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  1. Ohh boy , this is great. ^^ Keep it up!
  2. I would suffocate you with BeanZ...
  3. Good luck with this. @Stiflex Whom?
  4. Here we go again , welcome back.
  5. Ayyyy
  6. -User was warned for this post-
  7. @ThatRyanGuy God damn it..

    1. ThatRyanGuy
    2. Cloudy


      You best know , I'ma suffocate you with a pillow.

  8. *He looks at his foot , moving it slightly with a smile on his face as he feels almost no pain , he holds the PTT button* ''Oh... they moved? Okay I didn't know that... shame'' *He pauses for a second* ''Will check out this New Mogawimbe later today'' *He releases the PTT button*
  9. @ThatRyanGuy Did we just accidentally made A World Without Borders V3.0?

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    2. Terra


      I hope Woods died in the firefight! :x

    3. Cloudy


      @Terra He came out victorious and successfully big dicked around people.

    4. FUNERAL
  10. Well this ''war'' is going to be interesting.. LMAO.
  11. All these leaving threads tbh.

  12. My love.. true love.