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  1. Looking at the video of the incident I would agree that it isn't acted out well and wouldn't win an Oscar. The robbery is obviously for ammo and other supplies which is a legitimate reason in my opinion. The robbery itself lasted around 2 minutes more or less which id say is fine (no rules to state how long an interaction must be and where would be the sense in standing around talking?). My honest opinion I would have gave a verbal warning as the accused did RP (not to a decent Hollywood movie standard but not terrible either). I think the main issue here is the fact that there is a huge outrage about "gear RP" with this being the first thing brought up when someone is robbed, the fact is a robbery is for gear and always will be (Heck imagine SVR nowdays when enforcing directive 4.7 and taking all the M4's and AKs away... wow just thinking about it I'm sure we'd all be permabanned by now for "gearRP" had this attitude been around). TLDR: In my opinion this instance does not require a ban and whitelist revoke.
  2. So with the recent threads pointing at staff mistakes and negative feelings I have been seeing on the forums all I can think of is West Ham United, the football team I support. They moved to a brand new stadium this season (yep I brought a season ticket to enjoy all the doom and gloom) and straight from the beginning it was a disaster.

    Us fans got annoyed with:

    - The team not playing well (Can be a direct look at the RP staff team and the quality on the servers)

    - The new stadium not being fully fit for purpose or simply being too new to get used to and feeling as if its not home (The new forums)

    - Stewards throwing their weight around because they can get away with it (Again a similar look to some staff events that have been pointed out)

    - The chairman and management not listening to the fans and thinking more about the brand and making money (Can be looked at as the admin team)

    - The star player that everyone wants to see (Payet) not putting in the time and effort (Lack of streamers that helped us get population for a few months a while ago)

    - The stadium not fully finished on arrival with various pieces not put in place (DayZ going through a long development process)


    But recently the board of directors at the club have noticed our frustrations about the move and everything that has gone bad with it. They have made it their priority to talk to the fans and have meetings in order to help us get a better experience and highlight the problems that we see (which they cant because they are too busy in the directors box). The board have picked fans from all over and invited them to a meeting (which happened last night) in order to allow all the problems to be highlighted and assessed.

    So what I'm trying to state here is that maybe the board (admins) should take it on and arrange a meeting with those they deem to be a nuisance when it comes to highlighting problems on this website and listen to us "fans" that have paid our money for a good experience. What harm can be done? If anything it will help to reduce the negativity surrounding the community and allow for progress on the issues that we see.

    1. Lil_Beefy


      too much work for them tho voodoo


      we should already know that they say !!!!!!

    2. Castiel


      Hope you will be at the Staff Q&A! ;)

    3. Voodoo


      @Castiel if its this weekend i cant. Gonna be out getting drunk

  3. I just want to give positive feedback for @Bran and @Jade for their work in the helpdesk. Regarding Helpdesk however where is everyone? Just seems to be less staff around in there especially at peak times.
  4. I love seeing the drama bubble ;)

  5. 74d6e468c2.png

    Lets just hope that something gets done about the staff member that flame baited me

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    2. Wendsill


      Ofcourse not, there's a different set of rules for staff. 

    3. Charlie


      Ahh, I forgot. 

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    I peep the profile aesthetic you got going.

  6. Simply put it comes down to a lot of factors - The map has been updated so the Triangle is no longer a viable option when looking for military gear in excess. - Too much internal RP has been going on within a lot of groups leading them to sticking with the people they know. - The general server is that of boredom, there are no exciting groups to love or fear on the server which will develop a server wide ongoing RP storyline. - Newer members are generally on the servers just to play with mates and get the gear rather than develop a character. - The lore is too outdated and finished, we need a full lore wipe that is slow in terms of world falling to the infection (Each month is planned out from the Chernarus epicentre with countries falling one by one until eventually 2 years from the start the world has fallen). - The community has collapsed into a huge divide with members pointing out problems only to be ignored as a critic or permabanned. This divide can easily be seen between new members and old. -DayZSA is just a poor game at the end of the day with a gear orientated focus. Compared to the Mod where things were limited (character look, weapon customization) allowing for more RP to flow with just the basics. The main thing is that a majority of people you meet ingame are one of the following: - A new member not looking to creating a character with background due to just wanting to explore and get gear in a game which leads to poor RP. - Older members that have given up and just log on to do the occasional robbery or have a laugh. PVP is the same as its always been although it probably has increased slightly due to the members that don't care about dying as they view the servers as just simply a game rather than an apocalypse simulator aswell as the rules now being far more lenient in areas concerning RP vs PVP: 9.2 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. Simply this rule now means that you keep your memories of the incident leading to death due to roleplaying out the injury which in itself means that it does not matter if you die compared to the old rules where if you died you were not allowed to remember meaning RP was the priority (Plus where is the sense in roleplaying injury on the coast when you died at NWAF?). With this rule you can simply not comply, keep the memories and look again for the people that killed you with the information you gained right before the screen went black.
  7. It was a good idea but is annoying not knowing who is on especially in my own group. Feel bad about joining just incase it disrupts IC events. Id say get rid of it but possibly leave it optional for certain events that a group may not want metagamed (such as 2 groups joining a channel to work out a situation. An example would be if 2 groups want to initiate on a settlement and dont want their numbers to be metagamed by the settlement owners)
  8. Depends on the situation, many times back in Mod they wouldn't even get a Mis-ID verdict as it was the victims fault for going into a clear firefight zone. Firefight KoS was added as the game is much harder to ID targets compared to the Mods uniform days. Simply put your hands up and stay still if you cannot leave an area where there is a firefight ongoing. No need to change this punishment in my eyes, you must not have been in a firefight if you think you can just go up to random people and 'RP' with them to get their ID. More likely to just get killed.
  9. I hate being at work when there is snow outside :|

    1. Randle


      the snow has melted here

    2. Voodoo


      @Randle yea its started to melt here aswell now. Carpark Is still icy apparently.

  10. So if KoS rights can only be used in certain situations which basically comes down to if its a firefight. I can now rob everyone i see without fear that i may be killed as long as i dont provoke the victim? Should be fun seeing the spike in robberies now i guess. So if my group gain KoS in our settlement due to someone not following the settlement rules we can no longer kill because its ruleplay? Seems like a very gray area
  11. So if i want to positively contribute to this community do i just have to fall in line and not state my opinions or point out potential problems?

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    2. Cid


      I suppose I can go back to waiting patiently for someone else to make a silly thread/status update regarding the situation.  I am a patient man.

      Wasn't roleplay but it was fun at the very least, I suppose?

    3. Cipher


      @Cid nah it was roleplay for me, I was roleplaying someone that actually gave a fuck lmao

      t h e l o n g c o n

    4. Charlie


      Cid the m a d m a n 

  12. Positive contribution is keeping your ideas and opinions to yourself. As a community member we are just meant to play on the servers and follow the rules without freedom of speech. Does this answer the question?
  13. While were on the subject of how the clean sheet of the year award is allowed to be given to those that broke the rules does anyone remember when SVR had won group of the year 2014 and it was taken away because of supposed CSGO skin bribing?

    no evidence was given then either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Cipher


      lmao @evidence

      if they want you, they gon' get you.

    2. Keedz


      o7 voodoo will miss you buddy.