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  1. Waiting for the bus.

    From the album Kryold & The Lads

    We're just waiting for a bus, nothing interesting here.

    © Kryold™

  2. New phone, Whom is speaking?

    From the album Kryold & The Lads

    Merlin found a new type of phone, when it rang he picked up to see who was ringing.

    © Kryold™

  3. Thinking back to the day.

    From the album Kryold & The Lads

    Stan was walking when he suddenly came to a stop. "What's up we asked" "Just thinking back to the Days" he replied.

    © Kryold™

  4. Nick Markelov

  5. Archive Request Group Name: DISTRICT Group Thread Link: Reason: Almost all of our members have gone inactive and are never online any more. //Charlie - Done.
  6. Seeing how almost all of the members are never online anymore i'd like this group to be archived.
  7. Congratulations on being accepted lads!
  8. Looks good guys, best of luck. Here's some feedback: - There is a sentence that says It feels like there is a word missing, or is that just me? - I also think that you mean "Out of character Goals" instead of "Out of game Goals" - I would also recommend switching to a different graffiti font because this one is hard to read at times. Other then that it looks good, i'd suggest reading trough it a couple of time to see if there are any other spelling mistakes.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun meeting you! So glad i decided to stay online a bit longer and check out Camp outrun, was fun getting hit in the head by a bullet and somehow surviving
  10. Alright, thanks for the information. Guess me and the boys should go have a look!
  11. We're now active and open for feedback!
  12. It was fun meeting you again, hopefully we meet again sometime.
  13. I think we've already met you guys in-game, but we'll come over and properly introduce ourselves!
  14. Says in the thread that a district is a place that has been cleared and is "safe" it is then opened up to the public. So i assume this means one of their goals is to set up some kind of settlement/camp/safe heaven somewhere. Yes, we're planning to set up some sort of settlement in one of the major cities. preferably Elektrozavodsk, see how that one has a nice and open town square.