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  1. Askin: @Rolle Q1. Are you planning to prune inactive accounts? I'm pretty sure we do not have 23000 members. A1. The website system does not have automatic pruning, it only removes accounts that are not activated properly. I might remove unused accounts in the future should we want to free up some nice username, but that will probably happen at the end of the year or so. /Rolle
  2. It's my time. Real life is too hectic, I've been thinking about this for weeks. Peace out for a few.

    1. Eagle


      Take care mate


    2. Castiel


      Take care Alex

  3. help

    1. Stradic


      Ask @Noxious for that number he always hands out.


    2. Chewy


      Cant help, am not staff. B)

    3. Noxious


      @Stradic like just a joke; but fuck dayzrp at the moment imo. Just not that attractive in terms of entertainment xx

  4. If I heard @Sasha, @Blitz irl I'd probably comply then probably @Joffrey for the iconic voice and @Deadplex for his loud as fuck initiations.
  5. You guys are slacking honestly, 11 in 12 hours?
  6. I like the idea in theory and I can see some minor benefits to doing it, but overall as Rolle said it's not terribly critical of the reports/appeals section and it's just another thing to do when solving an appeal that people are going to forget to do. That being said I'd be fine with the implementation of it, I just don't see it as a necessity. Pretty much with Caesar on this, I won't care either way.
  7. Night Lovell and $uicideboy$ in this joint.

    The underground rap game is everywhere in this community, I love it

  8. Rolle the absolute madman has taken S2 off GD so the GMs and Admins can't put it back up for you guys in the queues. Sorry about that.
  9. But I wanna play! 2
  10. Hb to my boy @Noxious

    1. Noxious


      love you man xxx

  11. Lmao fixed it, no idea why that was the way it was. We decided after testing it that unhidden channels was the best idea here. /solved #Alex4CH2k17
  12. Still sick but kinda back