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  1. Hello and welcome ^^ Have fun out there!
  2. Looks pretty good, a few mistakes, but hey I can't complain I'm not English speaking either. It was enjoyable to read, but yeah good luck out there being a person that wants to help and all
  3. *Emily presses the transmit button and begins to speak.* "Louie you bastard, did you think I wouldn't know this frequency. I'm coming back right now and you better not be dead when I get there." *She tosses the radio in her bag and makes her way back.*
  4. a-levels

    Awh good luck out there king ^^ It has been fun!
  5. good luck on the group Jack! i hope it goes well ^^
  6. *Emily presses the transmit button after hearing them both speak.* “That’s funny I also remember some desperate creep that keeps stealing some woman’s clothes, oh and that all while she’s either unconscious or tied up. By the way I wonder how the pants are, I would have asked how it would fit, but I just remembered he doesn't have any balls.” *She sighs.* “Also I remember the story going differently. The ‘Hero’ of your story didn’t shoot those ‘Evil friends’ because he wanted to, but because he was scared and that that ‘Evil leader’ kicked the ‘Hero’s’ ass.” *She releases the transmit button, putting the radio on the table while sitting down on a chair opening her book.”
  7. *Emily presses the transmit button and speaks.* “That’s great, what a hero.” *She nods slightly while smiling.* “I also remember saving someone, kind of a funny story. I was walking in Kabanino when I overheard someone asking a lot of questions to another person, weird questions like; How many people have you killed and what about infected. I don’t really know how we did it, but somehow talking to him while being patient got the hostage released, not without a few shot fired, but no one died which was a miracle since we didn’t have any weapons other than a knife.” *She releases the transmit button remembering that day and the man in question, wondering if he’s doing alright. *
  8. *Emily hears the response and chuckles, pressing the transmit button.* “I can’t really tell if I know you, but it’s all for my own entertainment. I love stories that’s it, I don’t care what it’s about. It could be about a cat or something. ” *She releases the transmit button.*
  9. *Emily picks up the radio and presses the transmit button.* “Well, how is everyone doing?” *She shakes her head not even knowing what to say.* “I know a lot of things have happened and well I can say some are not as good as others, but I would love to hear stories or maybe you just have something to tell people, let's just say I have nothing better to do and I'm all ears.” *She releases the transmit button waiting for a response.*
  10. That's great, keep enjoying it! See you in game
  11. Welcome! Have fun and see you in game ^^
  12. Good job on the ranks and everything, It's looking good
  13. Good to see this is still going well ^^ Keep it up guys
  14. Welcome back !! Have fun again, you probably will ^^ See you in game.
  15. How cute, Good luck and have fun you both! See you in game ^^