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      Nananana, Jack was fine wif dat mate. Ye got yer radio back, weren't u supposed to be out losing money betting on arseanal again?

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  2. *J overhears Louie replying to someone on the radio, - Yo Louie, who the fuck was that? - It's that brickie Barnez* *J takes Louie's radio presses down the PTT and speaks* Pickup a new door hinge and screws on your way back *- Oi give me back my radio, dickhead* *The radio goes silent*
  3. Head over to Skalisty island, you'll find tons of campfire there and no one will shy away from a friendly chat. Every-now and then the island is visited by hostile characters and that's what keeps it fun in my opinion.
  4. 10/10 - would bang.
  5. I fixed it ye coontakinte
  6. Wow, i can't believe not a single person noticed that typo, it's been there for a week and no ones said anything to me
  7. *J overhears Louie's voice on the radio, he quickly grabs the radio, hold the PTT and yells* Does that mean I'll have to drag my ass all the way back to that pile of floating fish shit they call Skalisty again? *J releases the PTT and slams the radio to the ground almost breaking it*
  8. *J comes overhears the first transmission, he quickly turns off the radio. He continues on with the funeral* *Hours later, J overhears the second transmission, he quickly grabs the radio and holds the PTT* You picked a very bad time to respond to me, merchant. *J looks up for a second before speaking* It doesn't matter who we are all that matters is the plan. *J cocks his CR75 pistol* Meet me at Novaya Petrovka, come alone and speak to no one about this, if they ask what is your reason for being there - reply to them that you're here for the plan, alongside with your name. If they don't understand what you're on about, they're not us. You're going to prevent a lot of future wars, merchant. Think of it as an investment in helpless innocence around Chernarus. We'll talk again soon. *The radio goes silent...*
  9. Hope this fits.
  10. *J turns on ten radios on the table, which he took off of islanders and the courts dead bodies, switches them all on different frequencies and hears the sixth one go off. He overhears a potential contract offer and decides to reply once the man stops speaking, he puts his fingers on the PTT* I'm looking for a merchant of death. *He pauses for a few seconds* I need someone who can first gather more information about a specific person who might be surrounded by actual innocence who don't know any better and are willing to throw their lives. The contract would include the capture of said person, a very evil man who needs to be made an example of to all those who brand themselves as innocent, while being not only the hands of the menace of a man marked for death, but also his eyes. He is to be brought to us alive. That being said, we'd pay a similar price for his head. *J thinks for a moment* If this is out of your reach, which would be understandable, I would pay well for any information leading to his capture or eventual death. We can negotiate on this very frequency, but more sensitive details will have to be discussed in person. *J releases the PTT* *J turns off the other nine radios and leaves the sixth one on, he puts it in his vest*
  11. Ey that's pretty good, though half of the images are "hugelabsdotcom" broken link indicators
  12. He gets killed by Robert Baratheons pet boar.
  13. I've never heard you say anything to be but the words fuck off, what are ye on aboot u solty skotsmen
  14. Awesome guide mate, there's other options which are faster and easier though. As you can see on my character page i have a song that's 5:40. You can shorten a song (in my case from 13mb to less than 4mb) over 3 times and still retain it's quality by simply using any editing software (except for windows movie maker), by rendering it as .mp3 to a lower quality, It's barely noticeable. That being said, I use audacity regularly and I recommend using it for anything and everything related with sound, it's an amazing program.