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  1. trash
  2. mum and dad left 4 weeks ago, and haven't come back

    1. Noxious


      what do I do, the foods running out, power went out last week and the toilet won't flush. patch is dead, do I dig a hole or just leave him in his kennel?

      i lit a fire for warmth, but its getting out of control in the kitchen

    2. WeeMan


      Just order a pizza 

  3. 18 yeah

    1. Stradic


      Happy Birthday mate! 

  4. ded

    1. Stradic


      Cowboy hat

  5. Leaving Staff for reasons of work and school, someone with more time? Take my place please!

    I would highly recommend taking up the challenge and sending in application, its worth!

    07 [email protected]

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    2. Noxious


      @Vector Clearly. 

    3. Vector

      @Noxious let's be real. It was more like pre-staff. 

    4. Vapor

      CH has and always be considered an internship.

  6. Nah looks like Pub Server tbh
  7. A crazy Irish man, nothing like it.
  8. Welcome friend, ever need anything feel free to PM me
  9. All of those pictures are unreal, can't believe I've never seen em
  10. @JAMMIELAD Those are all dope, don't know which one is my favourite Good job anyways
  11. Alot of people run around with the mentality of they are going to get robbed.
  12. Welcome Welcome! If you ever require anything friend, feel free to PM me