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  1. *A thick Chernarussian voice comes through the radio* We did not take much sir. Someone else must have came by, we only took enough food to do us for the day. *He sighs and readjusts his weight, looking through the scope of his rifle into town* And we know this Rogue lady, she is listening on here too she replied yesterday. *He releases the PTT and pulls his mask back up, trying to warm up slightly*
  2. Oh shit, good read man loved it
  3. @Rose - Was a lot of fun tonight, these characters are gonna be interesting (And Merek isn't a dick ) @Pinkerton - Same again man, fuckin love the bickering between our characters was a lot of fun!
  4. Merek Kolsky

    Find out IC
  5. Yeah was a fun short encounter Sorry for taking so much i still feel bad!!!
  6. Always enjoy ERPing with you, babe


    1. Oisín


      Its a pleasure :P


    2. Willsky



  7. *Faith sighs and picks up her radio, speaking softly into it* Hi, ugh....if you are looking for some places where there are people try Gorka, I was there yesterday and there were TONS of people! *She takes a few moments to think* Ugh...and a place up north called...Nov-aya...Petrovka?...Its meant to have some camps there I think, well so I've been told. Good luck! *She smiles and lets go of the PTT before hopping out of bed*
  8. Faith Winters

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  9. Been waiting for another one of these ;D Class read Rogue keep it up
  10. Aye pretty much, they let their OOC mentality mostly prevail over their characters, which we are all guilty of at times, of course, but yeah IMO backstories are more how you ended up here, what you done before etc. IMO again, you shouldn't have an overall predetermined mindset of I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna be a bad guy and I'm doing it because I wanna be a bad guy, not that there is anything wrong there either I've done that but its just that that limits a lot of rp options and that character may tend to follow hostile groups rather than moving on or changing due to what he/she has seen or done. As well as the fact these characters could be around for a long time, some long term consequences may not be taken into effect but that's a different topic within itself.
  11. Gotta agree with most of what you said here, it is kinda hard to find decent bad guys, personally i think its because of lack of development from the character in most stages (I am being very general here btw) but yeah as i said its lack of development as most people kinda tend to go oh yeah i wanna be a bad guys so thats what im gonna do rather than letting experiences shape how their character sees things, intereacts etc etc. I dont know i think its a mindset thing rather than the rp itself, character development is (IMO) What is lacking.
  12. I haven't had any issues but I don't see why not like
  13. Read the rules lads
  14. You could aye but you need to get OOC permission i believe
  15. Aye ban's gone now, cheers