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  1. yeah but you also have to agree that it's pretty shitty that they would even consider this.
  2. This is purely my opinion. If there are some facts wrong in here then feel free to correct me. It feels like whenever anything is organised when it comes to organizing things for the community from the staff team, it just gets pushed back by people who are critically watching over them and judging whatever they do. I think the whole staff team needs to take a step back and look at this from the point of view of a normal staff member rather than the ones who bombard them with irrelevant criticism. Let's just take a look at the Q&A that the staff had organised. Its been close to 3 months since it was created and there hasn't been any recent updates on it and now it just seems like an idea that has been pushed back so far that people have forgotten about it. But yeah, I think a chat is definitely in order.
  3. 5/10 seen you a few times
  4. i'm down for a 100 man battleground tournament
  5. Better score worse place :(


    1. Castiel


      Buy me it I'll carry

    2. Bran


      aight let me just go down to the red light district. Kind of strapped for cash atm

  6. Man I am so bad at video games. Can't even get first in anything :/


  7. Hope you are doing okay man :)

  8. ran out of members. will do as soon as I can be assed to pay
  9. na I left for my own reasons glad to be back
  10. thanks when I realised I couldn't lurk on the forums I was upset haha
  11. o/ i'm back! a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a conflict. some stuff was going down in my life and I didn't know if I wanted to be in the community anymore so I left. I had a conversation with my boy @LoneStarrr and he convinced me to join the community again. So, here I am. After what happened a few weeks ago, I hope things are on the mend.
  12. congrats on the promotion

    1. Stagsview


      Sucking up to me doesn't get you moderator.

    2. Bran
  13. this is what I was looking for