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  1. Yes you need to look through the rules page: Just read slowly, and out loud, and eventually there will be a word that makes no sense(hint: that's the pass phrase). If his helped you remember to check it to show the question as solved!
  2. I like the idea of the paid advertisement. Just shows the cool, different projects that the Staff are working on behind the scenes!
  3. Agreed, your entire posts lists out a lot of great ideas that I could see in the future. Chief for Loremaster!
  4. Not a great day so far - didnt sleep last night, than my train derails, than they tell us that the new train isnt even going to take us to the right place.
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    Train derailed...stuck in train station for hours now

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  6. I completely agree, but im not saying we should rush to it. I want this lore to be as amazing as its being hyped up for, but I see no reason to just not have Loremasters right now. Im sure that the staff team has a good reason to not getting someone like Chief on board the Loremaster team, but I feel like its just one of those things where we can ask, "why not?" Why not have a person that could potentially start the Lore, create good ideas for the Lore, help create ideas on how to implement it, etc.
  7. Ive seen a lot of posts by admins saying how long its going to make this lore and get things working, they say it will take months. If this is true, I say we need to get started ASAP. We don't know where we will be in a few months, things could be completely different. Maybe we have like 10 players on the server on a weekend, who knows. What im saying is that finding a lore team, and creating this Lore is going to be a process, why shouldnt we start it as soon as we can?
  8. In my experience, this is false. What ive found it that most of the people in the server wear normal civilian clothes, might have a high powered weapon, normal civilian bag, etc. Personally, for the character I play I wear civilian clothing with a high powered weapon with no attachments. There are very few people and groups out there who really care about gear, I will not call anyone out but ive seen groups with 10+ military tents filled with weapons and military loot. I have not met a single person in atleast a week ig that had a fully tricked out M4 or full military gear, thats just not how the server is.
  9. Brady

    Shoutout to @Robert Johanson for the new avatar!

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      Shoutouts to @ToeZies for joining the server same day as me lmao

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      Ay fucking lmao. I'd give beanz but todays been a big ol' meme-y day and it's not even 12 yet.

  10. No in that scenario it would not be the rule break you are speaking of. An example of breaking the rule you speak of, is if I go on as let's say a member of the group Akrasia, and than I begin to do innaproppiate things to slander the groups name. As for your scenario: little confused on what you mean. If you are in a group, and you initiate on someone why would you pretend to be a bystander. Now, if you were apart of the dynamic of the person who was getting initiated on, and the group decided to not take the person your with(you have to be within 500ft of where the incident occurred), than yes you would have KOS rights on the group, therefor giving you the rights to "mow down and entire group."
  11. Good Luck with this chief!
  12. For answering the questions, finding the passphrase, etc. Rules page is here. I believe another section of the whitelist is also in the newcomers guide so heres a link to that. And for your backstory you need to read through the DayZ Lore, so here is a link to that!
  13. This would be a unique idea, but you would have to go into great depth. Im a little confused on exactly you would be accomplishing, but im sure there would be a few people interested in something new like this.
  14. "I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger."