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  1. The rule should be modified that any group or number of people can attack the settlement, however, they should always keep in mind that there's +20 of them inside because IC there's no such thing as "logged out", the only way to know how many people are on is by checking their teamspeak.
  2. Aw shit, it's been long.
  3. The green mountain trading company has generated extremely high amounts of traffic below the triangle, if you're looking for people - your best bet is there.
  4. I also have a shit voice, however, I have a pretty good microphone. Here's a sample: video If my ear-ripping voice intrigues you, hit me up fam. I can use audacity to record your script and send you over the voice files.
  5. I've died so many times from zombies during the 1fps glitch and just general crashes. Now they aggro from 100 meters away for some reason, so that's even better.
  6. *J hits the PTT* I will, but meanwhile, enjoy my shit down there. *J releases the PTT*
  7. *J has a long laugh before hitting the PTT* I'm loving the bird analogies here... *In a serious tone* Yet a snake isn't going to scare a pigeon with his hissing all the way from the ground. *J releases the PTT*
  8. *J hits the PTT* Seems like you have trouble listening, is it because of all the bullets flying your way, you've gone deaf big man? *Starts laughing* I said you're welcome to your buddies rotting corpses ye crow, we don't need 'em. *J releases the PTT*
  9. I can't seem to get away from people, there's always a group of four chasing me for my shiny sword. Head over to the triangle, you'll have plenty of fun there.
  10. *J hits the PTT* A bloodbath in Kabanino? Felt more like a drop from our side, didn't care to count your bodies, how mean of me. *Cracks a smile while holding whiskey bottle* Whoever was stupid enough for run back for the castle and wait for retribution, got what was coming for them, no wonder you saw so few of us. *Changes to a very serious tone* If you want some rifles, you're free to take them of your mates dead bodies once we're done, you fucking vulture. *J releases the PTT*
  11. *J presses down the PTT* "Good to hear back from you mate. We've been busy ourselves, we'd love to talk about a few subjects, however, said topics should be spoken about in private" "We'll be in touch" *J releases the PTT*
  12. I'm still here waiting for that club penguin private RP server.
  13. Feels good! Sounds good! I do believe Lucille's getting a little jealous.
  14. Now who's blowing it out of proportions? Running back to the location of your death 50 times would take you about 3-4 days. But what I meant by what I wrote was; some people will care more about their characters, some will loose any attachments they had to them and it's the latter I'm talking about. People will still try to commit hostile actions because that's what they play for as I've said some people hate campfire RP. In the end, i doubt anyone dies more than five times a day. I rarely die and never more than once a day, and if I'm totally honest, I hate campfire RP.
  15. Another side to this is that it would create a thousand characters on a daily basis because instead of fear for their characters people will stop caring about them and just make up a new name, same, perhaps modified backstory. A lot of members of this community don't want campfire RP or chatrooms, they want some thrill, some drama something to get the adrenaline going in a immersive RP environment. The best way to achieve this is using fear and bullets, the downside of this is often it all results to public-server like RP.