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    How is the Best Girlfriend in the World?

    thats right You, Love you Sweetheart


    1. Sarilla


      ohh my sweetheart, i love you!!! 

  1. Yesterday Some nice Rp with @Genji @Sarilla and Some Russian Group have no Clue of the Names but was Fun withe the Paper and Number Stuff, also good that i had some Rp and no one wanted roob me thx for this
  2. First a Friend then A Brothers in Arms and then a Traitor and Snake Good Character, but now it is Over
  3. I hate the Video its good but i hate to hear my Voice in a Video
  4. New Settlement is Up Time make it look pretty
    • Kunkka
    • Lyca

    Ok forget it with too GMS at GM 1 GM and a Admin Shit :P

  5. Interesting hope you Guys do it Well
  6. Dimitri Reznov

  7. I Coming Back with a New Char dont know at what time but i come
  8. Kunkka

    I am So done with all fuck the World >:(

    1. Genji



    2. Western

      damn creppers blowing ya up

  9. Kunkka

    A Win Again :x


    1. Kunkka


      @Boston And you have Think i am Bad in Pvp tztztzt Shame on you my Dude

  10. Kunkka

    Life is Shit, hate when nothing goes how i Have Plan it :(

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    2. Kunkka


      Shhhhh Rabbit 

    3. Babyface


      lAwUdAM.png Yes... It is bad.

    4. Kunkka



  11. Kunkka

    @Lyca Kirby-Kunkka? xD

    1. Lyca


      Omg that's sooooo fucking cute. xD:x

  12. Kunkka

    Jasha Kusmin are Now Missing time for my new Char, char Page is Still W.I.P

  13. Kunkka

    3 Solo Win Think i going good in the Game :P20170412025502_1.thumb.jpg.dea4a3479439bcdb7ec0e14f145b9694.jpg