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  1. I tried RPing with people, didn't go well, haven't played since.
  2. As long as the LM's have a long storyline ready for us then just get it done with. Few don't want a wipe, it's the only thing that can help right now. Also do not force people to change characters if they don't want to. Same applies for groups imo, remove all current ones for X amount of time, allow old ones if they want to come back. If we're going to go and force people not to play X character or X group, force permadeath as well then.
  3. You sound like a fun roleplayer, would love to meet you IG.
  4. Good old Inmate / Family days were nice. Good stuff happened after that as well of course. These days it's just the same old same old. Just like this thread, nothing new, all the same shit. Wait for a lorewipe and maybe it will get better.
  5. Yes this doesn't mean that everyone else will however. I do +1 the idea for a specific thread per rank if a general staff feedback is a no go. However, with the forced template I do feel that there is little to no room for back and forths etc. If nothing is done though I do believe that @Conors idea may be a thing though, and I doubt anyone would like to see / do that.
  6. My 2 cents: If you directly attack someone, calling that person or a group of people niggers, faggots, bastard etc.. Ok, that is point worthy. You are directly insulting someone, it's only logical that in a mature community you don't go around throwing insults. However sharing a video or song containing these words is not point worthy. You're not insulting anyone (Unless it's a deliberate hate video). There is obviously a very big difference between the two. If someone is personally triggered by what you share then that is their problem. Here is an example of a well know cartoon show many of us know and love, that in my opinion should not be point worthy if it triggers someone:
  7. Did you re-install battle-eye? Not sure if it re-installs with the game.
  8. As long as it's not too powergamey it should be fine. I've used characters with various stories from outside of Chernarus, including large groups / settlements, trying to go to Iceland, and others. As Post said, don't make it have a huge impact on the world, and it should be fine. Best bet is too always check with the LM's just in case.
  9. These are my points exactly, I understand the intention of not wanting the subject to derail etc, but those actions just seem very odd, especially in this situation.
  10. It may have been derailing, although I believe for a very good reason, however if I recall correctly what used to happen was: > Snip posts > Mod+ warns people to stay on topic > Snip posts / warn following posts. The first post removed was a member admitting to cheating. The second post removed was mine bringing up the fact that it was removed, but left the cheating technique post. Various other posts replying to the technique then were removed, and only after was the original post. All of this with a fair amount of time in between. It looks very odd, not putting a tin foil hat on or anything, but I do believe that removing posts is a very rare thing to do. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Yes this is the problem, why are the posts removed and not snipped ? It can seem a bit odd from a member perspective: 1 staff member gives away stuff that shouldn't really be said, that in my opinion deserves points, another admits to cheating (also deserves points? maybe more?), yet instead of snipping / warning, they are simply removed, as if they never existed. It looks very suspicious. For the feedback I suppose it's understandable if there was a grace period, but for the second situation it is not.
  12. Hey all, So I've been noticing a recent trend: Removing posts. The day Staff Feedback was put up, a few posts were posted in the threads not respecting the new templates. Oddly, 10 minutes later, they were removed. Today in a question thread, in total 4 posts were removed (in the wrong order in my opinion, but hey). What is going on with this? Isn't it more typical to -snip with whatever reason- ? Even if points aren't involved ? I'm very confused about this and would love some staff to explain why. If admins are curious I have a collection of screenshots that can be sent privately (in case their is no post history or something).
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  13. I've rarely seen this happen, but when it does it's generally addressed by staff. There is no reason to worry about these issues. Generally if I see a bad RP situation I go about it like this: - Talk to them. If they are mature community members, they should be open to a discussion. Explain to them what you consider bad RP and why. - If they go around roasting, trolling, etc => report. - If they continue after a report / go on borderline harassment => report directly to staff with evidence. Don't be afraid of bullies.
  14. You beat me too it. If people are providing trollish RP, as per usual => record and report. Don't hide away avoiding people. Play the game, report bad RP, and continue dedicating yourself to RPing as best as you can.