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  1. Down the corridor, third door on the right.
  2. Now that is some great RP. Today I also enjoyed the roleplay from @Pat
  3. I too enjoyed the RP from @Tosh today. Thanking you.
  4. Anya Petrasek

  5. Another dank story Terra. Keep them coming.
  6. Gotta keep digging deeper.


    1. Lil_Beefy


      That is a nice hole there.

      Shame you had to lie your way into it.

  7. I miss Shiro
  8. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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      You drunk fuck. Merry Christmas. 

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      Merry Christmas Conor!

  9. I think it would be a waste of time and achieve absolutely nothing.
  10. Nominee: @Ron Reason: Superb story telling going into great detail about her characters thoughts and emotions as well as his experiences. A huge amount of effort goes into each and every entry and it shows. Evidence:
  11. Any members of the community who are not Admins, do not need to see staff applications. There is zero need for it, nor would it achieve anything.
  12. Great story (as always) Excited to hear more about Renés adventures and her own perspective of the others in Cursed.
  13. Enjoyed this one. Needs some Anya tho...
  14. Figured out how to post these things, thanks to @RedSky

    Am I a cool kid now?

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      Hey cool kid Conor? wow ^^

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      So how do you do this then?

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      Account Settings > Edit Profile > Enable Status Updates

  15. Enjoyed RP today. Meeting @Sofie and @Mexi - you guys' characters are awesome and the interaction was super fun. Hope to run into you two again soon! Also thanks to @25pfulso (I think it was you) - Same as Sofie and Mexi, RP was top, hope to meet again soon.
  16. Started watching it last night, on episode three now. Will return to this thread once I have caught up Enjoying it a lot so far.
  17. Just like the other graphics contests that have recently taken place, I would like to suggest a contest to see who can create the best background image for the website as the current one.... well doesn't really have anything to do with DayZ or DayZRP besides a 'zombie' and the fact one character has a motorcycle helmet on. Personally I think the current picture is somewhat ugly and does not fit on the page. What is your opinion? Do you like the current image or do you think that people in the community could create something better?
  18. On a serious note, glad character pages are back. Thanks Rolle/DawPi/whoever else
  19. We're no longer community members who want to donate. We are now all potential customers for business.
  20. Why isn't the list of online people alphabetized? It triggers me.