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  1. *Miller would be standing in the graveyard Izaak had made to bury all of New Moon's fallen. He would be looking over Izaak's grave with Izaak's sword in his hands. Looking at his reflection in it, he debate what he would do when Yegor arrived. His time was up however, as Yegor walked up just as Miller spiked the sword in the ground in front of Izaak's gravestone* Alright Miller, what the fuck is this about, you've been acting weird as hell ever since we joined up with Akrasia. You refuse to go out with us and have been staying at the base doing nothing for days, are you too good for us now? *Miller would put his hand on his holstered Red 9 as he began talking* No Yegor, you guys are too good for me now. *Miller pointed the gun at Yegor, for the first time in days seeming calm and collected* WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! I'M YOU'RE BROTHER! *Miller would speak calmly* I know Yegor, that's why I need you to let me finish what I'm about to tell you. The last thing I want is to shoot right now, I promise. *Yegor would look enraged* At gunpoint?! *Miller would smile and give a slight laugh* Yegor...I killed Izaak. *Yegor would become even more enraged, seething as Miller stared at him with an ashamed look* I KNEW IT! You're a fucking traitor Miller, you deserve to die, just like the rest of our enemies. *Miller would cock his Red 9 back* What did I tell you about letting me finish? *Yegor would regrettably stop talking while he visibly shook with rage* It was in self defense Yegor. He called me in to a meeting and accused me of shit that I'd never do. He shot me in the chest and tried to kill me. I knew there was no way I could tell you or the rest of us, not for my sake, but I knew that whether I was killed for it or not it would be the end of New Moon. All I wanted was for us to continue what we were doing, to continue being brothers. *Miller would be shaking now, his hand barely able to keep his gun up* But I failed Yegor. I failed me, I failed you, and I failed all the graves around us. We became exactly what we hated. We joined the people we fought and turned our backs on the people we called friends. *Yegor would be much more calm now, but he still seemed to show anger in his voice* Why the hell should I believe you? If you've lied all this time what makes me think you're not lying now. *Miller would look at Izaak's grave with a feeling of fulfillment* You're right. *Miller would turn the gun around, handing it to Yegor. Yegor would immediately take the gun and point it at Miller's head* What?! You think this is gonna make me trust you?! You think I won't blow your head off right now?! *Miller would look Yegor in the eyes as a few tears began running down his face* No Yegor, I expect you to do whatever the fuck you want. I never asked for any of this, all I wanted was to live a boring life and die an old man...but it's a little late for that now. *Yegor would put the gun right to Miller's head as he screamed* YOU KILLED MY BROTHER! *Miller would look to his feet, tears falling to the ground* I killed mine too. *Yegor would scream as loud as he could before shooting the entire clip of the gun up in the air. Him and Miller would look at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Yegor finally spoke* What now? *Miller would give a sarcastic chuckle* Now I leave Yegor. This place, this...country is somewhere I can't live anymore. *Yegor would nod and attempt to give Miller back his Red 9* Keep it, tell them I was a traitor and that you killed me. Tell them I died a hero. Tell them whatever you want Yegor, at this point I could care less as long as they're safe and I'm gone. *Yegor would tuck the gun away in his vest* Will I ever see you again? *Miller would drop his green armband on Izaak's grave as he turned and walked away. He would look at all the graves around him as he did* Not if they can't. //Short but sweet. Thanks for reading guys, might come back to Miller someday but for now he needs a break.
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  5. *A few hours after leaving Bash, Miller would be walking along a broken stone wall northeast of Zelenegorsk, he would be visibly upset, the expression on his face being one of desperation and uncertainty. He would begin moving a few stones on the end of the wall, debating what he would need to do in the coming weeks, days, and hours. As he cleared away more of the stone, a metal sword would be revealed. He would take the sword out and hold it up in the sunlight. Even though it had been buried for weeks at this point, it still appeared as if it was sparkling clean* Time for you to go home. *As he would put the sword in his belt loop, he would hear yelling to the southwest toward the old Green Mountain Trader Camp. He would look North, toward his destination but decided to investigate. He arrived at the camp and saw three men with a woman tied up against the wall of one of the cabins. One man would begin screaming at the girl* The fuck did I tell you? You didn't deliver on your end of the bargain. *Miller would put the men in his scopes, debating whether or not he should do anything. He start shaking, knowing what he should do but doubting if it was smart. As he would be debating, the girl would scream* We don't have anything for ourselves! Please just leave me and my friends alone, we'll do whatever you want! Please! *The man would begin yelling back* If you don't have shit to give us, you're not worth our time. *Miller would put his hand on the trigger, about to bring it back when a gunshot could be heard. The man shot the girl in the chest, leaving her to bleed out as him and his men walked up the road to Green Mountain. Once they were out of sight, he began walking down to the girl, barely able to walk as his eyes were beginning to fill with tears. As he walked toward her body, he could hear Izaak as if he were next to him talking* You are weak. *He would begin limping as his arms and legs would begin to feel like jelly* You are nothing. *He would fall just before the girl's barely breathing body* You don't deserve to live. *He would crawl over to the girl's body and look at her bullet wound as she stared into his eyes with a blank expression, unable to talk and barely alive. Miller would be able to say something in between his broken breathing* I'm so sorry.
  6. Been real boys, just say Miller went missing.
  7. See ya my boy. Nothing but love
  8. *Miller would be outside the Akrasia barracks at Bash, laying under the apple tree within the walls of their compound. He would be staring up at the blue sky through the leaves when he would hear Timothy shout at him from outside the barracks window* Hey dickhead, you gonna lay under that tree all day or are you gonna go with us on a run into Stary? *Miller, without getting up, would look toward Tim's window* You know man, I'll think I'll leave that in your capable hands. *Tim would rush outside and stand under the tree as Miller began to get up* You know when Charlie agreed to this deal I didn't think you'd come on with him to lead and become a lazy sack of shit. You and your boys used to be respected and feared, but once that psychopath Izaak died I guess you lost your balls. *Miller would become visibly enraged. He would take out his Red 9 and point it at Tim* SAY HIS NAME AGAIN! I DARE YOU YOU SNIFFLING PIECE OF SHIT! *Tim would pull out his pistol only a second later. Remaining calm he would laugh* Oooo, it looks like we have a bit of a touchy subject don't we? What, does the "fearless leader" Miller have any regrets he'd wish to bring to light? *Miller would stare at Tim, appearing to only be seconds away from pulling the trigger. Before anything escalated further, Yegor would come in to the compound and, seeing the hostilities, would get between the men. He would look at Miller* Whoa there Miller, calm down. They're our brothers now, the time for this is over. *He would look at Tim* You need to chill the fuck out. We've lost a lot of people, you know what that's like, being a dick about it isn't gonna help anything. *Both Miller and Tim would pull their guns away, still staring at each other. Miller would look toward Yegor* Meet me at The Plantation a day from now. I have something I need to go get, don't bring anyone else. *Miller would open the gate and leave the compound, heading down the road toward the airfield.
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  10. *Miller would be laying on the top bunk of a guard house in Bash, Jimmy sleeping underneath him and other Akrasia members in the other beds. He would be dreaming of himself being on the plantation. As he would walk up to the manor house, Izaak would be stood in front of him* Are you pleased with what you've become? *Miller would step back, shocked* No...so much has happened, everything I tried to do was for nothing. All the plans I had for us, gone. *Izaak would speak* I'm not upset you killed me, I was beyond saving, but you let your brothers die and then joined the very people you sought to destroy. *Miller would try to gather his thoughts* I tried to save them, I did everything I could. After the Russians attacked us, joining Akrasia was the only thing we could do, we had no choice. If we didn't we would've been destroyed. *Izaak would stare at Miller, emotionless* The dead would disagree. *Miller would fall back on the ground. The plantation would begin burning around him as other dead New Moon members appeared along with Miller's former friends. Brandon, Dodge, Gator, Ash, Von, Marquis, Tanner, Andy, Fox, even Braxton and Mack all stood around Miller while they all yelled in unison* You let us die! *Miller would be visibly shaking, he would try to find some words* NO! I only wanted us to survive, I wanted us to live. *Izaak would stare at Miller one more time, his eyes like razors cutting through him* And look where that got you. *Miller would suddenly wake up screaming and in a cold sweat. Surprisingly, Jimmy would be the only one woken up. He would be slightly annoyed and sound pissed off* What the fuck's your problem? For fuck sake, go to sleep before I throw you out the damn window. *Miller would take a second to calm down as he laid back down in bed and covered himself up* Sorry...just a bad dream. //Thanks guys, gonna try to update this frequently
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