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  1. spicy memes  :ph34r:

  2. (CBA multiquoting everyone) Fair points, all. I do acknowledge that this is solved through reports, I was just thinking that more people would be interested in fully learning the rules. The "rule checkup" or re-whitelist as you may refer to, it would be more of a scare-tactic to make sure that these people who do get confused and often makes mistakes do their homework 110% before taking action. I imagined it as more of a prevention for rule-breaks, so we wouldn't need these constant daily reports. In the end you're all right and have highly fair points, but as I'm a bit inexperienced with the amount of average rule-breaks per day I can see why this is not needed.
  3. To start off, I'm probably out of my mind and this idea is crazy, but at one point it sounded logical and I don't really have anything to lose so here goes: Do you think that there should be a re-whitelist process for everyone in the community? Perhaps this could occur annually, every 6 months, or just randomly. Let's say that this would work as a "catch up" process, meaning the purpose is to familiarize everyone with the rules. It wouldn't necessarily have to be vital if you'd fail the test, and the process itself would not have to be as thorough as the original - but those who do fail could potentially have an administrator look into their warning points, reports, and rule-breaks. Don't take this idea the wrong way, I'm not implying that it would be a full whitelist process all over again, but only something like a decent set of questions for everyone to go through once in a while.
  4. Got some OK screenshots from earlier. rip reggie
  5. Sounds like a nice set of features for the map. +1 have some more BeanZ while you're at it m8. (;
  6. I remember driving a car around 'the triangle' a while back. IC I was practice-driving since my character didn't have a license.. Ended up crashing into a man a few minutes later in Stary, when he supposedly put his hands up and walked out in the middle of a road towards our car on purpose. Yep, I didn't get to drive anymore after that I swear there must've been something wrong with the brakes..
  7. Some people are just a bit too open-minded.. . . .
  8. *Max sits back down in his tent. He takes off his gas mask, then proceeds by taking a heavy breath before holding down the PTT* "Uhm..- hello all, it's me again. So about Green Mountain.." *The boy clears his throat, moves the radio a bit closer to his mouth, then continues* "Things have.. changed, since I last spoke. I no longer stand for my, uh, previous warnings about that place, I think that it's going alright up there now. To anyone who previously heard my warning, I guess I can now say that the coast is clear. I'm not.. calling you over there. Just saying that the people who now runs the place aren't that bad, really. Sooo, y'know, if you want you can pay a visit.." *He pauses for a second, thinking about what to say next* "I mean, I won't guarantee that they are gonna let you in just like that, but I can say that you won't just get lit up without reason.. well.. that is unless you happen to visit in the middle of a firefight. But uh, yeah.. as I said I can't say that there's any hostile people there anymore. Just.. don't take my word for granted, you can never be sure of who to trust, y'know.. I'm going to leave it at that. Stay safe out there everyone." *The transmission ends after a short moment of static*
  9. I guess it'll be a while until the 'actual' stuff starts getting implemented. Until then... The 0.62 update will NOT introduce: Any changes to gameplay Any changes to buildings and structures (in terms of model graphical fidelity) Any changes to player model fidelity Any changes to animation fidelity Any of the gameplay changes, or new content that we've been occasionally mentioning in Status Reports (those are all scheduled for BETA/0.63)
  10. Couldn't agree more. It's always nice to get a refreshing update. Really looking forward to exploring the new lands of 0.62 in the near future.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's the Ghillie Suit (grass pattern) being changed according to the new grass and tree models. Oh and I'm also looking forward to the new lightning, IMO the current is a bit too vibrant, and as mentioned in the report, it is supposed to give a better "apocalyptic feel". Good stuff.
  12. New Status Report released. Here's a list of what to expect (within the Visual Upgrade) New tree models Denser forests New clutter (grass, small plants) New surface textures (roads, plains and such) Improved wind behavior New shader for the wind, affecting trees and grass Tweaked and changed lighting for the world (for a more apocalyptic feel, yay!) Small improvements to satellite textures Rain affected by wind and refinement of its behavior in general Many reworked locations on Chernarus Reworked ghillie (to be consistent with new tech Small bugfixes to some issues from 0.61
  13. *Sitting in the attic, Red picks up his radio and replies* No no, I'm all good now. Thanks for your concerns, though. Glad to hear that you didn't run into trouble at Green Mountain. *Hearing an infected growl from the outside, the boy snatches his knife from his right boot and moves outside*
  14. *Red plugs in his new 9V battery, then turns on the radio hoping for it to work. He holds down the PTT to answer the previous radio message* I lost my shit, can't remember what happened. I was in shock, everything that happened is a blur. *Static interrupts his voice* ..-----re's no time for stories. I was up there again early this morning to scout the place.., I saw a bunch of tents and a car. That, along with armed men. One was at the gate, but I saw more peeking out from inside that prison..- building, or whatever. They didn't seem very guest-friendly. I'm not sure if it was the people from before or new ones.. they didn't sound or look the same - but who knows? *He re-positions inside his tent* Still, that place is fucking cursed or something. Unless you know that it's safe for a fact, I'd suggest you leave whoever owns that place alone. *Red lets go of the PTT*