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  1. I have to agree with this issue, and I hope it is addressed. I've always understood that it is not allowed to offer gear for a report, and that this was considering a "bribe". Even though I am glad they resolved their issue without having to go through a full report / punishments, the gear should have 0 significance here.
  2. They've all been done. Except the screamer group, for obvious reasons.
  3. I blame the fact that people are bored and have nothing to do. The lore is pretty much dead right now, besides "surviving" people can't do much. Building a "base" is very limited, so it's hard to make a place you can call home. When you run into someone it's the same old same old, maybe you'll get lucky and you'll be able to hear that persons backstory as if he read it from a book. This isn't really anyones fault to be honest. Sure, groups out their try to torture you, rob you, but after a while you know exactly how all those situations go. Maybe a few are doing something interesting lore wise, but I've not looked into them for a while. Nothing innovating has really caught my eye. Another thing is that people aren't very receptive of new things. A while back friends and I tried a very different and interesting group, and most people we ran into had no clue what to do because it was so different, and generally opted for the "meh I'll ignore this" option. Or maybe it was shit, although I highly doubt it. I know that personally I've stopped RPing because it's always the same, and in the past 6 months I've not had a single memorable moment the rare times I've been in game.
  4. Well it's a shame I can't get that MVP status for Liska, since I was a co-creator and co-leader if the group with @Staggs, but either ways, congratz my boise. You all did well <3.
  5. I miss @Shark, @V.2, and @Neszy.
  6. uSx

    Finally these awards are going to be over!

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      urite tbh

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      @mamba yes, how much? 80 dollars?

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      Yes. 80 dollars is my going rate. But you get anyyyything you want

  7. Don't want to get a mis-id on you? Easy! 1 - Avoid firefight zones. 2 - If in the area, and it is impossible to run, put your gun away and lie on the ground, hands on your head. 3 - If able to run away, do not run with your gun out, and only jog. Best bet? Just put your hands up, you won't get shot.
  8. The thing is, using KoS rights, killing someone, can actually affect RP. It can lead up to personal character development (maybe it's the first time the character has killed, maybe it's the one time too many), it can lead to longterm group hostilities, it can affect the friends of the person who died. Let's stop with the bullshit, killing someone is not the end of RP. If using KoS rights is an issue then KoS should simply be removed. Case by case doesn't matter, you get rights, you should be able to use them if you want to exploit those rights for RP. Not get slapped with "rule play". That's normal! Rules protect him! Who cares about being tortured now tbh? Who actually RP's long term mental or physical damage? Very few. Running back up to hostile situations is normal, because you can't get shot.
  9. Tbh the answer to this question should be very simple: If you have been granted KoS rights, use them whenever the fuck you want. Killing is part of the game, using valid KoS rights should not be punished.
  10. Getting rid of someone who brings up issues is a lot easier than solving those issues. Hence the perma. Obviously the excuse is because he caused too much "drama".
  11. I miss Admin Qnr.
  12. I think that by now, most people would know how to operate military weapons. Maybe not more advanced ones, but Ak's surely, seeing on how common they are.
  13. Right, because everyone needs to carry 3+ guns on them at all time. 2 on your back magically strapped on, 1 in your hands, vest holding a shotgun, backpack holding an aku. Classic super soldiers.
  14. Real shame they were looking so good. The current ones are really Meh.