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  1. I will do my best to attend. It'll certainly be interesting to hear what everyone has to say; it might even help me catch up what's been going on since my ban See you then, chief.
  2. When I honestly think about the applicative use of third person on this server from the months since I have joined, I can't think of one reason why I have ever needed it aside from a malicious use. I am a patient PvPer and I mainly wait for the opportunity to kill someone to arise over me risking my life to find people. That lead me to massively abuse third person when looking past trees, through houses and windows effectively in the following months. It is purely a wall hack. I actually can't think of any other way to put it. And to those who are arguing that the "player base will die". Are you fucking with me? You're saying that because you won't be able abuse a game mechanic, half the playerbase will leave?
  3. Richard Harissa

  4. In my opinion, third person is cheating. It is the direct exploitation of your camera angle to see past corners or 'peak' without the requirement of physically looking yourself. It not only ruins immersion, but leads to every fight being who can exploit third person the best. Not to do with positioning, skill or aim precision. Since I have been banned, I have been trying out the first person pubs and the underground servers just to see what they were like and honestly, they completely change the game. It balances PvP as well as adds a level of immersion which should be a requirement in rp. As much as I would like the ability to cut out my eyes and have them float behind me I can't because its not real. I honestly believe it would add a level of roleplay that wouldn't be normally be available with the ability to change into third person. Whether or not it has been tried before, I think if first person was forced for a period of time, it would change up roleplay for the better IMO. Also hello. I'm back
  5. I think that's all the attention whoring I'm gonna get out of people Jokes aside I've loved every moment of being part of this community. I've met some brilliant, creative and seriously amazing people in my time here. Don't undersell yourselves like I have. Anyways, Hopefully I'll see you all in the summer staff have permission to close the thread If anyone wants to contact me while I'm away, I'll link my steam and snap ^.^ SC - kingftw123 Steam -
  6. o7

    keep this community floating till the summer guys, you know its worth your time.

    1. Fluffy


      oh hell no *starts to drill a hole in the hull* 

      o7 see ya

  7. Ran out of beanZ to give.. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to get any more than about 10 replies knowing how many people I've pissed off, let alone any with people offering support. Believe me, I'm OK guys @C-J @Keedz @Mexi @Elmo kys, shitty memers
  8. You didn't mention me you bastard! I mentioned you!!!!! But man, I love you, you were hilarious in the time I knew you in the dollars. Good luck in life bud <3 (We'll always have our time in that sedan <3)
  9. @Rolle @JimRP I'd like to make a request to increase my whitelist time to 72 hours rather than the usual 24. Just so I can say goodbye in character as well as in OOC. Thanks guys. EDIT: Looks like that's not happening. Saturday was when I wanted to do my last session role-playing on DayZRP. Apparently that ain't happening, which I don't mind too much but hey. What the hell did I expect.
  10. Didn't think I'd ever be making this. But hey, I don't think anybody expects to make a leaving thread unless they really have to or if they are trying to make a dramatic, drama-filled exit in order to make a little fame for themselves; Then realise that they can't play on the servers a week or so later and begin to massively regret their decision. But anyways. I've always liked to keep my personal life relatively separate to communities like this, clans I've been in or friends I have met along the way, both in dayZRP and before I joined the community. So very few people know a lot about me online aside from a few fun little party stories and a few general details I don't mind giving out such as my age (18), name (Jakob) and where I live, among other things. I try to keep a general persona about myself as well, I'm a nice guy who always likes to look on the positive sides of things. always trying to be the ‘good’ guy who strives towards helping people, making people feel better about themselves; in some cases being a direct “ego-booster” for some people in dire need of self-confidence. So I try to remove my own insecurities to make me seem like someone to talk to, and in most cases it has truly worked. Listening to these stories of self-harm, abuse, physical and sexual in some cases, people getting bullied to the point of breakpoint, diseases and deficiencies that some people have had to deal with throughout their lives; I felt that being strong would help people more than if I showed my own faults. My own vulnerabilities. Going back to the first person I helped when I was about 14, all the way to the several people I've talked to and helped in this community, its always been the same with each person. But I'm not strong. I've never been strong. And in the past few months, I've never felt so down in my entire life. So I would hide in this community, away from my problems. The fact that I never made the grades to even apply for oxford or Cambridge after a £267,000 private education. How I never helped my Dad pull through his depression after divorcing my overdominating Mum, even though I was helping random strangers with problems outside of my own. Letting my psychologically manipulative mother abuse and exploit my passivity to make me feel small and alone. Among many other things. So I had moments when I felt so down and lost, I would break down and strike out against people I cared about in this community as well as in real life; Do or say things I don't mean without thinking about the consequences behind them. I'm not looking for people to forgive me for anything I've said or done. I deserve most of the shit I got for it. I've fucked up with most if not all of you at least once, and you'll say you forgive me and you’re OK with me but I know you all doubt me now. At least now I hope you understand a little more that it was never my intention to hurt anyone, whether you now hate my guts or just think I'm a bit of a dick. Either way, this is the end till the summer at least, Just until I can clear my head and finish my A-levels. I love you all so much you don't even know, a few of you mean so much to me I would even call you family. Even if I've only talked you in game or I've only known you for a little while, you've all made me laugh or smile at one point. There are too many of you to give an individual comment so I will list everyone and leave you something over steam or over the dayZRP messaging system. If I've missed anyone gimme a shout and I'll add you. @[email protected] @Spooky88 @C-J @WulfeGirl @Trix @iBUYCHOWDER @Samti @JakeWalford @[email protected] @Jabba @leftdeadevo @Rachael @Harvey @Hope @Jake @JimRP @lukzo2024 @5MILE5 @lunathecat @Paks @Joo @Solo @RogueSolace @FailingFriendly @Roosky @Keedz @Adolfo @Chawy @Stitches @Tom @Austin @FrostyCat @Vic @Gowbe @Linuari @Lyaria
  11. Stop beanz cannoning me I don't want to end up like Schmoopy

  12. Tired.