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  1. A little fun from last night


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    2. Oyface


      Now do the same thing with wolves!

    3. Oliv




      tumblr_njzrzaICmG1s3h43ko1_500.gif ?


    4. Oyface


      I'll be waiting.

  2. The neck is perfectly fine now. The only thing Enzo will be making Julia is a nice new pair of shoes. Bitches love shoes, you can both have a pair.
  3. But it all started with Rene #WasntWorthSeeingHerNaked Thanks for reading <3
  4. 30e24a0294.jpg

    Seems relative to your interests..

  5. I've no idea what you're on about Thank man. In previous entries, I haven't always been clear on it. I've switched my style up so much on this lore, but I find my new format just so different I had to run with it. I somewhat stole it from a book I was reading at the time when I switched it up.
  6. Well, Just loaded up some new stream sounds on the ole twitchalerts. Come help me test them when I go live in a little bit! twitch.tv/oliv1985
  7. It's been too long since I've put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keys.


  8. It's been way too long since I've written any lore, so I took some time and thought I'd catch you all up on the (mis)adventures of Enzo. When reading these stories, Remember, these are letters written by Enzo to his possible future child. Not having any family here, he writes to what the future might hold. Knowing that, it makes reading these a little easier when you realize the perspective. Plain text version
    • Roger
    • Oliv

    Expire my points already :V

    1. Oliv


      All of em? How crooked do you think I am?

      *Passes note with secret offshore account info written on it*

    2. Roger


      *Looks at his now 0 Warning points before sending the funds*

  9. Black like my soul...


    1. Roach


      I feel like there should be an actual video clip for this xD it's good

    2. Oliv


      I wasn't able to find it if there is one, only them doing the song live

  10. NBA All-star weekend, watching the celeb game and Kyle Lowry coaching the East to a hopeful victory.

    1. JimRP


      That's the only team he can hope to win with.

    2. Oliv


      Easy Jim, or I'll show my wife your hating on K-Low and she'll kick your ass

  11. Sorry, as it wasn't clear when I reread my post, I was referring to the one Hebi was proposing. When TextRP was being birthed we talked about quite a few different types of things to try. I just didn't want anyone to be confused on what I meant.
  12. As I mentioned when we chatted about this over TS, I could see a combat system being Rolled (see what I dd there?) eventually. The combat systems being proposed would require back end work for a separate database to store all these characters and possible AI to be integrated as well. Is it doable? Sure. Rolle asked for suggestion to be made though and I think yours would make a perfect one to be put on the text rp test thread. As I said to you before, if the interest is there, maybe he will code it up. I don't want to go into it too much more because I feel that it is too early and too vastly different a subject.
  13. the point of it is to provide another avenue for RP, just like the radio chatter. People complained that they would emote like crazy in radio chatter and drop a one word response and get points (generalized example) so we made a chat box for text rp where people can emote a bunch and not even need to say a word.