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  1. Is this your account?
  2. -User was warned for this post-
  3. @DarkSide is my opinion also noted? Because add underneath the notes that your attitude is abhorrent. Both here on the forums and in the TS chat logs provided by The Spartan. Your reasoning behind the outcome of this report is completely flawed and to say that you don't see any rulebreaks is rather embarrassing from someone who's primary role in the Staff Team is to pass judgement on what is right and wrong in regards to the rules. "If you would've recorded this "40 minutes of non-RP" then the verdict would've been way different." - Soooooo there was a rulebreak and the only reason it was not even given a glance by you and the other reviewing member(s) of the GM team was because the video only showed a short, extremely dark video. A video that if you actually sit and use your monkey derived brain* for a minute or two is completely irrelevant in reviewing the mute 'roleplay'. *Monkey derived brain is not an attempt at flaming but merely a phrase reflecting on the fact that we (humans) evolved from monkeys.
  4. You can still type whilst restrained. It's irrelevant whether he was or not. And where is the proof? Maybe you didn't read the report at all but the guy actually says in his PoV that he was playing a mute. "Regarding the mute roleplay: My microphone is broken at the moment so whistling or other sounds are not possible. I could have used the F1-11 keys for sign language but during the entire hostage situation my hands were cuffed which did not give me any chance to roleplay out" If he had typed any emotes during the encounter I would've hoped they would have been pulled by the GM who did logs when the report went up however there are no emotes in the logs so I think we can deduce that he in fact did zero roleplay throughout the whole situation. If you did not think that this was a rulebreak then -god help us- it should have at least been mentioned in your brief closing message.
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  5. Down the corridor, third door on the right.
  6. Now that is some great RP. Today I also enjoyed the roleplay from @Pat
  7. I too enjoyed the RP from @Tosh today. Thanking you.
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      you just got steve harvey'd


  8. Another dank story Terra. Keep them coming.
  9. Gotta keep digging deeper.


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      That is a nice hole there.

      Shame you had to lie your way into it.

  10. I miss Shiro
  11. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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      You drunk fuck. Merry Christmas. 

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      Merry Christmas Conor!