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  4. *James turns on the radio once more and holds down the PTT, interrupting the looped music* "Hello again my white brothers and sisters." "The Aryan Front continues to fight the race war and to eradicate the subhumans from this land." "Only today did we cleanse the towns of Vybor, Kabanino, Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor from both infected and the colours." "We also saved the lives of two free white men that were enslaved by a colour, and I can assure you that they are now proud and free." "So, to my white brothers and sisters, continue to fight this war!" "Remember to show your support for the Aryan Front, the only noble cause in this land." "And if you have any information regarding colours in any town or area, do not hesitate to ask for our help." "Stay proud and free!" "White Power!" *You may hear "White Power" repeated multiple times in the background* *A song is played on loop*
  5. I mean, it's a bit annoying. Especially seeing it appears pretty much everywhere. Say I'm looking at some other group or CP and then... First thing I see is the banner of a different group on top of someone else's group? Hmmmmm...
  6. *James turns on the HAM radio and tunes it to the frequency. He takes out the script on the notepad and holds down the PTT* “Hello my white brothers and sisters of this land.” “The time has come where the subhumans shall be removed from this world, and it is thanks to the Aryan Front.” “Our brothers and sisters are out there in this wasteland, fighting the race war so that you don’t have to.” “Only today did we encounter a chink by the name of Yuan, a man who told us we could trust him, and yet he betrays our trust with his lies, showing that they cannot be trusted!” “My brothers and sisters, it is up to you to take up the fight against these subhumans and to support our cause. If you see our brothers out there fighting this war, it is up to you to help them. We must all stand together to remove this cancer from the world and to restore order.” “So, my brothers and sisters, continue the fight and do not falter.” “And if you see this man named Yuan, he cannot be trusted, much like the rest of their kind.” “To my brothers and sisters, I hope you have a blessed white day.” “White Power!” *You may hear “White Power” repeated multiple times in the background* "White Pride! *You may hear “White Pride” repeated multiple times in the background* "White Freedom!" *You may hear “White Freedom” repeated multiple times in the background* *A song is played over the radio on loop*
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  8. Ah, back to having a nice edgy profile. That's the way it's meant to be...

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  9. I like the idea of the economy based around ammunition, reminds me a lot of the Metro game series. It would be nice to see more traders around, and ones that don't just want 5.56. I don't think it would be possible to tax the other groups, seeing as that might lead to a large number of hostilities. Perhaps a better solution would be that groups that work with/for you would get discounts and or free items every now and then and in exchange these groups protect you or don't target your members. Would also be nice to see some sort of dedicated trading post or area if you guys wanted to set up a hub. Would be awesome if you had some sort of exchange place, so you could trade in food or weapons in exchange for ammo, so that you could then go and purchase something else e.g. I trade in 10 cans of food and a pistol, I get 30 5.56 or something, I then go to a weapons dealer and purchase a better rifle. This would mean that scavenging those generally pointless items would actually end up in a weapon or piece of equipment. Anyhoo, good luck with this.
  10. *Joe listens and smiles at the sound of the gunshot. He then holds down the PTT* "Don't see what point there is in talking back at ya, seeing as you've probably blown a nice big hole in your head but ah well..." "Glad that some of the Pagan scum are finally making themselves useful" *He lets out a long laugh* "Anyhow, something tells me Rene might be having a bit of a party now, seeing as she 'ditched' you" "Have fun in hell, scum". *Joe releases the PTT and leaves his radio on the table, chuckling to himself*
  11. No problem, can't let all these Ruskies and Chernaruskies whale on each other. Hopefully if I ever get taken hostage I can count on a slightly less painful beating...

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