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  1. *Garret picks up his radio, hearing the broadcasts and presses down the PTT to respond.* "Hey buddy, you're doing great work out there. I've been away from God too long and I'm tryna get back. *There is a brief pause.* "It's harder than I thought." *The transmission ends*
  2. Good 'ol Lincoln. Reminds Garret of his little brother.
  3. I would really like to use the handheld walkie talkie more if it was more widely used by people. The few times I have used it have been arguably better than IC TS3 comms.
  4. Great read Rose! Looking forward to more entries.
  5. Def ZBOR, LIFE, Masquerade, and Kingdom are some big ones. There are probably a bunch more but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
  6. U done ur taxes yet boi ?

    1. Raptor


      Fuck yea dood. My return is almost here too.

    2. Pontiff


      Good I'll preacher taking care of yo wallet y'know how it is.

  7. Hey, maybe its just his way of flirting.
  8. Had some great RP with the following people: @Hope - Thanks for the RP, I feel like our characters are going to get along just fine. @Pinkerton - Garret and Acer are both alphas so I can see the issues between them. Great RP as always. @Rose - Interesting character and RP. I can tell Ana isn't fond of Garret tho
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    10/10 would troll way to diamond with again.

  9. *Garret downs the rest of the moonshine Rogue gave him and chucks the bottle off the roof of the apartment, hearing it shatter a few moments later. He drunkenly staggers near the edge of the building and leans on the raised part of the concrete looking out at the horizon. He grabs his radio from his belt and fumbles randomly with the buttons for a moment before pressing down the PTT. He speaks into the radio incoherently, slurring his words." "Hey everyone the view isk inda.....nice uphere. Iv youu havent been to the moon yet, I stronnngkly suggest you doso....now. Wait..i havt been neither." *The transmission continues with a few more incomprehensible sentences.* "Uhhhh, I thinbk I might be in kinda trouble..." *Garret carefully peers over the ledge and shouts at the horde of infected surrounding the apartment building.* "HEY! SHUTJ THE FUCK uP! I'mn on the phone!" *The transmission ends*
  10. *You hear a younger male American voice on the channel with a slight urban accent, speaking in a flirtatious manner.* "Hope Pisces? I've heard that name somewhere. Mmm, well darling if I get hurt or anything of the sort I'll be sure to give you a call ." *The transmission ends*
  11. @Pontiff wake me up when the Brave comes back around.
  12. Thanks for the RP! @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@King. Met a whole bunch of new people as Garret today.
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    Oh boy...did not hear that song in fucking ages. +1

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      I heard it the other day on the radio and I said the same thing lol

    2. Joo