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  1. I wish I was.. Q: Am I really Syrian?..
  2. Cleaned up and ready to go. /open
  3. Seeing as this is a WIP group and you have been a member of the community for little over an hour we will be archiving this group. When you meet the requirements found on the top of this page you may ask a Mod+ to bring the group back. /archived @Mexi Thanks man!
  4. I don't get it?
  5. When you're chilling on the couch just about to fall asleep and then someone walks in and talks to you..


  6. Decided to spice up the old profile.

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    2. Chewy


      But Michael Cera :(

    3. Mexi


      He'll be back one day.

    4. Chewy


      I was so proud of the opaque bg.. ;-;

  7. I don't smile and I can't take pictures. Enjoy.
  8. Lovely weather we're having.

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    2. Dusty


      No balls

    3. Shane
    4. TheProxJack
  9. Calling in @Shane and @Elmo for their PoV




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    2. TheProxJack
    3. Elmo


      You've put this paddy in a paddy you paddy

    4. Beni


      I... I honestly can't believe what I'm fucking reading right now... 

      I've given up at this point... Go back to school or some shit kiddo's... Jesus fucking christ. Image result for Are you serious gif

      Fuckin' sort it out. 

  10. Congratulations Will, good to see someone that deserves a promotion get it. :) 


    srs tho, wpwp 

    1. Will


      thanks man

  11. Absolutely amazing, honestly.