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  1. The screamers = horsemen when they are chasing people down The tribe = the lord of the flies - could be good but as long as you don't make it like a generic tribal group. The parish = every demonic horror group. I've seen about 6 groups like this in the 5 months I've been on this server. The clinic = evil L.I.F.E Lawmakers = regulators who don't spend all their time on prison island. But I am because I like ruining dreams. Either way I have suggestions myself. I'll think them up and post them again for OP.
  2. *sneaks a few bottles in bag* You blue armed bastards abused Richard's kindness to the extreme I was pretty lax with you lot with the rules because I knew you might try something xD. So I'm just sitting here being nice to you guys and you used me like hell lol But no kidding great rp from you guys lol, you brought the memes to the camp so a +1 from me. Even if you did destroy it after
  3. Keedz. I already have 10 warning points because of your memes. Do not make me permabanned.
  4. @Trix Hey! Looks like Richie lives for ano.. *gets rdmed in the face* No but seriously, it was a pleasure getting to know you dude. We've had our ups and downs and even after all the shit you put me through I'd still consider you a pretty close friend of mine. *raises his champagne* For everything from the clowns to the dollars, <3 king
  5. Upvote for you, good sir. Tekkit classic and FTB unleashed/ultimate were my golden days honestly And its depressing how much the yogscast have become more YouTube scum. Either way, I'll try and dig out some old selfies that I took with the OG members when I cared about them! .
  6. My friends been playing rimworld loads recently and I like gambling without entry fees *shrugs shoulder* I'm all in!
  7. I know I'm gonna be that one sad cunt but I actually started PC gaming on Minecraft as it released when I was like 12/13. I think the most influential reason why I started PC gaming rather than console like most of my buddies at the time was probably because I was watching the YogsCasts "shadow of israphel" series which is one of the first serious YouTube gaming series's. That lead me to go through minecraft, tekkit among more modded stuffs before heading into more extreme survival games e.g. DayZ, ark and rust - stuffs like that I wasn't one for story-based games where I follow somebody else's timeline which is probably my most hated attribute as a gamer. I'll make my own or none at all.
  8. V2pSE47.jpg

    This playlist made me feel very white.

  9. +1 from me Nice work!
  10. Umm.... I saw Jack Lemons on S1 the other day. That the same Lemons we talking about?
  11. Bringing back Richie for now..

    "king" is a surprisingly hard and demanding character to play based on how I practiced him. And considering right now I'm thinking of giving up RP because of how stale its been recently, for me I think I need an easy casual character to play rather than one which I have to constantly think for.

    So yeah, back to Richie boys. 
    I'll probably play King when I'm around black skull to start him off on something + I know most of the RPers in that group are fantastic and can compensate for most of my failRP on a new char xD


  12. Woop! Finally sorted out my new character! Jakob "The King" Slate, a C-class actor with the ego of a self-observed snob and the acting quality of a sleeping sloth.

    But mainly this will allow all the people who have accidently called me my ts name in game to be able to without looking like a total fucking tool ;) @C-J @lunathecat @iBUYCHOWDER @WulfeGirl and the many more that has xD



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      @Trix is just gonna powergaming it anyways :ph34r:

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      @King your my white Knight so why not call you my king?

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      wow Cringe

  13. I actually meant if you permadeathed your character you lose all your IC memories. I should have probably mentioned that if it wasn't explicit enough!
  14. Something has to fund a gap year
  15. So I've recently done some research into what is required for clerk work. Nothing special, just entry level clergy work for the summer Found this which made me have a little giggle to myself Sweetie darling, you know I already send high volumes of data to your ERP database