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  1. I'm a little dysfunctional...

  2. It's Friday and St. Patrick's Day? Time to get fuuuuuuucked up.

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  3. Faded AF is Faded AF spelled backwards...

  4. Desmond Royal

    Summary (Longer, more detailed version is WIP) Born to an American father and an Italian-American mother on December 7,1988 , Desmond Ka Nui Royal grew up with his parents and his older brother Decker in Oahu, Hawaii. His father John was a retired U.S. Navy SEAL and taught his sons at a young age discipline, endurance, and common courtesies. As Desmond grew up, he was a good kid and graduated high school with a B+ average. However, Desmond had no plans for after school and didn't plan on going to college anytime soon. With little to no options, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Gunner's Mate in 2005 to make his father proud. After 2 years, he re-rated and trained to become a SWCC (Special warfare combat craft) operator. The training was incredibly demanding, and it pushed Desmond to his limits but his discipline helped him endure it and he eventually passed. He was then assigned to Special Boat Team 22 or SBT-22, an elite boat unit based in Stennis, Missouri known for their riverine operations. These river crews conduct mainly clandestine combat missions, often operating at night with little or no air support. To Desmond, being apart of an elite fighting unit like this meant alot to him and it meant alot to his father who he succeeded. After a successful 6 year contract in the Navy and visiting places like Spain, Greece, London, and many other European countries, Desmond left and started traveling the rest of the world. He started in Asia, touring countries like Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and Tibet. He completed many individual feats of greatness during his travels in Asia such as climbing Mount Everest and skiing down it. When he returned to the States, Desmond bicycled from California to Maine and then back to California. It was a 4 month trip that he took to find himself, and during the trip he read the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah. When he accomplished this, he decided to go on to bigger and better things and bicycle across Europe with his brother, Decker. Starting in France with their final destination being Georgia, they set out. During the trip, Desmond taught himself some Russian and Chernarussian to keep himself busy. Midway through the trip, they rode into a small town in Russia after being in the wilderness for the past 3 weeks only to find it abandoned. They searched the town a bit looking for people but to no avail. As Desmond entered one of the houses, he heard a radio playing in the kitchen. He walked over to it, listening to the broadcast. Using the Russian he learned, Desmond found out it was an emergency broadcast system for an epidemic outbreak. Confused by the broadcast, he attempted to listen more but heard his brother scream from outside the house. Desmond rushed outside to find a person clawing and gnawing on his brother's neck while he screamed in agony. With quick reaction, Desmond grabbed a shovel from the garden and bashed the back of the attacker's head in. He took his brother inside, glancing at the corpse he had created and noticed the body was already in decay. He didnt think much of it as a tended to Decker's wounds inside the house. After the incident, Desmond tried calling his father from his sat phone but there was no answer. He attempted to call a few other people he knew, but with the same result. As the hours passed he noticed the bite on Decker was infected and his temperature was rapidly on the rise. At this point Desmond knew the graveness of Decker's injuries. During Decker's final minutes, he exchanged some heartfelt words with his brother, his final words being "Stay strong little dude." Shellshocked at the death of his brother, Desmond stayed at the small town to bury him. However when Desmond was digging, Decker started to reanimate. Much to his confusion Desmond believed his brother was alive for a split moment until he pounced on Desmond, snarling like a beast. With no other choice, Desmond was forced to kill his brother with a screw driver in his pocket. Shaken and exhausted from what just happened, Desmond lays on the ground for hours crying. He finally manages to pick himself up and bury Decker before the sun sets. The next day after a sleepless night, Desmond gathers what supplies he can from the village and sets off south towards the closest cluster of civilization: Chernarus.
  5. Raptor's back!

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  6. o7 to all my followers, see you guys in 2-6 months!

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      See ya later man

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      Thanks guys :)

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      sadface.. :( good luck and be safe!

  7. o7

    Hey DayZRP, so I guess this is it for now. I will be going away for U.S. Navy basic training in a day and learn super soldier skills. This is a really big step in my life along with getting engaged so I'll be hella busy for the next year. However I cannot express the love and gratefulness I have for this community and all the friends I have made. You guys know who you are and even if we barely knew each other, I still talked to yall more than my IRL friends. Special thanks to Rolle and the staff who keep the community up and running for people like me to enjoy it. Thanks, and I love you guys! Raptor will return! -DayZRP's favorite prehistoric creature
  8. You just mad cause yo ass is old...

  9. I haven't been that drunk in a long time...last night was lit tho.

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      you were waaaaaaaaaaaaasted :S

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  10. I went through my Kendrick Lamar profile phase too :)

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      It's a good phase. The man is a god amongst us men.

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      That he is.

  11. 20 follower hype!!

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  12. What user on dayzrp.com starts with R and ends in E and is kind of a meme?

  13. What the fuck, yall lookin at?

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      What a fucking meme.

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  14. Oh wow a real grill?

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  15. Jawline solid af

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      Backpack on fleek