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  1. Welcome enjoy your time here
  2. 66
  3. @DeeBlack @Ghoozovich @Species  @Dingoz @Voodoo Want to start a clone army some time xD:P 

    1. Vapor


      ayyy lmao

    2. evanm23


      whats wrang wi yous

    3. dankatronic


      nothing wrong with us boyo

      i deleted that just incase you get reported for it :) 

  4. Welcome back guys heard about you before never met you ig hope i do this time
  5. Im just a Scottish guy so emotions arent a thing for me naa jk but hope everyone thats going through a rough time is alright just remember be strong (i just cringed at myself but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
    • dankatronic
    • DeeBlack

    Dat profile music <3 

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      shite. eccie mix 

  6. Stfu Cripple
  7. Wait my favourite admin is no longer we are doomed

    1. Terra


      I will be back.:D

    2. dankatronic


      Oh that good enjoy your break while it lasts :D 

  8. So close to 100 beanz *starts shitposting*  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. *Uses jedi mind tricks to make you give him beanz* Worth a try  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    2. Ghoozovich
    3. SuperSonic


      Damn your greedy Jedi mindtricks!! you.. stormtrooper?

    4. dankatronic


      Im a sith lord tricking you all mwuhahhaha

  10. William holds ptt ye...s brother i know im sorry just alot of shit has happened to me lately i have gotten weaker everyday i spend here and i cant stop HE wipes his eyes and has fury run through him but who cares about fucking that i will survive have done for many years now in the shite hole known as glasgow he laughs wiping the tears on his cheeks he says Love you brot... before his radio suddenly stops transmitting
  11. ouch that hurt
  12. Nice pics you internal rp scrub