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  1. In my experience, it's not so much the quality of the person's rp, but their unwillingness to offer their usual quality of RP for OOC reasons/salt.
  2. That is the hope but in all my experiences, no matter what you do, their reactions only gets worse to the point they stop rping all together and give half assed text responses. And then that leaves you like okay well if you won't RP then take a hike and gtfo.
  3. Some people think their RP is too good for some people OOC and act pretentious when you take them hostage or try to RP with them, offering sub par RP since you're interrupting their RP and not worth their time to get actual RP from them. It's pretty sad and annoys the fuck out of me.
  4. Keira

    Unicorn frappucino yassss bitch

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      I used to work at starbucks and I approve this beverage.

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      check your privilege

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      enjoy your diabitis

  5. Actual animations for interactions ie force feeding someone something
  6. Group looks good! Hope to see you guys in game
  7. Keira


    PBR Zip and a double cup

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      I just realized what my life has come to, when you don't remember it is 4/20 the day of...

    • Keira
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    congrats scrub <3

  8. I've always wanted to meet your character in game. Praise the maker! 34 isn't old either. =P
  9. Keira


    baby memes @Daddy

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    2. Oliv


      I just love that you're tagging @Daddy with the baby memes

    3. Keira


      Well to be fair Oliv he started them with my snapchats.  He'd screen them and make a meme and send it back.

    4. Oliv


      screenshotting snapchats? you dirty dirty Daddy

  10. I will say that I have spent the last week or so RPing with this group and I'm sorry that some have come to the conclusion of having 'piss poor rp' but that is the furthest thing, in my humble opinion, in gauging this group's rp quality. I have had a great time with this bunch of crazies. I think a simple PM or talk on ts would suffice instead of pointlessly bringing drama onto people's group threads too, since this seems to be more personal rather than constructive in any way.
  11. Thank you for this change with LM recruitment, Admin team. This is a good step and I'm glad to see progress being made. Also want to thank @Stagsview for offering his assistance to the new team as well. They will definitely need it with beta around the corner and I know you've got some good ideas already.
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    So it was when I was young That battles raged upon my tongue.

    I'd choke and gag and heave and spit Despite best intents to swallow it My throat closed like a prison gate.

    My tongue locked in with vile cell mate.

    And even though I loathed the taste It yet remained, a cud-like paste.

    Even today, I still steer clear Should ever that emerald squash appear, But if it comes to what I must ingest There's but one thing I more detest: Pride.

    1. Keira


      Stitches what the fuck drugs are you on lad?

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    3. Macbrine
  12. Enjoyed the RP at Green Mountain today, thanks to those who helped with the RP though there was some miscommunication. Had some pretty dank RP with my group as well, just a couple lost souls living in a shit hole Still in love with @Hassan's RP and glad to have my husband back in the mix.