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  1. @Elmo it was good rp, all the rest of the people did a great job. hats off lads.
  2. *Hamish picks up and hold's the button * Jesus fuck am I hearing this, you sound no better than the people we fought. * Hamish speaks in a low voice, fuck this* *lets go of the PTT button *
  3. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button* am I hearing this right, hiding up north let me tell you we have fought and lost alot more blood than you could handle, you keep running your mouth and you may just get more than you bargained for. good luck with your grand plan of well ... Good luck . *Hamish places the radio down*
  4. happy new year dayzrp, all the best for 2017 has been a good year, have enjoyed my time on dayzrp, just drinking one of the last drinks of 2016.
  5. thats old man pasi ;-)
  6. Fighting the Dead Hunting for my food Sunset Just a wee bit rust
  7. *hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PPTB* never hear them guys on the radio. you will have a better chance of contacting Obi-wan Kenobi he is your only hope.
  8. looks good, good luck.
  9. had a great night, want to thank well EVERYONE. @Undead pitty we could not work something out regarding there safe return but to many people hunting you guys (had no idea who was shooting at you). think its safe to say most of the people on each side did a hell of a lot of running. i have not had a laugh like i did last night in a while, due to @Cipher and his guys. well played. guys for real, the day started off slow and just got better and better as the day went on from camp rp to firefights to hunting partys, well played everyone.
  10. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button * first sorry for whatever happened at your home, it was nothing to do with us as far as I know. a few people are still sleeping after your BBQ, take it they had a good night. now as for taking your tents why would you think we would need to steal from your home to build ours ? We are very capable of building temp camps and permanent camps really fast, I am sure you are aware of this fact. For you to point the finger at us, and broadcast on the radio for all to hear seems odd. if you have any evidence regarding your claims of it being the 101 contact me and we will take care of it. now if there is anything we can help you with ie building your home or supplys you need just ask and if we can help we will. we have a new slate here to build on between our groups and I hope this is the start of something good. *Hamish releases the PTT button and returns looking over the map in front of him*
  11. *while sitting in the back seat of a old van trying to open a tin of beans, the dead are clawing at the van. Hamish holds down the ptt button* well well well, seems everyone thinks the 101 got fucked all ways from Sunday * shuts his eyes and shakes his head*. lets start by saying we are the north and will remain the north regardless. we have giving so much blood for our claim and we also fought in the war along side many alliance members now that shit you can not buy! that bond cant be broken regardless of how many fuckers keep trying to. well what did you say ram a dick down our throats, you do know assumption is the mother of all fuck up's don't you? so don't assume that you know what your talking about. it's now yo *Hamish can see a group of 7 people walking towards his location* sorry for that did not mean to cut off there, now as for your shit about a heads up. that shit is not going to work, not at this moment in time i am sure you can understand. now as for the talk we had, yes granted it was short but however very sweet. we will get together soon. give me a second. *gunshots followed by laughter* once again you cant assume anything as of this moment, please understand one thing though. Stradic is a good friend of mine and well i kinda like you also, maybe we can come to some agreement maybe we cant but as of now how about you put your dick back in your pants and buckle them the fuck up and get ready for the show! *you hear people talking in the background* well i got to cut this shit off, things to do. Stradic one thing i will say is this mc was built on brotherhood, you cant buy that. if you need me or anyone we can be with you at the drop of a hat. Cowboy, think about what you want and how you want to go about getting it. you know i don't like bullshit and what i heard there was bullshit. see you soon.
  12. *Hamish picks up the radio* well as you know we have been asked to move south so we will follow there request and move south, as you all know we have alot of stuff to move and this is no easy task i think our ETA will be around 8-10 months to get to our final location. we plan on setting up at GM but in the mean time we will have a few stops on the way, our 1st stop will be kamensk think we will get all our stuff moved sector by sector. each sector we will have to stop and rest for a a while as i will not work the men women and children that hard they passout. [align=center] [/align] *Hamish puts the radio back in his bag, takes out a few pictures of his fellow NA members and thinks what a waste as he looks over them. * Whispers to himself* had so much potential
  13. simple math. 252 slots, x number of tents (that are full) with loot
  14. dayz spawn 23000 items (correct me if i am wrong) our camp holds a total of 3500 items 700 of that is grown food. now tell me this breaks the loot system to a -1