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  1. *J hears the transmission, he waits a minute before reaching for the radio, takes it and holds down the PTT* Jack... You haven't fixed my door you lazy prick, instead you tramp all over Chernarus and get wasted? Fuck you. *He cracks a smile and laughs* Nah just kiddin, though, the door ain't gonna fix itself lad, can't wait for you to get yer arse back. *Changes to a more serious tone* Don't ever get fucked up again when you have responsibilities to fulfill. I would've asked Rick to do it, alas the poor lads already six feet under. Ain't much to do nowadays. Sure the akratics bought a new hound, they ain't much fun, hopefully the mutts with the black and yellow collars aren't too jealous. But what do I care. *J throws down the radio on the bed after releasing the PTT*
  2. Michael Clarke

  3. It's another way for people to avoid actually playing the game. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Not sure if this is relevant on this topic, but since the "text rp" option took up some space, I can't find the rules anymore via the navigation, I have to go through the newcomer guide. Or am I just blind and can't see the rules tab? EDIT: I am blind apparently. The rules have been renamed to "community rules" under information. Alright...
  5. *J enters his room, leans his weapon on his bed, takes of his backpack and rummages it for his radio, after a minute of swearing, he throws the backpack upside down, dropping everything out, breaking his aviators in the process, "Ooh for god sakes". He remembers that his radio was in his vest this whole time. After a few more minutes of swearing, Jack enters the room* " - Is it set up yet?" " - Give me a minute, I'm thinking about it!" - "Thinking about what?! Just press the button and speak you cunt" - *Jack Leaves and slams the door, breaking one of the hinges* *J presses the PTT and after a moment of silence, he speaks* This is Jay of Vista, I've been instructed to make contact with the leaders of New Moon. Hopefully some one will catch this message. *A couple seconds of static can be heard* We're interested in talking some things out, specifically - common nuisances. We haven't had the pleasure of meeting you officially, which was probably for the best, however, as recent events have played out - we've realized that having a strong ally is much more beneficial than having a strong foe - *cough* less fun of course, but since other fellow groups have made attempts to contact you and discuss the same topics, we've decided to follow suite. We'd like to set up a meeting, perhaps in Chernogorsk? I look forward to hearing back from you. *J lets go of the PTT* *Shoves the radio back into his vest, gets up and leaves through the door when he notices the broken hinge* " - Hey Jack! You broke my fucking door! "
  6. James Davidson has been very active recently both on teamspeak and game. He's currently offline right now, so I can't get a hold of his exact current character and link, we will update the link once he logs in. I've also removed Lunathecat from the roster.
  7. All pictures/videos of our misadventures around dayzrp will be posted on this thread. Camp Endeavor - Evidence from a report on us - Run-in to 101 - @SebbePwnYou - torture scene @AnicePenguin initiation into the group Inb4peoplestartpostingvideosofthemkillingus
  8. I'm sad you didn't include the part where you asked me for information, though with all the technical difficulties I'd understand why'd you just skip it. Great video lad, hope to see some scenarios and drama scenes unfold in episode 2.
  9. - User was warned for this post -
  10. We're 9 fingers short and we'll have @Western a new hand lads.
  11. *J sits down in a fancy rocking chair, he holds down the PTT* Get 'em while they're young... Isn't that the poor excuse for traders gone rogue mentality? Huh... Karma is quite the bitch... *J chuckles and realizes that an opportunity popped up* Hey lads, good on ye for getting rid of more of 'em gambinos', we like the competition, though should It really be one? Maybe uhh, we could have a lil' chat, chances are that we might find, that we share a common discomfort, eh? *J throws down the radio on his bed, and leans back in his chair and starts rocking*
  12. *J overhears the transmission, attempts to reach for it, but bullets fly passing, J drops the radio on the ground* *an hour later, J presses the PTT* Shit, Louie, fucking do it, end it now man. Enough is enough. *Changes rags on chest, applies pressure, J speaks in a deeper quieter tone* I would've hit ye up earlier mate. But the fucking Gambinos and their leash holders came up to the poor saps we were subjugating. We put most of em to the ground, alas some scurried off. *J releases the PTT and throws the radio on a table*
  13. If you're using audacity, you can use the noise reduction feature to remove the static in the background on your voice-over.
  14. SiloEntertainment has by far the best dayzrp videos, especially the few more recent ones, he's overall one of the best dayz content creators out there. Commanderpixel's jailbreak videos are also lit. As for streamers, I wouldn't say I know anyone who's interesting to watch, perhaps /cjisdead
  15. Well then if you prefer realism then why skip the dynamic eruption of a firefight? Wouldn't it be more interesting to "accidentally" bump into some of these rivals when both parties are off guard and then let everything kick off? That I feel is the most satisfying part of being a bandit, meeting someone you've wronged, especially if you see that you're both equal and no one has an upper hand knowing full well that shit is about to hit the fan. Not many games have the ability to give you that small feeling of adrenaline, and an organized event like this seems to take that element away.