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  1. Hello there and welcome to DayZRP. I am sure that we have some vets somewhere If you need any help then don't be afraid to message me or another member of Support. Also don't forget to post somewhere that isn't off topic or introductions to make sure your account doesn't get pruned.
    • Bran
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    Good to see that your picture is of who I main on Overwatch


    1. Vice


      i main 76, but genji was all I played last season

    2. Bran


      76 is a good main, especially since his buff that basically makes him a tank buster if played well

  2. As far as I know, the LiF servers are still being worked on and are temporarily locked.
  3. Ah okay, I was just answering how I saw it in the TL:DR. Personally I would still see it as a problem as like I said before, you don't know what their intentions are. If you know what their intentions are then you could possibly work your way around the chase by organizing something on comms such as an ambush, losing them in a town ect.
  4. If they threaten your lives then sure. You also might want to make sure that you take all rules into consideration. A smaller group not complying to a larger groups initiation could be seen as NVFL depending on both parties size. Edit : You should never assume the intent of another group. Sure they might act in a threatening manner but that might be purely for wanting to seem intimidating. Assuming a groups intentions can land you in a rather deep hole.
  5. If you come across a lone tent in the middle of nowhere and its clear that its just somebodies stash then they would have to make contact with you and initiate before they are allowed to do anything. If you do get confused and if you don't know if its a settlement or not then just refer to the DayZRP Map. It has the location of all official settlements. If you want to locate the map in the future, its under Games > DayZ > DayZ Map
  6. Most/all settlements have a set of rules that people have to follow. If you stumble upon a settlement then its best to ask them IC what their camp rules are to prevent being killed.
  7. Tip. Never look at something that Terra posts as a status update. Even if its on Rolle's wall
  8. ayyy, welcome back!
  9. Hello there Summer and welcome to DayZRP. If you have any questions then don't be afraid to ask me or another member of Support To make sure that your account doesn't get deleted you need to post somewhere that isn't in introductions or off topic
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    +1 for the song, respect.

  10. My "Poor Man's CS:GO Inventory" is coming along great!


    1. Bran


      Update : sold some skins to get a better grade AK47 Aquamarine Revenge


  11. Haven't streamed DayZRP in a while. Might aswell hop on for a bit
  12. oh damn, welcome back Pagans