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    Last one's out b

  2. @Castiel do the honors, please. its real motherfucking /archive hours
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    Damn Strider, back at it again with the profile music.

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      Always on point you know we out here  B|

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      Real Madara Hours at all times

  3. Those questions seem to be related to the lore. Might want to read the lore page.
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    Yeye jesus and all that
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    It's real motherfucking hero hours.


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      Been fun

  6. Well, the time has come. As most of my group members can tell you, I don't really play anymore and I lost my interest in DayZ for the time being. Most of the group doesn't get on either so we figured it was better to end it on a high note rather than wait to get archived for inactivity. This is the first group that I've ever lead and I'd like to thank the admins for letting me bring it back since its first version (Nov-Dec 2015) was forced archived. And of course thanks to @Cormac for letting me lead this version of the group. I like to think we did alright and that we left a mark on the server. Plus the fact that we weren't total cancer this time around was nice. Remember, it's real motherfucking hero hours. So with that being said, staff please archive this in 12 hours so people have time to leave the CP and all that. I'll clean it up when I get back from class tonight. @Pado was the best co-leader.
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    Got his ass. :3

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  8. @castel

    Just gonna give you friendly advice here, I suggest you calm down. Your childish tantrum is only gonna get you permanent ban instead of 3 days. Try to explain your point in a civil manner instead of insulting everyone with fucking shit. I actually cannot believe that you think this is appropriate behavior. Bring up facts and links to back up your point instead of just throwing shit at the wall, none of it is sticking right now and you just look angry.
  9. Where? Im pretty sure that never happened. 3 days is the standard for "minor" offences like Combat Log. Just the way it is.
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  11. Don't really know the details of why you are closing this, but o7. You guys did good and brought some nice stuff back to GM.