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  1. My computer recently bricked a couple days ago. I've stated in the past I'd like to at least attempt to assist, and even at one point sent in an application (or attempted to) for Loremaster. If my PC were to cooperate with me, I'd be more than happy to assist. Full timers are needed and I can't be one of them as of this very moment, given real life circumstances. @Chief Give me a few days. I'll have something conjured up. Of course it's up to you if you're going to wait or not. I'd suggest getting your concept running as soon as possible.
  2. Hi.
  3. *A snap is heard, something rubbing against the front of something else- A distinct distortion noise is heard, the kind that occurs when a microphone's foam is fiddled with. It eventually fades out, the sound of wind blowing gently in the background is then heard. A slight inhale, then finally a scratchy and gritty voice begins to speak!* "I'm pressing the little button but I don't-.. Oh, it actually works. Huh. Is this even the right number? I don't think we ever really used these things. Ah hell, I just hope someone else got theirs working too." *The male behind the voice clears his throat, taking a few moments to himself and then speaking again.* "Well uh... It's Marcus. Anyone from the boat that came to Novigrad still here? Still uh... Listening? This place is barren. I haven't seen that boat in ages, it's just like you guys said, it's not coming back. They must've gotten hit or something, they wouldn't have just abandoned us, right? Right? Ugh, okay- Well, Marcus Black. Marcus. Please, if anyone is listening, even someone who isn't from our little field trip gang, respond, tell me if they're dead or alive or something, I need to know. This place, the woods, the cities, the isolation and loneliness, it's burning a hole in my chest, man. I need something, someone to speak to, just to say hello or wish me a good day, I'm going to explode or something." *The tone in the man's voice, Marcus' voice, becomes more sullen, more downtrodden.* "I just want to hear your voices again, guys." *There is then silence. Maybe anticipation. Either way, there's an open floor for anyone who wants to speak.*
  4. Favorite town has to be a mix between Balota due to the good ol' days of Our Harbor and Stary Yar due to the RP I got with 101 in the past. Hated town is probably anything to be considered in the "Triangle". I like having roleplay with people who don't surround me with guns out then ask why I act nervous and tried to avoid them when I'm being crowded into a corner.
  5. A few responses here talk more about their character and method of designing said character rather than the discussion of the main topic. I like a lot of what you say here. People who get a taste of power grow addicted to it quickly and look to stay in control, in power. I'm starting to agree with the thought that it's not that people don't put effort into their stories or don't think it's necessary, but more because they haven't actually given it an extensive thought- So it's not that they're intentionally slacking on it, but rather that they're more focused on a very barren template and hope to get the rest of the story in-game, but run into people who don't really help contribute toward building a story for the character. Forgive me for cherrypicking this part of your post out. Four or five months ago if you had said this to me, I'd have swore up and down and argued for ages- But to be quite, a lore wipe does honestly seem like the best course to take for both the life expectancy of the server and for the roleplay quality to start going back up. In addition to that, it'll also help new players significantly. It's not that at all. Although it'd be a bit cartoon-ish for something like that to happen, what I'd like to see is some other kind of reason aside from "I'm a bad person" or "I want your shit", even if it's a lie. Aside from "Wrong place, wrong time", I've yet to have been given a reason as to why these hostile acts are happening. Many people say "It's the apocalypse, everyone is an asshole, get over it" but I do believe that's a poor reason to explain why a character is the way they are. No one needs to get their life story explained every time they do a hostile act, that's not the goal or message I'm trying to pass along. What I'm trying to say is - If you're going to the acts and dialogue of a bad person, allow it to have some kind of depth that's been both written and developed. Although your post came before Bunny's, the topic of control comes up here. The idea of being able to control groups of people should be expanded a bit more, at least from my viewpoint. I've only seen one kind of control going around in the past- Control through fear. Masquerade, Coldwater, Kingdom, New Moon, et cetera. Yes, they do have a lot of people, but that only supplements the reason as to why they truly control, which is fear. People are afraid of running into these kinds of groups at a bad time because they'll lose everything, or get taken as a slave and sold off somewhere, or be forced to work on some kind of project. Now the problem doesn't lie with those groups at all, the problem lies with the niche group of people who encounter those groups and deny their roleplay in one way or another. Someone taken by Masquerade, they repeatedly try to run away until they're gunned down or executed. Why? They don't want to roleplay with them and instead decide to risk a NVFL violation so they can roleplay elsewhere. Seen it happen a couple times. Someone taken by Plantation/New Moon or whoever ran the plantation idea into the ground like thirty times- They work and work and then eventually are let go or escape (not sure how it works, never experienced it myself), but then instead of letting their character be developed from the experience, they just act as if nothing happened until the topic comes back up again, then they try the best they can to shoot up the group that wronged them because reasons, rather than try to avoid the group or rally against said group, anything aside from channel their inner CS:GO and go on a rampage. It'd be bitter of me to say "you've just been roleplaying with the right people" or "you're just lucky, you'll see". It'd also be a poor argument. What you say in the post is true, but to think that's a majority of the antagonists that're in DayZRP would be foolish of anyone. It's a very nice idea, but I'm not quite ready to call it a reality just yet. Perhaps that's just my own restraints telling me to hold back. Having an antagonist go, as you say, Bond Villain on someone would be borderline-comical, however as mentioned above, I'd like to see some kind of reasons for their actions even if it'd be a lie. I've been told by various people in OOC (forums, teamspeak, etc) that there is no need to have a reason to be a bad guy because it's the apocalypse. However, when asked about a good guy, I've been told there needs to be a reason to be a good guy because it's the apocalypse. I'd say a bit more but my time is running short at the moment of making this post. Thank you all for the contribution and discussion, I hope to see a bit more of it next time I return!
  6. So what you say is that rather than the characters letting themselves shape out to be an antagonist, the player determines that they WILL be an antagonist either by pre-writing a backstory or by streamlining their experiences in roleplay, correct? That's another good thing I probably missed- People scripting their RP to follow a certain path, railroading their RP to fabricate a villain rather than let one form naturally.
  7. This is actually a thread I've made in the past but I feel there is a need to bring it up again simply to gauge how much the community, roleplay, and characters have evolved since, as that was my original goal- To entice growth and prosperity with not only the characters but the community itself both in terms of quality roleplay and consistent delivery on said roleplay. Not much has been edited or removed, I'm looking to see if my opinions, viewpoints, ideas and concepts still hold up AND gauge the general idea of the community on this topic. For future reference, I'm not trying to insult or agitate any specific group or person in question. Finally, I didn't make this thread just to rant, I made this thread to spark discussion, debate, and for lack of a better term, controversy. I want to hear opinions, facts, arguments, everything you guys and gals have on your mind about this. I just ask that you keep it mature and civil, because I am NOT against antagonists, robbery, torture, or hostile actions, but I AM against one-dimensional characters with no real motives or reasons for their actions. A majority of my argument lies in the actual meat, content, the substance of the post- Not just the questions at the very end. Those are just to entice a response. Quite a while ago, I was taken hostage and tortured for much longer than I would've liked. Keep in mind, this was by complete strangers, with their reason being "I'm a bad person". It really made me think about how evil characters are interpreted on DayZRP, and how cartoonishly evil and ridiculous they some of them truly are. This sparked me to address my thoughts and ideas on how the antagonist characters are done and presented to some friends and then ask around between staff members and community members on what the whole deal was, get elaboration on rules, et cetera. Please don't post anything along the lines of "If you feel a rule was broken, then make a report", I made this topic specifically to be discussed among the community of DayZRP, not as a complaint or a venting tool. "People's behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives." - Thomas Mann The general opinion I received was- "A character does not need a legitimate IC or OOC reason to be evil or do evil things." I've not been part of the community for as long as most people, I do not know if this was the accepted idea before, but I do know that it is, from my experience, the accepted idea now. I come from a different kind of community, one in which things such as motives, goals, development, character story, flaws and strengths are easy to see and discover if you put in the time and effort. The difference between that community and this community is the amount of people in it. That community was roughly 12 - 20 people. This community is in the hundreds in terms of population and everyone lives in different timezones. Obviously that makes it more difficult for people to learn about the backgrounds, motives, and goals of a character on an individual basis, however that doesn't mean that the people should not make engaging, realistic, and in-depth stories. "Evil is relative - and what I mean by that is that our villains are as complex, as deep, and as compelling as any of our heroes. Every antagonist in the DC Universe has a unique darkness, desire, and drive." - Geoff Johns What I've noticed- There's a hefty amount of antagonist characters who are evil for the sake of being evil, which takes little to no effort and most definitely does not build a good story, or give people the resources to build a good story off encounters with said characters. From my perspective, DayZRP Lore Masters and multiple Admins (Like Terra, for example, with her thread in the Lore & stories section), take immense pride in creating fantastic, elaborate stories that are both engaging to the people involved and the people watching from the sidelines. Not to mention, Lore Masters take it upon themselves to work directly with people who post group ideas to ensure that group stories and lore fit well with the story and lore of the server, and do the best they can to help mature and grow the stories they see. The point I'm trying to get to is that despite all this, there's a severe lack of actually good villains. For every good hero, there must be an even better villain, otherwise the story will fall short. The villains I've seen and heard of on DayZRP, outside of a handful of examples, have practically no real defined goal or motive for their actions, nothing that could actually justify their interactions with people, only things in which a person could look at, shrug, and reply "Eh, good enough, I guess". "The fact is that the antagonist in a movie the usually the most fun to play. You can stretch the role and do so much with it." - Robert Z'Dar What I'm trying to say- Antagonists are absolutely required. I'm not saying "There should only be good people" or "Bandits should be restricted". However, I am saying that if someone is to play an antagonist, they should put a lot of time and effort into making the antagonist dynamic, believable, and most importantly, realistic. They should put as much time, or possibly, even MORE time than those who make simple neutral or good guy characters. Of course there are good antagonist characters that have time put into them, and I'm not ignoring those characters or saying that they don't exist. They clearly do and they are absolutely fantastic. However, nothing throws off a person more than someone who acts or speaks without reason. It's a sign of a poorly thought-out routine, or story, or character. I'd like to see people put in a lot of story and depth to a character, I'd like to see people create a personal story that has a clear beginning, middle, climax, and end, I'd like to see people create good roleplay. Some people didn't just one day abruptly go "Let's become slavers". They built up toward it and made an effort to turn a simple idea into a massive and powerful antagonistic faction that has legitimate goals, motives, and reasons for everything they do. A lot of the antagonist roleplay typically sucks or is below average, but when it's good, it's absolutely astounding how good it can actually be. Something small and insignificant at first can be grown through proper development and storytelling to build up to a villain role in a place like this. Keep in mind all of this also applies to hero characters as well. This wasn't made with just targeting antagonists in mind, although I focus immensely on it. All of these points could easily be turned to fit the concept of a hero character. Why is the character being a good guy hero? Do they actually have any reasons? Are these reasons realistic or cartoonish? This also, in theory, applies to people who make the, as the community calls it, "Supersoldier" character. A character who once was or "currently" is part of a military or is based out of an armed forces unit like a PMC or a mercenary group. What reason do they have showing up in Chernarus? What do they hope to accomplish in the epicenter of the infection? Are these reasons realistic or cartoonish? How do you think antagonists could be improved on DayZRP? What about the heroes? Is the line "I'm a bad person", a justifiable excuse for an antagonist? How so? What about the opposite, "I'm a good person" being a justifiable excuse for a hero? Do you think the way antagonists are currently handled is damaging roleplay? How about the heroes, are they damaging roleplay? Do you think we need more or less antagonists/protagonists? Why is that? Where do you think the issue with stuff like this lays? Laziness of a player? Inexperience in roleplay? Circumventing rules?
  8. I think you're missing the point at this rate Brady. The argument is that people are assuming things about groups and categorizing them based off a pre-determined criteria of three stereotypes. It has nothing to do with doing something "new" or doing something "other groups are already doing". It has to do with archetypes, stereotypes, and failure to recognize the limitations set in place due to these viewpoints. The discussion is about finding out why people feel the way they do about the three-party system, if it should be changed or not, and if so- How to change it and get others to accept the change if it gets to that point. That's my interpretation on it. Shadows' view point is to find out what people think of groups that go against the norm of the three-party system, and if it should be encouraged or not. To reiterate- The OP is asking what people think of groups that go against the stereotypical "bandit, survivor, or hero" system and if they think it's a good idea or not since it opens a lot of avenues for both failure and success depending on how the groups go about their implementation and portrayal.
  9. I'm going to be on my way out. I've not been playing in-game at all whatsoever and although I still update my story lore thread thing, it's unfortunately not worth sticking around and witnessing incoherent chaos just to update a thread once or twice a month. I'd tag people around but I don't know how to do it so haha meme! I'll be around. If you want to keep in contact for whatever reason, my Steam is the same as my username.
  10. Thumper. What happened to my boy?!
  11. Before I begin, I wish to declare that I personally do not have (To my knowledge!) any of the mental defects or disorders listed in this thread, because no matter how much Tumblr tells me, a self-diagnosed disorder doesn't show up on a medical record. The examples will be short but full of content, and if any information could be considered inaccurate or skewered, please inform me as soon as possible through this thread. The last thing I want to do is misguide someone into doing something wrong on the server with their character. All of the information on how to properly roleplay the defects and disorders come from my personal interpretation, and it is something I have experimented with frequently prior to coming here to DayZRP. In the past, I've roleplayed characters with different forms of schizophrenia, varying degrees of autism, dissociate disorder, depression, and other various things similar or related to which I cannot currently recall (It's 1:10AM at the time of writing this). Please do not try to use a mental disorder or defect as an excuse to make a character unique or special, but rather to add on to the character to make them more of a deep and interesting story. I personally would find it extremely offensive if I suffered from say, Schizophrenia- And someone roleplayed a Schizophrenic person simply because they wanted to have a character be Schizophrenic. If you are to ever roleplay someone with a disorder or defect like this, please make sure it is of the highest quality roleplay you can muster out of it. The last thing any community needs is 20 - 40 people running around claiming to be extremely depressed or have multiple personalities. Have tact and taste while emulating this, please, and thank you. If any of my comments or descriptions are found as offensive, rude, controversial, or otherwise inappropriate, please inform me immediately and I will make the edits necessary to remove any and all offensive content. Also, I will not be covering any forms of eating or body-image disorders, nor will I be covering Down Syndrome or the Autism Spectrum. They are very touchy subjects and I personally do not want to be the one to break the straw of the camel's back. So let's jump right in. What is a mental defect or disorder? It's an abnormality in the consciousness of a creature that causes them to act different in some way, shape, or form. Depending on the severity of the defect or disorder, the creature could then be considered "dysfunctional". The medical definition of dysfunctional is, and I quote from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary; "the state of being unable to function in a normal way". This could be interpreted as a wolf in a pack being unable to hunt or kill prey, or as a penguin in the arctic straying very far from the group during a blizzard for an unknown reason. For humans, this means being unable to fit in with the society norms and expectations properly. How is a mental defect or disorder acquired? It can be gained either genetically or through some form of mental, emotional, or physical trauma endured by the body at either a developmental or critical point in life for the victim. For example, in real life, I have an older brother who suffers from a condition to which I have yet to find a name for- But he is physically unable to recognize emotions on the faces of people. If you were to frown immensely and have tears streaming down your face, but not audibly begin to sob or cry, he would be unable to recognize that you're sad and simply speak to you as if nothing is happening. The reason he suffers from this condition is because, at the age of four, he was hit by a truck and miraculously survived, but caused irreparable damage to his frontal lobe. The frontal lobe controls the personality, behavior, emotions, judgment, speech, body movement, intelligence, concentration, and much more of the brain and the person to which the brain belongs to. It is entirely up the player on how the character acquired the mental disorder. I will give an example of how a character either I or someone else played in the past has acquired the specific mental disorder, to give you, the readers, insight on exactly what kind of scenario could assist in playing forward with the illness. Dissociative Personality Disorder (Also referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder.) Alexithymia Disorder (Technically not classified as a mental disorder, but it's very interesting to me.) Schizophrenia Disorder (Very commonly and easily roleplayed wrong.) Bipolar Disorder (Also very commonly and easily roleplayed wrong.) Depression (The thing most teenagers self-diagnose with on their Facebook page.) In this current build of the guide, we will only be covering Major Depressive Disorder. In the future, I may cover other forms of Depression, but MDD is the biggest and most important one in my personal opinion. Anxiety Disorder (Easy to describe, difficult to emulate.) Tourette's Syndrome (Ranges from wacky eyebrows to a man yelling at his cat.) Impulse Control Disorder (Absolutely, positively need to rob people for their 7.62? You probably have this.) Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Probably the funnest name for a disorder.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Even for people who aren't soldiers!)
  12. "Well you said you wanted to get back into the business, so let's hurry it up. Let's go tie up some loose ends." Yefim said, rising up from his chair. Christian rose up as well. They then both set out, moving northeast. They continued moving until they came to a massive road, which led ahead to a city, it seemed. The air was crisp with the feeling of isolation and the surroundings were noisy with the abundance of nature, birds chirping and flying about. The scene was peaceful, if alone, at the least. It was a long walk, with not much to see along the way. The trees and grass were as green and overgrown as ever, some sections having been hacked away or shaved down, or trampled over, or driven over. The nerve of some people, even in the end of the world, mankind still finds ways to destroy nature. They continued and continued along the way until they came to the city of Severograd. The area was quiet, the ambiance dreary, and the general tone was uncomfortable. They pass by the police station, headed toward the direction of the hospital- Then they hear a handful of gunshots. Yefim and Christian get low, ducking into a nearby building. They observe with their ears, listening quietly to the pops and bangs of the bullets and rounds. Infected let out their feral yells, haphazardly breaking off toward the commotion. Yefim breaks off, leaving through the back door. Christian moves over slightly, curiously poking his head out the door he ducked through, watching down the road. He sees nothing but infected moving toward the far side of the city, to the school. A vehicle can be heard starting up, popping and chugging before dying back down. This happens multiple times over until a final bang is heard, like an exhaust being blown through. The whirring, grinding engine becomes much louder, a hefty diesel truck turtling through the Severograd streets from the direction of the school, before taking a harsh right and zipping up the road to the north. It moves further and further before vanishing into the woods near a large quarry. The sound can be heard drifting away more and more, buzzing away in the distance. The infected chase right after it, hooting and hollering, screeching and clawing, like a bunch of feral elementary children being released into a cafeteria. Absolute mayhem. Christian continues to watch down the road leading toward the school, or rather a lone figure creeping along the truss bridge that links north and south Severograd. He's wearing a set of red clothes, and has a white bandana looking skullcap and white respirator covering his mouth. On his face is a set of glasses. Although he lacks a backpack, he has a set of pouches dangling off him, connected to what looks like some kind of simple rope harness. Christian observes him a bit longer, squinting his one eye to get a better look. He then looks behind him, through the hall that he and Yefim had situated themselves in. Yefim has not yet returned. He looks back, noticing that the red suited man is slowly crawling along, obviously being cautious and blissfully ignorant that he's being watched. Christian pats himself down, feeling the industrial shape in his jacket. He drops his hand back down, waiting patiently. The man continues to crawl. Christian checks behind him. Yefim has not yet returned. Christian shifts his feet slightly, feeling the soles loosen a tad. A lone figure in a dark coat rapidly approaches the man in red from behind. He reaches into his jacket as he approaches. Christian rises up a stand. The man in red clothing turns. He has a gun. The lone figure drops down and two gunshots are heard- one from each man. The infected turn their heads. Yefim has not yet returned. The man in the dark jacket brings up his left hand toward the sky, in the shape of a fist. Christian bolts out from the building, rapidly drawing his own handgun, a small Makarov PM. He rushes to the bridge, aiming at the man in red, who writhes in pain. "Quickly, move him!" Yefim calls, being the man in the dark jacket. He was right, infected were on their way to investigate the noise, they didn't like how their nice quiet day was ruined twice so far, dinner having escaped in a tin can and someone shooting a gun in their neighborhood. Assuredly they'd call the police if such a thing still existed. Christian tucks his handgun away, taking the man in red under the arms and dragging him away as quick as he could. They cross the bridge, taking cover inside a large white house that contains a piano and has three exits. Yefim hurriedly shuts all the doors, barricading the one they went through. Christian plops the red suited man against a cabinet, where he sits and writhes and groans and whines. "Long time no see, KC."
  13. I'd just like to be able to kill someone without having to script it OOCly with a person I already know or without forcing them into a position to fight back, which would allow me to kill. You can't play a predatory character unless you're knee-deep in initiations and hostages with a group of friends. Solo bandit life is hell. Roleplay is stagnant nowadays because people (generalization) refuse to change or improve since they aren't forced to. I'm sure this has already been discussed to death. Later on I'll probably make a thread about it. Should be cool beans.
  14. I've noticed a lot more zombies than usual, which is forcing me to either avoid them, be a stealthy little sausage, or become Jack from The Shining and just slap them upside the head with an axe or hammer. At least it helps me practice for the inevitable PVP I'll run into at one point or another.