lady in DayZRP.

  10. ElementalBrofist.thumb.jpg.18d7afbbae739257d4f854b4c8b9b1b9.jpg

    Brofist :D

    1. Babyface


      <3 Bro love <3


  11. "My name is Mr Shark. I'm sure you've heard of me."

    Me: "Afraid not, I don't go swimming a lot."

    One for the books I think :D.

    1. Pontiff


      I'd give you BeanZ but I'm all out.

      You madman.


    2. Razareth


      @Pontiff Pepa is an old man.

      He ain't got no time to keep track of all the weirdos running around Chernarus.

      So when a "Shark" rolls up, he'll give a cheeky answer.

      Even while being a hostage :D.

    3. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      I heard that he has something to do with the fake Banana crew

  12. You can sign me up too Scotty! +1 and all that Jazz.
  13. I like your avatar

    1. Razareth


      I need to find the hat and the hoodie again. I feel that is the true look of Pepa :)

    2. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      it is. im sure you will find it soon :P

    3. Razareth


      Found the hoodie.

      Just need the baseball cap now.

      Then I'll retake that picture.

      Pepa version 2.0

  14. Not too bad, backstory is a bit short though. 7/10