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  1. harry wells and his uncle Neil know
  2. what do you do if your instigating fails eventhough you try really really really hard?
  3. I think people shouldn't be afraid of applying to the mentor programme... Really experienced players explain you a lot of stuff.
  4. Nah man RP is dead. the only RP there is, is rifle play Kappa. Some groups or dynamic provide really good roleplay others unfortunately haven't found their calling yet. Look through radio chatter and the dayz map. There's quite a lot of places where you can look for groups that will provide you a lot of roleplay.
  5. oh really, so riddle me this : why did you poke one of us with 'lotta M4's' when none of us where at our compound. I guess our mutual griever took down our tents, whilst we weren't there for once and left the guns for you guys to take, am I rite?
  6. @The Spartan @derNils @Blackfyre @jason hunter @Razareth @Lucass @Oisín @Kris @Phatal @Lemons @Slash : Great night of internal once again. unfortunately not much action but insane RP from everyone!! @Grimnir @Doc Holiday didn't expect the both of you to show up, but I was amazed by the interactions of your characters @Jm Von Cat @Otto nice RP from both of you. was good to get some new people with a lot of CDF and lore knowledge if I missed anyone sorry, I'm tired but It means I love you more!!
  7. Willsky

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      This is just pitiful.

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      it has come to a point where meme's are literally to strong

  8. that's why I'm suggesting to have somesort of coordination within staff team. surely there's enough people to go in game with an alias and just stroll by to see if there's anyone. do that multiple times withing a week or so and I think you can gather enough data to put a verdict, don't you think?
  9. ~ User was cautioned for this post ~
  10. have staff team get in game and actively check it? do it at random times without any announcement and draw conclusions from there
  11. I'll break it down really easely Faction X has a settlement with a specific set of rules. These rules are considered IC knowledge as said by papa @Rolle. so I see a guy breaking one of these rules in my settlement and I see multiple outcomes : 1. The RP'er in my says : tell him to go away and deal accordingly. which has a possibility of putting me in trouble because I lose every possible advantage I have at defending said compound. 2. I KOS him plain on sight because I see him breaking one of these explicit rules. 3. I don't do anything and put up a report for NVFL because one or more people knowingly break settlement rules and KNOW IC that it puts their life at risk? 4. any other possible outcome any of you sexybeasts in this community can come up!
  12. I kinda like and dislike it. By being more lenient you might run into the risk of people breaking rules more easely. But on the otherhand being to strict forces all the rebels on the internet to go look for loopholes and ways to abuse them UNTILL they get smacked on the fingers and then saltfests ensue... now If only people could just fuel all their salt to me, I'll collect it and store it in this : Now Imagine, If I collect enough I can start selling it and actually buy DayZ from Bohemia and fire all their devs. After that's done I'll employ new devs and we'll have a finished game in 3 months. Now on a more serious note, I think common sense should be applied to every report and people who repeatedly get involved in the same rulebreaks or same situations either need to be restricted or educated about what they're doing wrong. If that still fails and they keep the same mentality there's no otherway than permanent removal.
  13. great little session of RP from you and @Lyca. I quite enjoyed your internal RP
  14. I've had the usual crashes, memory leaks and all that, but never the problem of not being able to play anymore. restarting the game usually fixes it. have you reinstalled dayz or checked if it got corrupted ? maybe that's the issue. Other think I could think off Is delete the DLL file content. I used to get a lot of memery leak errors in arma and found out it was fixable by just deleting the content of the DLL folder. but lemme warn you I have no idea if it works for dayz. I used to do it in .59 when I got memory errors or crashes and it seemed to work. Haven't done it since then!! don't be angry if I break your game