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  1. We don't need luck
  2. Hey welcome!! Hope you get in. See you in game ^^
  3. *Emily hears a familiar voice through the radio and presses the transmit button.* "Dragan? long time no see. Hey don't worry about it. I don't think you knew what was happening at the time." *She thinks back trying to remember when the last time they spoke was.* "So we're good. Let's talk about it all later, it's good to hear from you again." *She smiles and releases the transmit button.*
  4. We got our guys back, nice job!
  5. Yeeeh,!
  6. Hello!! Welcome to the community, you'll have fun don't worry. RP isn't dying it just took a tiny break. See you in game!
  7. We got 3 jacks gonna be great
  8. Love the pictures
  9. Here we go
  10. I agree, sometimes it feels there are to many rules and limitations so you have to think before you act in a situation, which stops the RP for flowing naturally. It's also been 2 years let people wear what they want.
  11. welcome back looks good ^^
  12. hey welcome ^^ Have fun in game see ya there !!
  13. *Emily picks up the radio after hearing the chatter, she then pushes the transmit button and speaks.* "I can't believe the brigade told Louie and the guys to kill some innocent people. I thought you were good, no wonder they left you guys." *She releases the transmit button and sighs.*
  14. welcome ^^ See you in game!