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  1. I'm going to be on my way out. I've not been playing in-game at all whatsoever and although I still update my story lore thread thing, it's unfortunately not worth sticking around and witnessing incoherent chaos just to update a thread once or twice a month. I'd tag people around but I don't know how to do it so haha meme! I'll be around. If you want to keep in contact for whatever reason, my Steam is the same as my username.
  2. Thumper. What happened to my boy?!
  3. Before I begin, I wish to declare that I personally do not have (To my knowledge!) any of the mental defects or disorders listed in this thread, because no matter how much Tumblr tells me, a self-diagnosed disorder doesn't show up on a medical record. The examples will be short but full of content, and if any information could be considered inaccurate or skewered, please inform me as soon as possible through this thread. The last thing I want to do is misguide someone into doing something wrong on the server with their character. All of the information on how to properly roleplay the defects and disorders come from my personal interpretation, and it is something I have experimented with frequently prior to coming here to DayZRP. In the past, I've roleplayed characters with different forms of schizophrenia, varying degrees of autism, dissociate disorder, depression, and other various things similar or related to which I cannot currently recall (It's 1:10AM at the time of writing this). Please do not try to use a mental disorder or defect as an excuse to make a character unique or special, but rather to add on to the character to make them more of a deep and interesting story. I personally would find it extremely offensive if I suffered from say, Schizophrenia- And someone roleplayed a Schizophrenic person simply because they wanted to have a character be Schizophrenic. If you are to ever roleplay someone with a disorder or defect like this, please make sure it is of the highest quality roleplay you can muster out of it. The last thing any community needs is 20 - 40 people running around claiming to be extremely depressed or have multiple personalities. Have tact and taste while emulating this, please, and thank you. If any of my comments or descriptions are found as offensive, rude, controversial, or otherwise inappropriate, please inform me immediately and I will make the edits necessary to remove any and all offensive content. Also, I will not be covering any forms of eating or body-image disorders, nor will I be covering Down Syndrome or the Autism Spectrum. They are very touchy subjects and I personally do not want to be the one to break the straw of the camel's back. So let's jump right in. What is a mental defect or disorder? It's an abnormality in the consciousness of a creature that causes them to act different in some way, shape, or form. Depending on the severity of the defect or disorder, the creature could then be considered "dysfunctional". The medical definition of dysfunctional is, and I quote from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary; "the state of being unable to function in a normal way". This could be interpreted as a wolf in a pack being unable to hunt or kill prey, or as a penguin in the arctic straying very far from the group during a blizzard for an unknown reason. For humans, this means being unable to fit in with the society norms and expectations properly. How is a mental defect or disorder acquired? It can be gained either genetically or through some form of mental, emotional, or physical trauma endured by the body at either a developmental or critical point in life for the victim. For example, in real life, I have an older brother who suffers from a condition to which I have yet to find a name for- But he is physically unable to recognize emotions on the faces of people. If you were to frown immensely and have tears streaming down your face, but not audibly begin to sob or cry, he would be unable to recognize that you're sad and simply speak to you as if nothing is happening. The reason he suffers from this condition is because, at the age of four, he was hit by a truck and miraculously survived, but caused irreparable damage to his frontal lobe. The frontal lobe controls the personality, behavior, emotions, judgment, speech, body movement, intelligence, concentration, and much more of the brain and the person to which the brain belongs to. It is entirely up the player on how the character acquired the mental disorder. I will give an example of how a character either I or someone else played in the past has acquired the specific mental disorder, to give you, the readers, insight on exactly what kind of scenario could assist in playing forward with the illness. Dissociative Personality Disorder (Also referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder.) Alexithymia Disorder (Technically not classified as a mental disorder, but it's very interesting to me.) Schizophrenia Disorder (Very commonly and easily roleplayed wrong.) Bipolar Disorder (Also very commonly and easily roleplayed wrong.) Depression (The thing most teenagers self-diagnose with on their Facebook page.) In this current build of the guide, we will only be covering Major Depressive Disorder. In the future, I may cover other forms of Depression, but MDD is the biggest and most important one in my personal opinion. Anxiety Disorder (Easy to describe, difficult to emulate.) Tourette's Syndrome (Ranges from wacky eyebrows to a man yelling at his cat.) Impulse Control Disorder (Absolutely, positively need to rob people for their 7.62? You probably have this.) Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Probably the funnest name for a disorder.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Even for people who aren't soldiers!)
  4. "Well you said you wanted to get back into the business, so let's hurry it up. Let's go tie up some loose ends." Yefim said, rising up from his chair. Christian rose up as well. They then both set out, moving northeast. They continued moving until they came to a massive road, which led ahead to a city, it seemed. The air was crisp with the feeling of isolation and the surroundings were noisy with the abundance of nature, birds chirping and flying about. The scene was peaceful, if alone, at the least. It was a long walk, with not much to see along the way. The trees and grass were as green and overgrown as ever, some sections having been hacked away or shaved down, or trampled over, or driven over. The nerve of some people, even in the end of the world, mankind still finds ways to destroy nature. They continued and continued along the way until they came to the city of Severograd. The area was quiet, the ambiance dreary, and the general tone was uncomfortable. They pass by the police station, headed toward the direction of the hospital- Then they hear a handful of gunshots. Yefim and Christian get low, ducking into a nearby building. They observe with their ears, listening quietly to the pops and bangs of the bullets and rounds. Infected let out their feral yells, haphazardly breaking off toward the commotion. Yefim breaks off, leaving through the back door. Christian moves over slightly, curiously poking his head out the door he ducked through, watching down the road. He sees nothing but infected moving toward the far side of the city, to the school. A vehicle can be heard starting up, popping and chugging before dying back down. This happens multiple times over until a final bang is heard, like an exhaust being blown through. The whirring, grinding engine becomes much louder, a hefty diesel truck turtling through the Severograd streets from the direction of the school, before taking a harsh right and zipping up the road to the north. It moves further and further before vanishing into the woods near a large quarry. The sound can be heard drifting away more and more, buzzing away in the distance. The infected chase right after it, hooting and hollering, screeching and clawing, like a bunch of feral elementary children being released into a cafeteria. Absolute mayhem. Christian continues to watch down the road leading toward the school, or rather a lone figure creeping along the truss bridge that links north and south Severograd. He's wearing a set of red clothes, and has a white bandana looking skullcap and white respirator covering his mouth. On his face is a set of glasses. Although he lacks a backpack, he has a set of pouches dangling off him, connected to what looks like some kind of simple rope harness. Christian observes him a bit longer, squinting his one eye to get a better look. He then looks behind him, through the hall that he and Yefim had situated themselves in. Yefim has not yet returned. He looks back, noticing that the red suited man is slowly crawling along, obviously being cautious and blissfully ignorant that he's being watched. Christian pats himself down, feeling the industrial shape in his jacket. He drops his hand back down, waiting patiently. The man continues to crawl. Christian checks behind him. Yefim has not yet returned. Christian shifts his feet slightly, feeling the soles loosen a tad. A lone figure in a dark coat rapidly approaches the man in red from behind. He reaches into his jacket as he approaches. Christian rises up a stand. The man in red clothing turns. He has a gun. The lone figure drops down and two gunshots are heard- one from each man. The infected turn their heads. Yefim has not yet returned. The man in the dark jacket brings up his left hand toward the sky, in the shape of a fist. Christian bolts out from the building, rapidly drawing his own handgun, a small Makarov PM. He rushes to the bridge, aiming at the man in red, who writhes in pain. "Quickly, move him!" Yefim calls, being the man in the dark jacket. He was right, infected were on their way to investigate the noise, they didn't like how their nice quiet day was ruined twice so far, dinner having escaped in a tin can and someone shooting a gun in their neighborhood. Assuredly they'd call the police if such a thing still existed. Christian tucks his handgun away, taking the man in red under the arms and dragging him away as quick as he could. They cross the bridge, taking cover inside a large white house that contains a piano and has three exits. Yefim hurriedly shuts all the doors, barricading the one they went through. Christian plops the red suited man against a cabinet, where he sits and writhes and groans and whines. "Long time no see, KC."
  5. I'd just like to be able to kill someone without having to script it OOCly with a person I already know or without forcing them into a position to fight back, which would allow me to kill. You can't play a predatory character unless you're knee-deep in initiations and hostages with a group of friends. Solo bandit life is hell. Roleplay is stagnant nowadays because people (generalization) refuse to change or improve since they aren't forced to. I'm sure this has already been discussed to death. Later on I'll probably make a thread about it. Should be cool beans.
  6. I've noticed a lot more zombies than usual, which is forcing me to either avoid them, be a stealthy little sausage, or become Jack from The Shining and just slap them upside the head with an axe or hammer. At least it helps me practice for the inevitable PVP I'll run into at one point or another.
  7. I used to be huge into writing and creating stories, but it came to a point where I'd get nothing in response to my work, no feedback or criticism on it, just emptiness. Hoping to fix it in due time, it's a huge part of my life and being without is cutting a chunk of much needed stimuli out of me.
  8. I'd be lying if I said this didn't sound interesting. Catch me at a right time and I'll be more than happy to check it out or be on it. At least wiling to try it out before I bash it.
  9. Time and time again I see you post on the forums, and it always sends a positive message about a typically negative topic. Your optimism isn't just keeping your own hopes up, it'll soon spread to the others and make them about as friendly and accepting as you, hopefully. Keyword being hopefully. Start an optimist revolution, mate, keep it up, roleplay needs more people like you. Hope you don't have to run into any more dayz-ruiners (hah!), and I wish you a fun and happy road ahead! Very rarely I see people who are this passionate about roleplay while retaining a positive outlook! Lots of folks are going to look at you like a maniac or someone who doesn't know better, everyone has their own viewpoint, it just so happens that yours is a positive one, albeit maybe not as "well written" as some had hoped.
  10. community

    DayZRP will bounce back simply because of the amount of effort that was put into it to establish it. It looks professional, competent, capable, and generally attractive to a casual player or someone looking for something new. It's also been noted that it's the only DayZ community of this size for this kind of niche it covers. No competition means nowhere else for people to go unless they try to start their own place, which many have tried and failed or are in the process of trying and will most likely fail due to trying to compete with the biggest, strongest gorilla in the zoo. I even modeled a few things on my own website after the way DayZRP's website appears and I've been told it now looks a lot more modern, professional, and I've even seen a higher retention rate of players because of it. That just goes to show how appearance alone can influence a person's decision on what they do and how they act. It doesn't matter how good or bad the quality of the roleplay or community is in the end, if there's no other alternative- People will stick with the only version or stop altogether. STALKER and Starship Trooper Roleplay in Garrysmod is a good example. I've run two servers of STALKER Roleplay in the past, a year and a half apart from one-another. The exact same people came on and played the exact same characters, carrying on their stories from last time, yet they complained and said the server was trash and the community sucked, but made no efforts to improve it (Which isn't necessarily the case here, but I digress). When I asked why they continued to play on a server they disliked with people they disliked, they said it was because there were no other servers, and they'd gladly leave if another had come up. Shortly thereafter, another came up, they all swarmed to it, and then it went down after a month and they all swarmed back and continued as they were before, as if they had never left.
  11. "My fellow Kingdom followers, today we held a moment of silence... for the great King Joffrey has near fallen from an assassination attempt." The radio broadcasts in an alert tone. "Stabbed five or more times, and his guts spilling out... he is in coma, and will likely never recover. until such time, that he is healed, he has named me: Cecil Nagante, as Royal Consolate in his stead." Yefim shakes his head, turning down the volume on the radio to a near mute, then turning back to Christian. "Could you at least tell me his name, if you got one that is?" "Didn't get a name." "That's a shame. Hope you gave him a proper burial." "Can't risk a burial with the way these zombies roam around. Burned the remains and put up a marked site." Yefim nods his head in an understanding manner. Considering various questions to ask Christian, one of which comes up. "You get anything good from him?" "A handful of food. The clothing didn't fit, and you know I'm not a fan of firearms. I gave the rest to a passerby on my way to work." "How is work going, anyway?" "It's quiet. Calm. Peaceful." "People don't come by very often, do they?" "No, not usually. When they do, they're very clearly American." "How do you tell? Their accents?" "No. They're very loud, and make sure you know they're there." "Quite the opposite of you." "I was brought up well." Yefim chuckles, shaking his head lightly. "Wait!" Igor quickly stammers out, tensing up. Christian keeps the steak knife held where it is, using his boot to kick the Kalashnikov further out of reach. "What is it?" He then asks. "I-... What are you doing? Why?" "I'm sorry Igor. I know how you found this house. I told Yefim I'm not going back into the business." "You don't have to kill me in retaliation!" "If I don't, then he won't take me seriously." "This- This is insane! After everything we've been through, you're going to just kill me?" "You know me, Igor. I don't need to repeat myself." "Yefim will find out, and you'll be done for." Christian doesn't respond. Igor was not seen again. Yefim turns the radio back up, listening to the transmissions being sent back and forth. "Mark my words; King Joffrey will return. All hail King Joffrey..."
  12. I haven't decided if I'd begin streaming because I've yet to determine if I have the proper social skill set and restraint for it. However, I am interested in it regardless and do have some questions. I have both OBS and Nvidia Shadowplay, both of these can be used to stream to Twitch. Which one would you recommend and why? I know OBS works for sure as I've streamed Fallout 4 in the past with it but have yet to try Shadowplay's streaming, but have recorded gameplay many times in Shadowplay. Will I have to mess with the gamma settings while streaming? I know with Shadowplay while recording, you do. Am I allowed to stream any game I wish as long as it falls within the rules, and assuming I also stream DayZ? I ask this because I see a streamer is featured who, at the time of writing this question, is playing Battlefield 1. Are there any stream specific rules? I know that all DayZRP rules apply to the streamer, the stream chat, and the communication between the two of them as well as anything that may happen in the stream. Earlier I mentioned social skill set and restraint. I typically make a lot of crude and sarcastic comments with any game I play, regardless of whether I'm alone, with a group of friends, or complete strangers. The two options I can think of is to turn off my microphone when it's not necessary or to simply not say anything and keep the thoughts to myself. How can I improve this? Thanks in advance for the answers, I appreciate it.
  13. "Why'd you do it?" Yefim asks, leaning back, as if he were relaxed by the answer. "He tried to steal from me." Christian answers, "The house." "He tried to steal the house from you?" "No. He tried to steal from the house." "How'd you handle it? You've never been one for violence." "I'd rather not talk about it." "Really? With all the immoral shit we've done, killing in self defense is too much for you?" "It's not too much, I'd rather not talk about it is all." "You're something else, Christian." His father used to say this. "I don't like it when people are interruptive." "That what the guy did? Interrupt your "vacation" or something?" "Yes, with his boot to my door." "So you're ready to talk about it all of a sudden." Christian shakes his head. Yefim had been gone for about two days. Christian had not been to work since his visit. He stares up at the ceiling, studying the detail in the wood, something he never considered noticing before. His pleasant silence is interrupted by a loud bang on his front door. Christian springs up to his feet, face quickly turning pale. He doesn't typically have a firearm in the house, he's never had a use for one. He hears another bang. It's clear to him this person has no intention of entering peacefully. It could be Yefim, looking to tie up loose ends. It could be a bandit too, or a murderer, or psychopath. It could be the end for him. He waited, shaking. There is a third and final bang, followed by a thump. The door is open. Chernarussian can be heard being spoken, it sounds authoritative and gruff. One set of footsteps move into the house, slowly moving across the hardwood floor. Though only one can be heard, someone might be waiting outside. Christian risks it, opening up the bedroom door. A man is on the other side in the center of the kitchen holding a Russian rifle, an AK of some sort. He's wearing a dark jacket with brown pants, and a dented helmet. His face however, is unprotected and open to see. An angular, masculine face with an almost predatory look around the eyes and cheekbones. His eyebrows are dark and so are his eyes, his face lacks any facial hair however. His expression looks tense, but upon meeting Christian's eye, he pauses, blinks, then narrows his brow. Christian had seen him before. "Christian?" "Igor." "What are you doing here?" "I've been here for a while. What are you doing here?" "I thought no one was in here anymore, I didn't know this was yours." "Most people don't know I'm around here, I'd prefer it stay that way." "Of course my friend, that is no problem to me." Christian glares at him silently with his one eye, studying Igor up to down. "Why'd you want to break into a stranger's home and steal?" "Believe it or not but... I'm desperate for food. Hunting isn't turning up anything good for me and the crops aren't well." Christian nods in an understanding manner, gesturing to the kitchen table. "You came all this way, I'll make you something." "Are- Are you serious?" "Yes." "Aye, dekuji, my friend." Igor places his AK rifle aside of the table. It's worn and weathered, having clearly seen better days. He then removes his battered helmet, placing it on the table to the left of his hands. Igor takes in a deep breath, relaxing for the first time in what seems like days. Christian opens a cupboard over the sink, reaching up and pulling out a large can of chicken breast contained in water, weighing about twelve ounces. The label on it is worn off from years of sitting idle. He places the can on the counter, taking a small plate from a drawer which he has probably washed multiple times over by hand, then placing this small plate on the counter next to the can. He closes the cupboard and drawer, then moving to a small rack next to the sink which contains multiple knives and other utensils. He takes a simple kitchen steak knife, then a simple fork which has seen better days. He uses the knife to open the can, then uses the fork to empty the contents into the plate. Finally, Christian uses the knife and fork together in his right and left hands respectively to cut the chicken into small, easy to eat pieces, just the way he prefers. "Igor, are you religious at all?" "Catholic, my friend, why do you ask?" "I'd like to pray for you, if you don't mind, before you eat. For safe travels." "That's kind of you, thank you, Christian." Christian brings the plate and fork to Igor, setting them aside. He places his left hand on Igor's left shoulder, standing behind him at an angle. They both perform the Sign of the Cross. "Bless us, Lord, and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord." "Amen." Igor performs the Sign of the Cross. He feels something cold and sharp against his throat. "Amen."
  14. Christian takes a deep inhalation of the stale air around him, hands shaking as he stares down at his conglomeration of words and phrases. To him, it makes sense. A simple and easy way to vent frustrations, much better than any other alternatives he knows of, that's for sure. He steps away from his table, slowly closing the book he typically writes inside. He then puts it away in a slow manner, taking a look out the window afterwards. He can see a group of people in the distance moving quite quickly. They're wearing a mixed set of civilian clothing, some of them carrying firearms while others are carrying tents or large crates. They seem to be watching their surroundings in a panicked manner, as if on the run from something. He watches them as they cross the large field, studying their clothing. One is dressed in a full red suit, presumably a former EMT in the medical field, while another is wearing a cowboy hat and checkered shirt. One man in particular is wearing a bush suit of some sort, carrying a firearm covered in leaves and grass. The others are in a mix of green, brown, and blue clothes. It's quite a strange sight, and unexpected. That's not good. Christian lets out a sigh, deciding to lay down instead of bother thinking about it. He closes his eye and listens to the nothing. The sun rises, and falls, and rises, and falls, and rises, and falls again. It rises once more. Christian rises. "I change my mind." Christian says, closing and opening his hands slowly. "That's unlike you, friend." Yefim replies, leaning forward, "Something happen to you?" "I didn't like how things were turning out." "Is that it? No one robbed you, tried to kill you?" "That's it. I like the quiet life, but sometimes I need some adventure." "You know this... World, the way it is now, it's not an adventure." Christian folds his hands together, his right thumb rubbing the back of his left hand. "I've noticed. You speak like I haven't been outside in two years." "Bandits, murderers, psychopaths, thieves, zombies, you name it and it's out there." "I've noticed." "Have you killed anyone yet?" Christian unfolds his hands, giving no response. "Christian, have you killed anyone yet?" "Yes. Yes I have." "When?" "Not too long after everything went to hell." "Only that time?" Christian folds his hand back together, this time his left thumb is rubbing the back of his right hand. "No. Last week, too."
  15. A lot of people including myself would typically say "Build your own", "Don't go with pre-built PCs". If you don't know how to build a PC, that's perfectly fine, since Primus provided a link to a real nice and useful service. People who say a SSD is necessary or required aren't wrong, but aren't right. A SSD is useful but the use and novelty isn't as impressive as you'd think. Putting an OS on a SSD dramatically decreases the boot time, but with my OS on a SSD, I've been starting to have boot issues with it such sometimes network functionality or explorer doesn't start or stops working half-way through a normal day. My recommendation for anyone going to buy or build a computer is to not go over a budget of 1.2k.