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  1. Hey there HardHat, The servers appear to be online. I would suggest changing your filters, such as the max ping, allow passworded servers, etc. If that doesn't work go and restore your game cache. This can be done by right clicking DayZ in the steam library>properties>verify integrity of game cache. Hope this helped, if you have any more questions please ask
  2. Hey man welcome, good luck on your whitelist!
  3. Nice and peacful
  4. If they directly threaten you with a consequence (death), then by all means go for it, but make sure it's not NVFL. However in these situations you need to be sure to state the difference between good hostile RP and a blatant threat. If someone goes up and calls you mean names, you obviously cant gat him right then and there. You should make sure to try your best to RP it out.
  5. President Trump

  6. Welcome back guys
  7. They usually do, however sometimes DayZ is DayZ and the persistence gets wiped automatically. Has happened a few times
  8. Welcome to dayzRP Samantha! Enjoy your stay, and dont be afraid to ask questions.
  9. school shooter - naughty jk nice ily
  10. I think it's pretty cool 9/10