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  1. Hello, Its usually a one day wait, two at the most. Any other questions like this can be found on the FAQ Section of the Forum.
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    Smh finally


  2. If someone doesnt know the rules than its kind of just there own problem. They were suppose to read the rules to get whitelisted, theyr'e suppose to know the rules all the time so they dont get banned, if they dont want to take a couple of minutes to read the rules than it is their problem. We cant have the admins babysit a bunch of newcomers because they didnt want to take the times to look through the community rules.
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      abusive father right there

  3. Brady

    I hope this enlightens all of you

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  4. Hello, you need to make a blacklist appeal here. Use this template. I wish you luck!
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    You fucking owe me lil' niBBa.

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    4 mowr beans

  6. Brady

    If a girl says, "I'm a crazy bitch and you are going to regret this," don't date her...

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  7. Namalsk was alright but I always found it to be a little small, I have always loved Panthera. Such a good map. It was the first map I ever played for the DAYZ mod, it had basebuilding, settlements where you could trade, it was AMAZING.
  8. Checking my phone, there is no existing "default" identity. You have to make a new identity and set it as your default, unless there is something wrong with my teamspeak mobile.
  9. Hello, Checking the teamspeak on my phone it would work the same way as it would on the PC. Click the menu button, go to identitys, create a new identity, and when you do that it should give you a Unique ID. Take that unique ID, go into your account settings on the forum, and add the new UUID under the teamspeak section. If that doesnt work I would recommend going into helpdesk through the app on your phone and an admin can give you the proper membership tag.
  10. Damn Beatrix who is now Alexis!
  11. Brady

    "Do you think god stays in heaven because he, too, is in fear of what he 's created on earth?" - Spy kids 2, they preaching about some real shit.

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      That was one of my favorite childhood movies. I looked up to Judie and Carmen.

  12. Please do not post questions to the whitelist publicly on the forum, but just so you know it is in the Lore, you just have to look. As you have only joined less than an hour ago we are not allowed to help you with this question, as it is un likely you have been whitelisted in that amount of time. Good luck with the whitelist, and please remove the quoted question.