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  1. Alright.. I'm about to say something that some of you man need to take on board... It's a few bars from " $uicide Boys - Kill Yourself Part I " and honestly, some of you man can relate to this:


    " Got a Ford with a trunk in the back where we stuff them
    Sick and tired of boys acting like bitches
    Ever heard of Gotti, do you get the picture? "

    This pretty much says it all. If you're suppose to be a lad, quit being a bitch about stuff. For real how about instead of cryin' about shit, you either don't get offended, or fire shots back? That'd be great and I'd honestly respect you a shit load more for it... But if you're gonna sit around and start cryin' about how someone " offended " you on an internet forum then... I honestly wish you the best in life, because you ain't gonna make it far if you let everything people say get to you.

    Seriously legit, how the fuck is all this " cyber bullying " shit even real? Just close the fucking laptop lid or some shit I don't fucking know, but still... my point is:

    Don't get offended you by what you see/hear/people say to you on the internet AND quit bein' bitches. 

    This ain't directed at anyone, this is just something I've wanted to address for a while. 


    1. Hollows


      upload the video of us fucking around already you douche canoe. 

    2. Beni


      Fuck up Hollow's 

  2. Okay Okay.. Last one because this is fucking great. 




  4. I've always enjoyed comparing this community to swimmin' classes back when I was in school, you've got the kids who can't swim at the shallow end.. Yano they're learning... Then you got the people who think they can swim but they're in the middle bit of the pool with floaties... Just fucking melts.  then you've got the lads in the deep end, who've done their thing, worked their way up and have done something, not like the people in the middle who think they're like the boys in the deep end, but truth be told, they just look like fucking wetty's.

    Compare this to DayZRP and look at the results. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. WeeMan


      Haha big guy big farts ;) 

    3. Beni


      You wouldn't be able to swim in the shallow end bro, to tall for it I swear. 

    4. WeeMan


      Bruh i could probably walk on the deep end 

  5. My boy... Well done my g

    1. Will


      my boy beni

  6. Fuckin' Lad. 

  7. What a fucking hero. 


  8. I wish I had a gang of whitenames to give me all their beans everyday...

    1. Rogério SkyLab
    2. Beni


      Cheers mate, local hero. 

  9. Not all hero's wear capes...
  10. Also, congrats to my boy @Boose for being found not guilty in court yesterday, tol' you that nothing would happen bro <3 

  11. " Fam you're an internet gangster, stabbin' people with a memory stick, like 20GIG You'll fuckin' remember this " 

  12. Radio Chatter is better than ever... What a crease...




      Don't see a problem there. Seems like a nice trade tbh.

      Roll up to meet him, do the trade, your mates come around the corner, boom. He gets robbed Get that .308 back ;)

  13. Jermaine Smith

    - Find Out IC -