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  1. Neither is DayZ Standalone. Atleast Arma has the upper hand with mods.
  2. I voted for the Heavy RP route but its just personal preference really. I tried Miscreated which I saw as a rather light RP environment and didn't really like it. It wasn't that the RP was lacking or anything like that, its just that the RP was missing... something. I feel like having stricter enforced rules will enhance the RP that comes along with it. Also I never really had a problem with how DayZRP was run regarding rules (except settlement rules) so I can see it applying to any project that may come.
  3. Congratulations on your whitelist If you need any help don't be afraid to message me or another member of Support
  4. welcome mate hope to see you in game
  5. 55
  6. if we do events before there is a lore wipe then what the events achieve will go towards nothing. personally I say work on the lore wipe first. Then the LM's and the Event Team can work on paving out the new lore with events. I know that there's a lot of people who are eager for a lore wipe. I think this is a perfect time to do one.
  7. ayy welcome back Darren
  8. The system seems to be working perfectly. Don't really see a reason to make unnecessary changes. If you are giving someone feedback I think alphabetical is better over rank. There isn't really that many staff members so you shouldn't be getting lost when finding who you need
  9. Hello there @WeeMan The groups have been moved over to the DayZ tab. I hope that answered your question
  10. University of Chester? Guess its not too bad Dr. Jo Turner
  11. Best thing to do half an hour before you have to go college?

    browse the forums while afking slayer

  12. Welcome my dude! If you need help then don't be afraid to message me or another member of Support for any questions you may have. If you are new to roleplay then there is our Mentor Program that aims to help fresh RPers learn the basics. Again, welcome to the community
  13. Does this mean the return of WWB, Mobius or Black Fox? Welcome back man, can't wait to hear all of your stories from the wilderness
  14. Welcome back