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  1. Right mate, welcome back
  2. Well like, I'm all for it, but with the two options what would be like the time difference between it? Like with option 1 will it be like a month or option 2 than that?
  3. Had a great night of RP with Nasinec as always its a lot of fun guys. The hostage we took, Alex Richardson, Mate your rp was fucking phenomenal no other way to put it, I loved every second of your hostage RP and how your character reacted and completely changed with what we were doing, Personally you made my night there and you were probably one of the best hostages that I have had in a VERY long time. Honestly I just cannot stress enough how much fun it was to RP with you I really hope that you got it back from us
  4. Aw k then Lewis </3 Nah mate sad to see you goin, take it easy like
  5. Ita Clarke

    Find out IC
  6. *Eliane breahtes heavily from exhaustion as she approaches the Cave, before entering she takes her radio off her belt and attaches it to her shoulder, putting a hairband around the PTT to transmit what she is doing, the sound of her scrapping through debris can be heard* Okay...im here, going to check it out... *Her slow, unsteady footsteps echo underneath as she enters the cave, a flashlight click can be heard* Right...im looking around for her now *Her voice echoes off the cave walls, after afew moments a sudden bang rings out and Nyleea's voice can be heard shouting about ghosts and singers. Eliane cries out in pain and crumples to the floor, two more loud bangs echo through and the sounds of her dragging her body and the scrapping of the radio on the ground follows. She grunts as she drags herself outside, setting herself against a tree in a sitting position not to far outside of the mouth of the cave, putting pressure on her leg. She removes her hand and watches the blood gushing out rapidly, she tries to peer inside but the blood floods out to quick for her to check* Fuck....not good........artery...hit.....fuck! *Her breathing gets heavier and her voice weaker by the moment* Dont..have long, Nyleea....she isnt herself! She is fucked up.....i...FUCK! I dont have long... *She looks up at the trees above, her breathing now turns shallow and rapid* Funny....i survived mercanary work....i survived travelling across Europe...Ive killed, robbed and tortured more people than i can count.....And i die....doing the right thing...Kind of ironic.... *She closes her eye* I-i....my heart...its so loud.....fuck....i....dont wanna die.... *Tears start welling in her eye, rushing down her cheek soon after* I thought i did....Now its here i dont want to! *Her swallow cries start coming through* E-every...everything is so cold......and blurry.....i...dont wanna go..... *She swallows* Im so sorry! ... P-please....help her!....Please.....She didnt know.... *Her voice grows quieter* She...didnt...know... *A slump would be heard as she passes out, falling over. Bleeding out afew moments later. A slow padding on dead leaves and sticks can be heard followed by a Deep angry snarl before the distinct sound of an animal tearing flesh floods through. Gradually the whole pack begins to Howl before tucking in* //Perma death of Eliane mack
  7. *Eliane hauls the radio up to her mouth, her hand trembling as she holds the PTT down. The sound of wind gushing through the tree's can be heard over head as her tired and distant voice comes through* Hey guys...I ugh...Nyleea... *She takes in a deep breath* She showed me this cave once....said to go there if I ever needed to run and hide.... *She groans as she tries to push herself up into a more upright sitting position* Ill go check it now and let you know if she is there.. Should take afew hours to get there... Ill let you know what I find.. *She releases the transmit button and slowly drags herself to her feet, using the tree to support herself before she starts off in the direction of the cave*
  8. </3 Worth a try
  9. Ugh.....Maybe?
  10. *He laughs and holds down the PTT* Yup, mate clearly you don't know how this shit works. Give it up before you get yourself killed yeah? *He sighs and shakes his head* You'll end up goin after someone you didn't mean to and get yourself fucked because of it, take the advice. AND LEAVE IT. *He emphasizes his last words before releasing the PTT*
  11. Is Irish close enough?
  12. *Micheal smirks and presses down the PPT* Here mate i think you got the wrong Irish guy. You sure it aint me you're after? *He chuckles* You're a fuckin' Idiot, cant even get your information right. *He releases the PTT and leans back against the tree, scanning the feilds around him*
  13. Nah mate I hoped on last night at like 8 or so GMT and there was a queue of at least 5 that was kept for who knows how long and s2 had close to 30 people so....idk maybe a slow night later but closing s2 won't do shit. Unless like the guy suggested closing it when both have low pop and reopen later if needed
  14. *Eliane would listen and just break down in tears, she responds abit later, her voice very croaky* H-Hey Axel...glad to hear you aren't dead... *She sniffles and wipes her eyes* I missed you... *Eliane stops the transmission and goes to find Billion*
  15. Hey Eliane finally got a mention Good read though Rogue, keep it up these are class!!