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  1. Alright, enough memes. Happy you'll be back @TheMilkman and hope you learned from your mistakes. Closed.
  2. Shame You know what to do if you want this back. o7 stay real
  3. just came across this gem from the other month, good times


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    2. Rabbit


      @NoxiousLiterally from yesterday's front page of reddit? Tsk tsk, would have thought we could do better

    3. Noxious


      @Rabbit If you thought friend that I was posing as if I was the one in that Gif, you are mistaken ;) 

    4. Rabbit


      @NoxiousNo, no, just saying that pulling the gif straight from the page was lazy

  4. Antonio Romani

  5. mafia

    we out here
  6. @Brad We used to handle reports like this but after some things happened internally we decided to scrap the "How do you wish to proceed" option. Back when I first became a GM I was informed (wrongly) that whenever a report was requested to be closed we were obligated to close it unless we had Admin permission to keep it open. Every time we would ask OP how he wishes to proceed, of course he would request it closed if he knows what's coming. Upon some discussion amongst GMs and Admins in a meeting several months ago Rolle said the "How do you wish to proceed?" thing is a waste of time. If there is no rule breaks we close a report, if it is a false report we verdict it as such. The original plan myself and Andrey had was to close the report but after discussing it for a little while we decided to verdict as false. Could we have asked more questions? Possibly, and if you believe we could've gone an alternative route with this then we will definitely take the feedback on-board and work to improve in the future. Thank you for your feedback.
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  8. Moved to Questions. Refer to Sofie's answer, taken from the FAQ.
  9. I think just being around for 30 days and meeting the current requirements is enough. Your group will be archived after 7 days if it doesn't meet group requirements. If you meet them all, last a month and gain 20 members - become a faction.
  10. I just realised you have no space in your name... Wtf.

    1. Andrey


      I swear it was there before...


  11. Amazing as always. That ending got me on the edge of my seat.
  12. This is exactly how it is already. If you post in a report you're not involved in you get 3 points, if you do it again it will be aggravated. If you continue to show blatant disregard for the rules you get the choice to stop and follow the rules or get permabanned. Forum rulebreaks never result in in-game bans, I don't know where you got that idea.
  13. playing some yu-gi-oh dotr on a PS2 emulator. nostalgia vibes

  14. Great work guys, as always.
  15. I don't really think they are that big of a deal to remove it. I'm pretty confident no Admin or GM writes a verdict in the hopes of getting BeanZ for it. No reason to remove it. -1