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  1. I'm gonna post some of the stuff I record from this game. Feel free to post yours as well or just add a comment.
  2. Looks really cool, as long as you guys follow your rules this could turn out to be a very different but unique group.
  3. -User has been warned for this post-
  4. I think it's time to take a break from this place. Servers are always dead when I get on, hopefully things get better. ill still be on ts. pce
  5. I'm not leavin forever dont worry ly2 honey
  6. dont worry son, ill be around ill be back in a month lol yes i do
  7. No break from the forums too, guess I'm not allowed to talk to my friends? Ight mom
  8. Billy

    We r DOOMED

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    2. Billy


      @Noxious you can still be yourself, as soon as some people get staff, they completely change and it's disgusting. Having the color and badge shouldn't change your ways.

    3. Noxious


      @Billy Nah its not that, its just I hate the mentality of what one member says in staff, effects all of the staff. 

    4. Billy


      It is that though dawg

  9. Billy

    Some world star shit at my school today😩😂

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    2. Shadows


      ooh that was frothy

      attempted RDM is WvW until we see video of who initiated.

    3. Billy


      at the end you can hear "Dropped him like a sack of potatoes baby"

    4. Will


      send that in to 30secfights

      good twitter acc

  10. Billy

    somehow fell asleep at 7:30 last night, now its 4:40am and im awake.

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    2. Vapor


      That's life bruh

    3. Billy


      I dont like this

      I wanna go back to bed

    4. StoneFace


      Eh its probably just fine if you rested in bed instead of straight up slept. At worst you've only screwed up your sleep schedule for tomorrow around 730. Should be fine after that.

  11. Billy

    Can't wait for BO1 zombies with the boys 

    @Earthwalker @Squillium @Mental

    Its clit

    1. Charlo


      Yeah bro it's clit 

    2. Billy


      Join us

    3. Mental


      Its clit my dude

  12. Billy

    Gotta love that one group of people that say and start the most random shit and pat eachother on the back for it by just spamming the posts with beanz. 

    1. Strider



    2. Billy


      Hi VIP strider

  13. Cool man, until people learn to separate IC from OOC, salt will always be around here. These rants are just getting annoying at this point, you have said the same exact thing as a lot of other people around here.
  14. That moment when everyone thinks you are a girl.
  15. Billy


    1. Charlo


      WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!?!

    2. Billy


      FUCK B

  16. I agree 100%, imo that report seemed like it had bad intent behind it.
  17. You are saying this simply because you received a false report verdict, one of the most petty things you can do is twist shit into your own rules to try and ban someone.
  18. You are just nitpicking honestly, he answered saying there were no logs, there was no reason to keep on asking questions. @Andrey you have been way more active in reports recently, keep it up.
  19. Billy


    1. Charlo



    2. Eagle
  20. It's been requested before and the mobile site is fine IMO. If you click the button down below and click add to home screen, it will create an app for you. This is what the button looks like (only for iPhone)
  21. I've improved okay Best of luck though guys