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    Need healing?

    1. Buddy


      You can heal me anytime bb  :x

      ...I couldn't help but notice last night how awesome the three of us are with our overwatch theme going on here!! 

    2. Genji


      Yes Please Mercy! @Castiel

      @Buddy We are the heroes!

  1. Bump.
  2. 4339fa7e3bca2ed8de22dfe0c23c8554.png vs 9ff629474b46bd6cf33d78b5a1a1bbb4.png

    I've come so far.

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    2. Castiel


      Still a filthy whitename

    3. Hebee


      You'll always be purple Castiel on the verge of a perma from being in 4 reports to me.

    4. Castiel


      Awww boy

  3. I just want to roleplay, you're overcomplicating this. No thanks.
  4. Welcome back kiddo
  5. Welcome back, I see you've been away and just returned.
  6. I like the idea. Will be hard to pull off, but fantastic if done correctly.
  7. I really hate numbered lists, they leave out a lot of important details!

    1. Andrey


      !!                  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      !!                   !
      !!                  !!!            !!!      !!                   !
      !!                  !!!            !!!      !!                   !
      !!!!!!!!!!          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     !!!!!!!               .

    2. Caesar
  8. Yo man just letting you know I trained really hard and I can now lick my elbow

  9. Good luck fellas
  10. This, essentially. Nowhere is "safe" given the fact our characters are living in the apocalypse. Some settlements and "RP hubs" are quite safe but it usually will not last, eventually bandits will find out about it and it's not safe anymore. Find some people to play with on TS, join a group, ask the next guy you meet IG if you can tag along with him. Numbers = safety.