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  1. Well deserved. If you need some tips I'm here to help

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      I think he @Willbite you if you get too close. Don't do that @Will you please?

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  2. I get where the idea comes from, but it's just not a good idea.
  3. Some real FeelsBadMan profile music right there 🅱

    1. Castiel


      🅱eels 🅱ad

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    1. Hollows


      please kill me; end my suffering 

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  5. I know someone who can help you get some
  6. Yeah, this is right. The settlement owners could open fire without need of initiation if they refuse to leave the settlement peacefully.
  7. It's interesting. we're debating it in TS, I suppose it would really depend on several variables regarding it. If the faction kills all of the settlement owners and then remains in the settlement to brag about the fact they won etc etc, "this is our settlement now" and all of that good stuff, it could be considered the same situation. It really would depend on a lot of possible factors, but I think it's possible. Would be interesting to see a report pop up about this kind of thing!
  8. Since the settlement owners would instigate the second attack to reclaim their settlement, technically FACTION 1 is not breaking rule 14.1: as they did not "attack" the settlement the second time, they were actually the victim of an attack after their victory over FACTION 2. It does raise the question of should FACTION 2 be attacking the group so soon after being defeated by them, given rule 9.1: Since FACTION 1 has remained in the settlement for the duration of the two hours, technically it is the same situation, meaning the settlement owners would (in my opinion) be violating this section of the NLR rule. They would also technically be violating rule 9.2: That's my take on it at least. Interesting question!
  9. Welcome back! Good to see old members returning
  10. I'd give you beanz, but I ran out.

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      Who did you take that away from?

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      Real fake beanz hours

    4. Jamie
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    vegetarian chicken dinner with the boys @Hebee @Brutus @Andrey

  12. I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery. 

  13. We all love jerry cans. In real life they can help you drive long distance, in DayZ they can help you get away from bandits, in Battlegrounds they can help you get to the zone. Let's show our appreciation for this wonderful item!
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    Do you want a Jerry Can?

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      If you would give me a jerry can you would be a legend