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  1. Hows it going? I've been making a la vodka sauce all morning, so pretty fucking good here.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Oliv


      missing some chili flakes or hot peppers, but yeah

    3. Lucius


      Now I am hungry

    4. Phoenix


      I'll have some alfredo please.

  2. A: Donkey Kong Country. Q: Favourite vegetable? A: Yes, because my response was too late... Q: Favourite vegetable?

    1. Rolle


      I'm a man of a few words and many rash actions.

    2. Oliv


      that's ok, I'm the opposite. Many words and few actions. At least that's what I hear :)

  4. Pulled from the depths of the archive as requested. At first glance it needs a few things, but I haven't given it a proper read. Either way, good luck @Rabbit.
  5. as requested, closing this up since an answer was given.
  6. It's on tour I think, just happened to be at the site I was working on that day. 'tis. Some one knows how to get themselves some beanz
  7. It depends on the appeal. Many appeals such as a VAC for example, can be done solo. Some, can not and should not be done solo. I haven't reviewed all the appeals linked. I haven't even had coffee yet. But, the answer is yes some appeals can be done solo.
  8. A little work surprise today.
  9. When Little Timmy surfed a site
    And gaily picked a thread,
    He laughed aloud with deep delight
    At every word he read.
    He skimmed a hundred happy tales
    Of misbegotten youth -
    Of fond affairs and funny fails,
    And other twists of truth!
    So Timmy shared a story too,
    Then settled back and sighed.
    But somehow someone somewhere knew.
    And Timmy fucking died.

  10. Canadian Federal government puts forward a bill to legalize marijuana in all provinces.

    McDonalds Canada introduces all day breakfast.

    All in the same year.


    1. Brady


      I think not.

    2. Oliv


      It's like they aren't even trying to hide it

  11. giphy.gif

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    2. Jamie
    3. Hebee


      nice kick dude, wish I could soccer that good 

    4. Oliv


      I wish I could too, maybe my team wouldn't have lost in the semi-finals of my mens league

  12. 1bc1e832fe.jpg

    When the forums spits out accidental French flags

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    2. Stagsview
    3. Oliv


      I does whats I want Toez

    4. ToeZies


      But we are the nights who say NEE

  13. il_340x270.747596714_7nd1.jpg

    1. Daddy


      I'll take that.

      Thanks my man