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  1. Keira

    Anyone know of a way to check your icloud without access to your phone?

    Screen is fucked and I dont know if my icloud back up backed up my baby pics.

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    2. Keira


      I never installed itunes and cant log into icloud online without access to the code it texts my phone. Thanks apple!

    3. Emerald Knight

      Emerald Knight

      Isn't there a way to get them to email you?

    4. Oliv


      perhaps this will help?

      Alternatvely, you could try and set up on another apple device for the time being and link up your account to that device.

  2. What about subscriptions for those above Tycoon? Glowing name?
    • ToeZies
    • Keira

    Less dancing, more tiny sneks.

    1. Keira


      25 AM - ✠ToeZies✠: wait
      25 AM - ✠ToeZies✠: I AHVE A BARREL IN MY HANDS?
      25 AM - ✠ToeZies✠: WHEN DID I IPICK IT

      Toez go to sleep!

    2. ToeZies


      I just woke up. I think i dropped the barrel somewhere...

  3. Keira

    @LeSuiken "Keira youre pretty nice for a rude person"



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    2. LeSuiken


      Who said that to you, I will fight him with my spider-like hand extremities!

    3. Bauglir2011


      I wouldn't expect less from Joseph. :D

    4. Kris


      pretty rude for a nice person*

  4. Welcome @Otto
  5. Really nice work, I may have to snag one of those profile pics
    • Keira
    • Bauglir2011


    Is this the Jack you're looking for? lmao

    1. Bauglir2011


      ROFL! Give me a diving suit, no! More like a submarine and I will find him! Maybe... :D

    • Keira
    • Lyca

    Ich tu dir weh!


  6. Ayyy Lemons 64
  7. Important things? *stares at shotgun* 62
  8. 62
  9. Nice work Kirill. Hope you update soon!
    • Keira
    • Rabbit

    RIP Rabbit

    *tips fedora*

    1. Rabbit



      *tips fedora*

    • SpaceCowboy
    • Keira

    Now picturing Totoro dancing to single ladies...can't unsee

    1. SpaceCowboy



  10. Having already been a part of a few escapades with the family, there were still many who hadn't joined them, and so Scarlet would respond over the radio, "Yes, come brothers. We've already had quite a few unexpected encounters in town. It's time to return home and take back what is ours. There's a Tom I had to deal with recently. Some fuck boy my sister's manipulated into helping her find me. I made it pretty clear that I don't want to be found, via a nice little piece on Tom's chest reading "Hailey's Pet Snake." He's been warned adequately, twice now. If you see a Tom in town, or a Hailey, don't hesitate to deal with them as you see fit." She would smirk as she'd release the button on the radio and tuck it away, somewhat hoping Tom or Hailey would show up again to be dealt with.