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  1. I LIKE IT
  2. Ill try and stop in one day!
  3. rp series

    Looks good. Trailer was very well made
  4. These are very impressive...good stuff!
  5. Jesus christ that first shot
  6. Im liking this so far
  7. TBT to that MILSIM grind, bois made this for me Only other pics I have on hand are football pics enjoy back left left left
  8. Welcome!
  9. *Daniel Ivey stands from his bed and walks over to his backpack. He takes out a small radio and presses down on the PTT* *Static* Hello, my name is Daniel Ivey. Im with a small group called 24 Ares. We seek to help people in this world of rot and ruin, and end those who prey on the weak. *Static* *Daniel releases the PTT for one moment and sits on his bed* If anyone is out there that seeks refuge, or seeks to make strong connections with 24 Ares this is the place to contact me. *Daniel releases the PTT*
  10. Lit
  11. Daniel Ivey

    Coming soon
  12. *Brady Barns watches the man lay before him in a pool of red. He closes his eyes for a moment as a smirk spreads across his face. He sighs and picks up the radio annoyed with the voice ruining his studying time with the subject. He holds down the Ptt.* You guys are just an annoyance more than anything, like a fly buzzing around the room. I’m still not sure why you think we are torturing people. All we took off of your girlfriend was a simple tooth and a finger nail, and then lightly carved our name into her. Let us talk for a second. Even if we stop our research for the time being, what would stop us from continuing once you disappear? It seems pointless and rather childish. Now if you don’t mind, I have some work to return to. *The releases the Ptt. *
  13. Damn boi. Liking it so far!