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  1. "You have more brains than a potato, Daisy" - Samti

    1. Lemons


      Well that's cute :P 

  2. I miss the time when your forum name was Jack Lemons 10/10
  3. banned for still being a forum games spammer
  4. 8/10 -1 for the height (she's too tall) -1 for the weight (she's too heavy) -2 for the picture +1 for Chilli having a female char >> 5/10 EDIT: +1 for the song >> 6/10
  5. 69
  6. 7/10 I liked your old one better
  7. Welcome, Kain! I wish you the best of luck with your whitelist, that it gets reviewed and accepted soon. Enjoy your time in this community! Hope to meet you in game one day.