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  1. Top tip here. Also, when trying to make a camp. I recommend finding a already fortified position. Try like a compound with walls that's already in the game. Block up the holes with Tents and make sure there's at-least one way in. I would like to see more of these base's and settlements being put up around the map.
  2. Goodluck with the streaming friend, see you when you become famous
  3. When you're at the doctors in the waiting room. Some old lady comes in and out of all the free seats she has to pick the one next to me. 😖

    1. Sofie


      HEY! Respect the elderly.

    2. Stradic


      Mate, you should invite her around to yours for beers this weekend. 

    3. Noxious
  4. We're still recruiting people! Send in some apps! The Alliance is that rich at the moment, perfect time to join!
  5. Some really good content on here @Vernost. Keep the pictures coming
  6. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺beers at mine this weekend 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

    get here

  7. Yeah sick RP today guys, proud of you @Fenrir @Smash Gordon
  8. As Bran has said, the HD can be empty at times, we have tried to recruit a diverse range of Support Members from different time zones. We try our best to fit in time to be able to get in there. As for me personally, I try to get in there at least an 1-2 hours a day and I stay in our personal Staff chat most of the day. And also @Strider. I think the reason to why the CH's are lacking in the support section is that most of the time the questions that do pop up get answered correctly by just a normal member of the community. Personally I see no need to give a response to question thats already been given a solid answer too. This is my opinion on the matter, other CH's may have other views.
  9. Yes, more chaos. Personally though I tend to find alot of people hanging around the Northern Highway. Seen quite a few on it today so for any who are looking for that RP. Search the North!
  10. make sure to read up on those new rules ;) 

    1. Castiel


      thanks for the tip frand

    2. Shane


      Support member of the year, your boi Noxy.

  11. Sickkkk! Very unique friend, good job!
  12. Welcome Welcome. Now quick tip with the thread, try to think a little harder on those Goals. They are three very generic goals, think of things that will lead to good RP within the group but also out of it. Other than that, good luck! Nox
  13. Thanks @Cipher. I hope you fix your TS problem! Message me if you do, I'm intrigued to see how it goes
  14. I can honestly say, I've never had that many status's pop at once. Christ!