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  1. Welcome @Alaska and @Zombru!
  2. @PCJames I own the damn park kid
  3. Bitch I'm cuttin in front
  4. Got those daaaaaank new graphics boys
  5. Good stuff my dude
  6. A good high was the shoot out the Rough Riders had where me and @Cowboy held down a barn like it was the Alamo against The Horseman, Coldwater, and FFL. Low was definitely when my entire group that I had been playing with for months along with a lot of good friends all got perm'd in the period of a few days.
  7. There's definitely people in this community that don't deserve to be here, but you do despite what people think. No matter what happens, god speed John.


    1. Moody o7

      Def brought a smile to my face thx man.

    2. H1ber
    3. idole


      hahahaha that was great

  8. When I play with @Shroud in Battlegrounds


  9. Yea my group New Moon will be remembered. Uh probably L.I.F.E. and The Kingdom should be added to the list.
  10. Props to @Finn and @APureGamer for the great RP all the way across the map, too bad the car was slower than a crippled snail.
  11. Some of the dankest memes the past few days Reuniting with a certain German doctor Joker Smoke The Skalisty Island Lovers I can see why this place is popular lately Skalisty Island Realtors
  12. Welcome @APureGamer!
  13. Welcome @Blackburn!