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  1. Charlo

    Now, I'm not one for ASMR but this sure does make me feel weird and slightly uncomfortable, if you want to listen to it make sure you're wearing headphones, sorry in advance. 

    1. Pebbles


      *creams* give me more asmr daddy. please kill me

    • Charlo

    Banana boy 

    1. Kevin

      b a na na

    2. Hebee


      God damn monkey

  2. Congrats.
  3. Charlo

    Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair


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    2. King Box
    3. Shark


      Except final warnings. Agree they were fair but that you've learned. :)

    4. Vapor


      That's a +1

  4. Peace Harry, you were a cool dude.
  5. Charlo


    1. Prostate Buttermilk

      Prostate Buttermilk

      good evening madam, i am calling from your bank

    2. Daddy
    3. Jake


      Hi Charlo!

      Welcome to the community !

      Make sure to check out the mentor program for help roleplaying ! :)

  6. Hey nice man, been watching your streams a little and enjoyed it, keep up the work.
  7. Joey Costello

  8. ay this looks awesome.
    • Charlo
    • Lyca

    Friendly question, don't ban me. 

    What do the GM team actually get from knowing why they wanted to take someones kidney ICly? I love the fact you guys interact with reports to get a better understanding, but what to achieve from asking someone why they wanted their kidney. 

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    2. Lyca


      Rolle was faster than me. But that's the reason ;) 

    3. Charlo


      So, that being said. If I had no legitimate reason for taking someones kidney in game it would be considered BadRP? Thanks for the replys.

    4. Rolle


      Probably, because taking a kidney for no particular reason is usually not the first thing that you do when you meet someone.

  9. Charlo

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    2. Pebbles


      so i guess this is coming at the end of this year, yes?

    3. Rampage


      They remember when they showed falling animations a year ago for standalone.   I'm sure this graphical upgrade will be dropped in 4-6 months.  

    4. Charlo


      I'm sure that much of a graphical update will kill frames. 

  10. It's as simple as making a ban appeal to dispute your points. That can be found here -