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  1. You're absolutely right. I, Chairman Doctor Kit Winsley, would like to personally apologize. We've been working on collecting new members since the last 50 or so died or went missing. Once we've become a more established club, rest assured the entry fee will be increased to usual and proper levels. It was a joint venture by Castiel and I! I just did the photo-shopping and threw the thread up, but these characters have more or less been around since July 2016.
  2. Welp here we go again for the third time. The RP was so much fun last night, I have high hopes. @Oliv Let me know what we need either here or through PM when you a get a free minute, I'll happily add or adjust! Thanks again
  3. Hahaha I am so sorry OOC, but also I was laughing pretty hard.
  4. +1 to @Joffrey Regardless of the situation here if we're being honest there just aren't that many of us left, compared to what it used to be. Please, I beg the admin team to be lenient if at all possible. My question is this: Shouldn't the goal to be to IMPROVE and TEACH the current role-players to follow the rules rather than ELIMINATE potentially valuable members of the community? Although obviously there are situations where an outright perma is needed, for trolling etc.
  5. I would argue The Brokers / Jack Warren & The Kingdom, even though it was short-lived, but I'm just a white name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Rabbit



  7. Right but you just said that calling it an aggravation would be sloppy... and it's never called an aggravation in the verdict and then your boss says it is one... Don't you guys see that that's not a good sign? lol I'm not hating I'm just saying like clearly something needs to be sorted out here.
  8. Wait... So it isn't double dipping but it IS aggravated? (Cid said calling it an aggravation would be sloppy, "...there is no need for an aggravation of a certain rulebreak, it looks sloppy..." meanwhile Rolle said "it's an aggravation.") You two just said opposite things, y'all need to get your story straight lol (PS: If gifs aren't cool, just pm me and I'll remove... or just remove, no points pls <3)
  9. The real question is, is DayZ a dead alpha game?
  10. Why not just upgrade it to aggressive or whatever rather than 'double dipping?'
  11. I have always tried to be vocal with my dislike of how severe the rules are (although usually I'm talking about the forums). Although I find ghosting deplorable, double-dipping is a precedent I wouldn't like set. That said, I do like how strict DayZRP is, I just prefer not to see people perma'd. +1
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  13. Because staff would rather close threads from people they are neutral toward or view as harmless even if all they do is shitpost and give points to people they view as problematic because they question the system and staff decisions. Essentially it seems to me that many members of staff both do not understand their own rules but also implement rules in any way they see fit when they want the person to receive points. Andrey & Castiel getting points for posting gifs while others haven't received points for seemingly no reason. Myself and others (apparently yourself) getting points for 'unnecessary posts' while others shit post or are ignored and we were told the forums were going to be less serious. Hebee getting points for saying "what?" in a thread. etc. etc. etc. It's endless and there is no solution because the Admins do not care to fix what they don't see as a problem. TLDR: Nothing will change. Enjoy your perma. I will be most likely be getting points for this post... hmmm flaming maybe? Well to the person who gives me points, it's not flaming if it's true.