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  1. Yea but decided this was a better move than trying to stay and get back into RP.
  2. i did say I may have missed people. Goodbye Echo p.s. you know where I am to talk
  3. So the time has come to say goodbye to this community either permanently or as a break. Some may remember me as Voodoo but I'm sure with my little activity in being in the spotlight and the way the community has changed many wont even know me at all. The fact is the community has changed, many old friends have gone (Permabanned or just left) and generally the feel of the community has changed, from a place of fun to a place of strict report minded individuals. Its been 3 years and 7 months since I joined this community and I've seen pretty much everything you can see. From the Mod age to the SA age this community went through patches of golden material to very low questionable material. During this time I was in staff twice (about 2 years in total of my 3 years and 7 months in the community) where I achieved GM on both occasions. I believe it meant something especially when I look back to the GM's I taught that went on to become Admins such as @Red as an example. Then like every staff member you get that activity PM (which wasn't necessary in my opinion due to the community report levels being low due to a 6 months wait for a DayZ patch but that's all another story) and I decided it was time to leave to make way for some newer GM's. Now enough of staff lets get to the point that actually matters. I joined after seeing a @PsiSyndicate video (yep I'm one of them 2013 whitename waves) and soon after joining I met a guy and his friend that were making a group, The 501st, I joined to become their 3rd member and together we built a group that would start to gain a name for itself. A few months in and due to inactivity of the owner and co-owner the group voted on me to become leader and it happened with me taking the group into the golden age of RP, good old Altar castle (I'm sure many still here will not remember that place) in which we had firefights and general banter between other groups. The 501st then disbanded when the servers went to shit around the end of 2013 early 2014 when epoch was introduced to help with the problems experienced on the main servers. Me and the guys decided banditry was the way forward and designed the Black Tear Rebellion (BTR) as an epoch project. After Epoch 501st as brought back and soon I was giving up leadership to pursue banditry (something I had enjoyed) and so I went on to Volki and then SVR before the official death of the Mod and the start of SA. @Kanen @Hicks @Novac @spartan119 @DigitalRenegade @Rory @Texas532 @Frisia @LoneStarrr @Ghost and @everyone else I may have missed from 501st - Thanks for them memories of 501st and all the banter we enjoyed. @Jewell @NoobHunterAnzy @Reece @Corks and @everyone else I may have missed from Volki - Thanks for all the fun roadblocks and firefights, Glory to Volki!! @Wunsleh @Misty @WarMachine and again @everyone else I may have missed from SVR - Thanks for all the fun times with taking gear from other players @Sasha and @everyone missed from SA Chedaki - Thanks for the few months I was in the group and helping you rob and torture others. @Terra @Dax @Rampage @Caesar @Hofer @Papa Emeritus II @Red and @Conor - You were/are great staff members, thanks for the memories @Staggs - Keep up the lore work, I still miss changing your views on a verdict of a report. Maybe we can play some BF1 at times. @Randle - Stop playing runescape and get on BF1 Thanks for everything mate, remember I'm still around on steam. @Valkerion - It has been fun, as both allied groups and enemy groups back in the day I'm sure there are many more I may have missed, 3 years and 7 months is a long time with a lot of people. Ill be around till midnight to do any responses but as of Monday the forums will be closed off in order to start rehab and get back to the real world.
  4. Try running the game as Administrator: 1. Go on steam and right click on Dayz, then click properties. 2. Go to local files at top of the box and then click on browse local files. 3. When you see a new box show of the local files for DayZ you want to right click on the above file DayZ.exe and click properties. 4. The above will show, go to compatibility tab at the top of the box and then at the bottom of the compatibility page you will see Run this program as an administrator (As shown above). 5. Simply press OK and try launching the game where it will ask if you want to run as an administrator. Yea might be worth running the DayZ_BE.exe as admin aswell
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  7. Its what were looking for, send in an app
  8. 'We all go through the houses of those that lived in this country without permission, are we not all thieves?' The Return Of The Brotherhood James arrived back on the shore of Chernarus on a cold February evening. It had been almost a year since his disappearance from the Brotherhood and he had heard nothing from them over the radio. During his time away he had furthered his knowledge of this new world by travelling to neighbouring countries and helping other individuals that were struggling. It was now time for him to find a new Brotherhood of allies and help those in need. - Survive By Any Means Necessary - - Build Relations With Groups That Require Our Talents - - Kill Infected To Help Cleanse The Country - - Set Up A Thieves Den 'Safe Zone' - - Protect Other Members Of The Brotherhood - - Supply And Carry Out Contracts - - Supply Aid To Those In Need - If you would like to join the group please fill in the template below and send it via PM to Voodoo