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  1. Keira



    Pre much.

  2. Thank you! Also @Jack the Ripper and @Oceco Otto and @Chief
    • Keira
    • Method

    nice hat

    1. Method


      i know right i even wore it to my interview for manager at my job (i got the job)


      //Promotion lol


  3. Sounds great. Can't wait to see it!
    • Daddy
    • Keira

    hiya mami :x

    1. Keira


      Hi Jibbs

  4. Take Care!
  5. Scarlet would quickly respond to him, pursing her lips and speaking into the radio, "Scottie, where are you? Who is with you?" Wrinkling her nose in anger she'd wait for his response, pushing Sonny's side quickly as he slept, waking him.
  6. Scarlet would pick up her radio quickly and responds to Scottie, "Scottie, Is that you?.. I thought you were with Hope? Where are you?" She'd release the PTT button and wait for his response.
    • Keira
    • Nix

    Canada sucks. Like your profile.

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    2. Vapor


      Can't. Really hard to get your hands on size 16 skates. I haven't skated since I was 7 years old.

    3. Daddy


      i lost my legs in a skiing accident


    4. Keira


      If only you'd lose your head...

  7. I sent my entry to Rolle, does it need to be posted here too?
  8. Keira

    1 year in DayzRP... Am I no longer a whitename?

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    2. Ellie


      Everyone that isn't from 2k14 or less is still a whitename. Myself included :( 

    3. Stradic


      @Lazer I feel like that could be used in a commercial. 

      "Keep getting lost and can't follow a straight road. Should of gone to specsavers."

    4. Keira


      I can navigate the map just fine, thanking you both!

      Its not like it was in the day @Stradic when he would point in the woods and tell me to run that way and then I'd get lost, even going the same  direction.. I know the map much better now!

  9. The map and clock would be helpful. +1 to this suggestion. Would help for settlement rules to see settlement outlines..
  10. Looks great guys. Been good RP so far.
  11. Thank you for the update Autumn! Looking forward to these changes.
  12. Keira


    1. Mamba


      2 points for Slytherin