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  1. Welcome and best of luck with your Whitelist! Enjoy your time here and don't forget to make at least one post in a different forum section soon, so that your account doesn't get deleted. ^^
  2. Welcome Rob! Enjoy your time here and stay save in the dangerous world of DayZ. Btw, my first thought when I saw your introduction was honestly "hey, this dude has a nice profile picture", before I knew you are a graphic designer. ^^
  3. Hello and welcome! It's good that you have the honesty and patience to wait that month, respect for that! I hope you'll enjoy your time here once you got whitelisted. Btw, better make at least one post before your account gets deleted. (Posts in this introduction thread don't count to your total posts, so you're still on zero ^^)
  4. Welcome, enjoy your time here! Seems like you're interesting to play with.
  5. Welcome Kim! I hope you have a great time here. Don't forget to make your first post soon in order to verify your account. (The introduction thread doesn't count ^^)
  6. Edit: I was on the wrong page and I can't edit it properly with my phone. 29!
  7. 36
  8. Lie King Box will come back one day
  9. Hmm, Idk, 4/10
  10. Goodbye Sunshine, have a good one. I wish I have had more opportunities to rp with you, you are great and you never failed to amuse me. Take care!
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