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  1. Lmao welxome I guess
  2. I'm aware it's standard procedure. I think it's because it's something people can improve on and feel like they should be punished, helped and supported rather then booted out of the community. I'm more then aware this is the procedure the GM team follow, imo there should be certain rule breaks to certain serveritys that need to think if removing someone's whitelist really going to do anything other then put them off RP and our servers. But who listens to a scum community member yall staff just call us salty
  3. Yeah, in this instance I think a verbal warning would have been way to soft, I agree with the five day just a little taken back buy the whitelist removal, for something that people can learn from and know what is / isn't acceptable here. The RP wasn't amazing not was it trolly, I put it down to lack of experience and just need that helping hand to understand the concept a little better, hence the mentor program.
  4. Picking this game up soon bool ,you gunna play wid me?
  5. @Pat It's been fun as always, gang gang gang streakks!
  6. I didn't 'claim bias' what so ever, I said the kick up with the forums suggests the staff team have been bias in the recent past, not trying to insinuate anything other then my points, I think I also made it pretty clear in my second paragraph how I felt the punishment was to much, I don't see how there was any 'lines' to read between. Yeah I completely understand and I know people would be upset, just putting out my point on how I feel it was to harsh, I'm in game so won't respond for a while if y'all quote me
  7. I am aware of procedure regarding rule breaks on community members that have been in 30 days or less. I'm not saying that should be removed and you and I both know BadRP is a case by case basis the same thing never happens two times, but some leniency to newer members that have given RP a shot just have not lived up to staffs 'standards' on acceptable RP, hence the BadRP verdict. We should be supporting not punishing that server for such a minor rule break the obvious things are things like, KoS / trolling should warrant a white list removal providing the 30 days etc. I would have given them a 5 day just it was such a harsh removal of the whitelist and I would strongly refer them to a personal mentor.
  8. I'm saying the punishment seems way to extreme, the new people will not learn anything from getting there white list revoked and like I said above I highly doubt they'll attempt to re-whit list on the server.
  9. Bias seems to be staffs middle name from what I 'HEAR' on the forums. I just feel the newer guys don't learn shit from getting there white list revoked, I would put money on none of them re-trying the white list again, it's disappointing to see 3 guys go that 'could' have had potential not try their white list again (I could be wrong) , I learned from mistakes, hence my warning history.
  10. What ever happened to verbal warnings for the newer community members?
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    That VIP looks cute on you ^_^

  11. It's not the fact they have / haven't it's the fact they can, and from experience they big dick around the rules because they know they're protected, I can't technically be hostile in a settlement without being shot. Thanks for the update
  12. yes, settlement rules are the best rules ever invented. What a great idea. A place that limits what I can and can't do even if it conflicts with my character hehexd
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    Oh aha they still hiding behind those settlement rules, god damn

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      Yes this is 100% OOC hate, bite me. :x

      (on the real I'll probs get banned for that staff be trying to get rid of me)

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  13. Thanks for your great feedback man, I'm sure that will help the LiF team do there job quicker. Take your time but not to much time, it's no secret the servers are dying and could use a revamp sooner rather then later. Or the fool I quoted will be right.