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    Best bet you're gettin clapped in mw2 tomorrow.

  1. Billy

    Staff when someone not liked makes a post.



    1. Vapor



  2. So much memes today @Squillium @Earthwalker @Fialova @Eagle @Puddin @Pepe Jones @Rocka
  3. Billy



    1. Squillium


      All of New Moon is wasted #Thugs

  4. Thanks dad
  5. #A366FF
  6. When are you guys going to stick with one group.
  7. You're basically saying get rid of the 2 hour KOS timer if I'm not mistaken. But this is an RP server and I feel that initiating and torturing them or whatever you like to do is much better then just killing them right off the bat.
  8. Billy

    Im tryna get a die hard 5 man cs team, someone contribute

  9. Without a doubt
  10. I'm gonna post some of the stuff I record from this game. Feel free to post yours as well or just add a comment.
  11. Billy

    I need new music, give me artists.

    1. Ram


      Cult to follow



    2. Earthwalker


      Hacktivist are pre gud.

    3. MapleMooses



  12. Sounds cool and I'd love to be apart of it:)
  13. Billy


    Back to single digits boys B) 

  14. wat's this game about
  15. My Steep has been broken:( I miss this game.
  16. Billy

    Cauliflower is just albino broccoli #safespace

    1. Castiel


      Nah, broccoli is good but cauliflower some nasty shit.

    2. Tosh


      Both are delicious, you heathen.

    3. Squillium


      Broccoli is just green cauliflower 👏


  17. Don't play guitar so no people that make petty ass reports
  18. Billy

    Damn July 5th and I'm already at 600 posts, I need a life.

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    2. Billy


      Bruh is it worth buying premium for that website? @Tosh

    3. Tosh


      That's what I asked yesterday on the anime thread. I think they give you a trial period, so could do that and decide for yourself. I just hate commercials so I might end up paying for it soon enough. @Darion pays for it apparently.

    4. Darion


      i do pay for  it and i can highly recommend it.   I can give each of y'all a guest pass its a 48 hour trial... I have 3 atm so first come first serve..

      But if you refuse to pay and hate commercials then

      This is my site updated usually same day as crunhcyroll and if not, the next day. Im sure alot of people know if it but its been down for the past couple of months. Glad its back up +1

  19. People need to stop complaining, everyday isn't going to be the best experience you can ever get. Personally for me RP has been fun as fuck lately wit my boi @Diamond. Enough of these threads already.
  20. Billy

    PnB x Notice Me

  21. I'm one of those people that if I don't see anyone on ts, then I leave. I liked it better when you could see everyone, but I think making it optional would be best for everyone. Not everyone has there group members on steam. I've been in my group for quite awhile and still don't have everyone.
  22. Billy

    Ima stay a virgin for life^_^ I want to set a good example for my kids.

    1. Will
    2. Squillium


      Don't think you have a choice in that