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  1. That only works if you're not hated by staff
  2. Lincoln Harlo

    Find Out IC
  3. Sorry mate no offense this cracked me up more than it should have 😂😂😂 Have fun on the servers lol
  4. Cause it's fun being bad fam.
  5. member berries

    Member when DayZRP wasn't a safe space and you were allowed to post gif's as replies?
  6. Gotta agree with Satan here. I absolutely despise the new website. The group pages for example are now a cluttered mess with nothing that makes you want to actually join the group. and what the fuck is that staff page???? Lucky that I am so busy with life and work at the moment that I have absolutely no intentions of actively paying attention to the forums, because it causes me headaches just looking at the website. Old one was fine. -100
  7. Rescue <3 I love you <3
  8. Isn't it flame baiting to openly express your support for trump? :troll: Please stop shitposting. It's not shit posting, I responded to his question.
  9. Isn't it flame baiting to openly express your support for trump? :troll:
  10. Gonna enjoy watching my safe sand hutt Oh it's not safe if trump is president. I honestly don't think he will be for long, hopefully..
  11. Nah. Just a fix.
  12. President elect* Am I allowed to post hopefully the queen of England gets assassinated? Im just trying to feel around to see what ill get warned for or not. Might be that ex admin Armour you have, but reguardless pretty aggressive mate That's two completely different things. One is an old nice lady you wanna have a cuppa tea with, the other one seems to be a different lifeform that only won an election because his supporters seem to live inside a bubble. Oh yeah and it was fixed But ya know. whatever makes everyone feel good I guess.
  13. Of all of these flavours and you choose to be salty. Wishing the death of anyone, regardless of what you think they have done, is wrong. But whatever man. I don't think he has done anything and I am not salty. I just think the world would be a better place if his brains got spread over the road, JFK style. But whatever man. It's fine conor, apparently we're all salty because we have brain cells
  14. I sure hope he will. I will not have respect for someone like this and I won't have respect for any of his supporters.
  15. -snip- More or less I was just tryna figure out if this was the new meme thread tbh. The whole election was a meme, so I think it is a meme thread yes. The only one we're entitled to apparently.