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  1. It's back! Keen
  2. I'll ask Rolle as soon as he's around. I personally would love to see these being used.
  3. I'll go fix it. Edit: Done.
  4. Do it.
  5. There's several on there that most people are referring to - we intend to hopefully start these back up again. As you can see, they went fine. As for your other question, the stream is likely to host a small handful of admins/GMs, an LM and Shadows. So Admin/GM related questions and LM related questions are your best bet.
  6. It says that following some changes in the late 80s that most nuclear weapons were removed by the Soviets, it would be only rumour to say that any remain there.
  7. Yeah, it's based on it. It's obviously stretched to explain why it was clearly used up until the outbreak. In the lore I believe I wrote that it was used as cdf infantry base after '91.
  8. Going to answer this in the morning it's 1am, on my phone sorry. Will work on aesthetics hehe, suggestions are more than welcome
  9. Nope, in this case the bunkers stored the launchers and other equipment, while the missiles were stored underground. This is an aspect based on the real life counterpart base. This lore on Tisy is based off of the real life Czech military base called "Klondajk", that during the 80s did indeed house nuclear warheads of a minor proportion. So this lore being considered a way for my group to have nuclear weapons in Chernarus is false, simply because all of this lore is purely based off of the real life counterpart of Tisy. Yes, I'm naturally interested in this base because of that but you'll notice in the lore that I specifically state that the base's underground stores are sealed. There is absolutely no physical way anyone will ever get into it. Plus, finnr explains well that we've never said we had nuclear or even alluded to it. All I'm trying to do here is fill a gap in the lore on a large base that's history is mostly unknown.
  10. Approved and completely canon, as said in the small print at the bottom.
  11. Rolle pls I copy pasted it from my google doc leave me alone
  12. I didn't mean that statement in quite the way you're taking it. Thank you for the feedback.