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  1. Name: Fighting Name: Last Name: Age: Height: Reach: Blood Type:
  3. just met a guy named Felix (could be @Tony not sure tho) his rp was so immersive, so glad i had the chance to rp with you. Great RP'er !!!
  4. good luck lads, looks good.
  5. *Hamish holds down the PTT * Aye it is, I hear you have big plans. Looking forward to it. good luck *lets go of the pttb*
  6. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds the pttb after hearing the mans broadcast * Jesus alot of people represented the NA but a select few tried to control it by playing to many 007 games and it backfired and ripped its self apart every man and women should have had a voice but did not. I remember the free peoples republic bent over backwards to help the NA but the select few seen it better to let them take the heat for things that the 007 agents were doing. All bullshit all of it, the NA had numbers but soon as the pinewood tent people said this is not for them anymore they lasted a week or two, I could be wrong they could be out there hiding. as for you wanting to speak to the alliances you need to speak to a guy named Alex or stradic or James bond also known as finnr as for Alex he disappeared when the na needed him the most. good luck finding any of them
  7. you don't need tents to have a camp/settlement. I remember we got told this. Now we only use a few tents and role-play that we live in the houses, cant brake the server with tents you know. people still stop by though we had some good rp yesterday at Stary yar.
  8. @Saunders I was not sure if he would or would not even I was waiting to see the outcome haha it was good.
  9. *Hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button * Timmy boy as every other red blooded human I to have to sleep, you don't always get what you want kid, did your mommy and daddy not teach you that? A reply to your request would have been delivered but just like impatient nursery kids you could not hold on. I want I want, funny there's another saying " i wants don't get" anyway Timmy boy you have made your bed kid you can lay in it but a wee word of advise , don't piss that bed. see you soon lads *releases the pttb*
  10. *Hamish picks up and holds down the pttb* Timmy boy ill get back to you later, as for the two fucking idiots slavering shit. You have no clue. now fuck off and watch a nice movie as the old saying goes " a picture tells a thousand words" a movie tells a story. Timmy boy as you probably know work is hard and I got alot to do. *lets go of th pttb
  11. Welcome, play have fun.
  12. Welcome to the community Dozer
  13. loscham you take care man. all the best mate
  14. @Jackieboy really great dark rp man, it was good getting to continue our story. all the best
  15. @Jakeyour one funny guy, you had me break a few times.