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  1. Bet ya didn't know ya boy made wine labels 😎


    1. Billy



  2. That's where I keep my m4s! For RP
  3. Welcome back the one and only @Earthwalker. Also made him and @Roosky "Ex-Horseman".
  4. private

    *Miller recognizes the mans voice and is pleased with what he has to say. He presses the PTT* It's nice to hear from you my friend, glad you have something set up for yourself. As far as an alliance of any sort, we'll have to meet face to face, formalities and all. Me and my men have primarily been wandering the southern coast, contact me if you come down our way. *Miller releases the PTT, pleased with how relations have been going lately*
  5. The maps right and hey man, it's a pretty picture. It's just an outdated picture.
  6. Fixed, because I can't spell...
  7. New settlement waiting to be accepted
  8. Lore The Plantation was a good home, and New Moon thrived within its boundaries for quite a while. However, after the death of Izaak Sirko and the unfortunate loss of people in the North, it became too painful and too impractical to live there. Miller, the new leader of the organization, headed South, hoping to find a place that he and his men could call home. Luckily, he went to Chernogorsk and, trying to make the most out of what most would consider an inhospitable place, founded Crescent Bay on its shores. With New Moon's relocated home they hoped they'd receive more settlers wiling to be tenants and pay rent. While some doubted it would succeed, Miller and the rest of New Moon were confident that it could not only match the potential of The Plantation, but surpass it. Of course, only time could tell if this was true. Rules Do not steal from any tents (Ask a member if you want to trade) Do not destroy any camp property No gunfights within the camp borders, take it into Chernogorsk Anyone using New Moon's bright green armbands will be shot on sight Anyone impersonating New Moon will be shot on sight Anyone caught on the pier at the end of the harbor will be shot on sight Anyone being an asshole in camp will be dealt with Anyone caught with Yellow Armbands will be interrogated Anyone associated with our enemies will be interrogated Images Camp Owners New Moon Tenants None (Accepting) We're always looking for feedback
  9. Welcome back bois. Can't wait to RP!
  10. Obviously you just needed to drink more
  11. Welcome @Jon Snow. I'm happy that everyone that has been added to the group lately offers top quality RP. Good shit boys.
  12. Good stuff Reese. Other than the already suggested extra flare to make it look better, all I can say is make more.
  13. When me and @Eagle walk into the GMTC alolne at 4 AM on a Thursday.