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  1. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button * Timmy boy as every other red blooded human I to have to sleep, you don't always get what you want kid, did your mommy and daddy not teach you that? A reply to your request would have been delivered but just like impatient nursery kids you could not hold on. I want I want, funny there's another saying " i wants don't get" anyway Timmy boy you have made your bed kid you can lay in it but a wee word of advise , don't piss that bed. see you soon lads *releases the pttb*
  2. *Hamish picks up and holds down the pttb* Timmy boy ill get back to you later, as for the two fucking idiots slavering shit. You have no clue. now fuck off and watch a nice movie as the old saying goes " a picture tells a thousand words" a movie tells a story. Timmy boy as you probably know work is hard and I got alot to do. *lets go of th pttb
  3. Welcome, play have fun.
  4. Welcome to the community Dozer
  5. loscham you take care man. all the best mate
  6. @Jackieboy really great dark rp man, it was good getting to continue our story. all the best
  7. @Jakeyour one funny guy, you had me break a few times.
  8. this is a crazy ban for @Jabba, this should be overturned. give points not a ban. just what i think.
  9. *Hamish picks up and holds down the PTT button* to the people responsible, i regret that you burnt our camp down once again but as many people are aware this is not a great achievement on your part. * you hear a song playing in the background * now we will rebuild our home but see when you want to burn something please use your arsenic skills and burn yourself. Would be doing us all a favour. *Hamish releases the button*
  10. rotate it! have two staff members agree on the winner, then for the next month have two new staff members agree.
  11. 101

    Hamish MacGregor Tuco Benedicto MnewbBurebista BerskyTheBear Nisbo Miniblåsan Torts Dennoluna Puma Furlean Hannibal Lecter ExodusLives QSebas Chuckdeuce MoTaVa Isaiah Cortez Inar038 ToeZ Timjelly BaronVonGrumble Credidred iBstoneyDave Radkal Scarecrowb24
  12. @Elmo it was good rp, all the rest of the people did a great job. hats off lads.
  13. *Hamish picks up and hold's the button * Jesus fuck am I hearing this, you sound no better than the people we fought. * Hamish speaks in a low voice, fuck this* *lets go of the PTT button *
  14. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button* am I hearing this right, hiding up north let me tell you we have fought and lost alot more blood than you could handle, you keep running your mouth and you may just get more than you bargained for. good luck with your grand plan of well ... Good luck . *Hamish places the radio down*