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  1. I agree with this. Things are being smiled off like it's nothing, fact is there's a lot wrong in this community and there need to be changes but certain people act like the only thing ever wrong with the community was the many people now banned, when that is not the case. Most of them are ex staff and have worked day and night to make this community the way it used to be, only to run against a wall because they alone cant put changes in place.
  2. I was basically referring to anyone but the people that agreed to the ban
  3. Because this isn't a mature 16+ community, it's primary school Anything in shape of a weewee is a nono and will result in a gogo. Seriously tho - I don't think anyone cares about a dick shaped nugget, but rolle is trying hard to make his business presentable to new potential customers. And how is that working out? All of the old customers are abandoning the business.
  4. Mate you literally have not been here long enough to actually understand the entire situation. This mass ban has been the end result of a very very long process of a community going from being amazing to a safe space that people did not like anymore. It's one piece of a crumbling puzzle. The community has become a business where we are being treated as customers rather than the home it once was. No offense but all you see is what happened since you joined end of January, this has been going on for about a year now. I am not trying to attack you here. I used to be like you when I first joined, disliking all the bandits and people that were being edgy on the forums until I got to know those people I always disliked, I'll be open about it. It used to be @Boston when he was still in the 501st back in 2015. I thought he was the biggest bellend, being edgy and robbing people constantly. Within a few months he has become like a brother to me. I started understanding him and I started talking to him more about the reasoning behind some of his actions, especially ingame. I know this was a lot to read and probably none of it was important, I am just trying to tell you that sometimes the people you dislike are the people that see the true colours of the bigger picture, trying to deal with it in their way or even trying to change it. At least 90% of the people that got banned were those who tried the hardest to get this community back on track. There's ex staff that have worked day and night to safe this place and failed. It's all frustration and even tho they went with a bang, they did their part and were all fantastic roleplayers. Think of that first before you're glad they're gone.
  5. If it seems so easy for you then I wish you good luck I guess....
  6. That only works if staff are willing to listen. I know some staff members are, but some others IDK. Maybe one should look at the bigger picture and where the anger in this community actually originates from. Once that problem is found, one could work their way down the massive hill of problems and things going wrong. But that would take a lot of work and at this point I am not sure it will ever become the community it once was, before it became a business and we were looked down on as customers. Once upon a time this community was a home with a great atmosphere. Now it's a sinking ship because of a lot of decisions gone wrong and backfired. If anyone wants to fix it now, which I see hardly possible, they would have to admit to the problems and tried to work on them together. If one person doesn't want them fixed, they won't be fixed.
  7. That only works if you're not hated by staff
  8. Sorry mate no offense this cracked me up more than it should have 😂😂😂 Have fun on the servers lol
  9. Cause it's fun being bad fam.
  10. Member when DayZRP wasn't a safe space and you were allowed to post gif's as replies?
  11. Gotta agree with Satan here. I absolutely despise the new website. The group pages for example are now a cluttered mess with nothing that makes you want to actually join the group. and what the fuck is that staff page???? Lucky that I am so busy with life and work at the moment that I have absolutely no intentions of actively paying attention to the forums, because it causes me headaches just looking at the website. Old one was fine. -100
  12. Rescue <3 I love you <3
  13. Isn't it flame baiting to openly express your support for trump? :troll: Please stop shitposting. It's not shit posting, I responded to his question.
  14. Isn't it flame baiting to openly express your support for trump? :troll:
  15. Gonna enjoy watching my safe sand hutt Oh it's not safe if trump is president. I honestly don't think he will be for long, hopefully..