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  1. *Miller, hearing one of his allies on the radio, sighs and presses the PTT* As I've said we don't WANT to kill kids, but it sure as hell isn't our fault it happened. *He pauses* Moody, tell your little serial killer here to calm the fuck down. We've moved passed talking shit, just kill them. *He releases the PTT*
  2. Nah, was thinking I'd keep them all.
  3. Well I wasn't productive IRL, but whatever.
  4. Good job boys, anyone that talks shit about you doesn't realize how much better your RP is.
  5. We out here
  6. 5/10 Furry Filth
  7. "And when the community reaches a low, the salt shall flow"

    The prophet was right 

    1. Wong


      king of the hill

  8. The best of Rust @Rocka's Artwork @Poro's fatal wound
    • Nihoolious
    • Squillium

    ur a bad leader kys pls

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    2. Hebee


      Insinuating anyone can properly lead our band of rabid white names.

    3. Nihoolious


      It take a whitename to lead whitenames isn't that right Squillium

    4. Squillium


      WWW: Whitenames Win Wars

  9. Irrelevant trash 0/10
  10. Twas a good week, shout out to The Pagans, all the groups at war and Dad (@Hebee).
  11. 9 years later, and I have a week vacation


  12. I mean, if you've played it, what do you think?
  13. *Miller presses the PTT* What kind of fucked up fantasy world do you live in Paula? Mind if I call you Paula? Last time I saw your sorry asses you were running away from that construction building, leaving the renegades in pools of their own blood, when you boys had both the numbers and equipment to beat us. And let's not forget the tactical genius of the dumbass on the crane. Despite all this you still wave your dick around acting like you have any fucking right to make demands. You're pathetic. *Releases the PTT*