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  1. personally i've had the opposite experience, past two weeks i've met and rp'd with so many people. Last few days i've stayed around stary yar, at the 101 camp but even then i've seen / met so many different people. Maybe just try and find the hotspots, it can be difficult at first.
  2. This will be badass
  3. What's your name on TS?
  4. I was in that situation too first time I tried and I couldn't get into the game and enjoy it. But I met @Scrxts first few days I rejoined and me and him playing together really made it so enjoyable and finding out about people and groups in character. Then I met the 101, who have honestly been so good with me IC and ooc, if I ever have any questions ooc, with being new they help me out. They've involved me in so many different situations already and have been really good to me. But I am super game to rp with anybody whenever I'm online dude so if you're ever by stary yar come say hi!
  5. Second this. Enjoy the effort he gives to his character and the efforts to create rp. Enjoyed it even if my character is very mistrusting of his off the bat. Also enjoyed the brief rp with you Sid (you psychopath) and Rad!
  6. From what I've heard in game the clowns are the in game Freddy Krueger's. Part of me wants to meet you guys in game.. Another part wants to swerve you completely! Interested to see what rp happens with your return.
  7. Don't see why that would be a issue, could be a interesting dynamic to a rp scene
  8. Enjoyed having a bit of a stare down competition with the cherno Russians when the 101 went to their base for a chat. Also wasn't today but been enjoying rping with guys named ardy and west when they've been on too, good guys!
  9. met you near the 101 base a few days ago, found your voice / mannerisms pretty funny but you ran off away. hope to meet you soon.. in a non-robbing situation
  10. been rp'ing with the 101 all week, it's been so much fun, everyone there is a good rp'er and they are really good to new guys. Really enjoying my time here
  11. ohh fair enough, must have been some other shady peeps!
  12. Are you guys the ones who i met, and you were talking about being the 'pumpkin misfits' we where trying to find the cowboy (we had seen him go over the green mountain at the time, and kind of knew you were leading us into a trap, but wanted to have the rp anyway) Harvey and the russian, i think? Me and my friend's game froze and went down, and by the time we got back you were gone. Hopefully i'll meet you again sometime (if it's you guys!)
  13. tried using one past few days, until it got taken off me when i got took hostage. Didn't really hear anyone except one person who was by some airfield, but he was worried about 'angels' and we think he died. Was interesting for sure.