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  1. There is nothing wrong with a faction starting up a bulletin board area withing their settlement if they really wanted to. I mean, we used to have one in Zeleno back in the day with Zbor, but it was graphical and hard to maintain so it never took off that much.
  2. Thanks! There was a busted up bus behind me providing a light source out of it's one working headlight. I did some minor edits to crisp it up a bit and remove the hotbar.
  3. I don't do this often, but I'm in love with this screen shot.
  4. Traveler is a real life Kerbal. Nice to see you kicking around again
  5. @Terra and @Ron this seemed like something I figured you guys would enjoy



    1. Ron


      Oh I know that one Oliv, very nice ^_^

    2. Oliv


      here I thought I was bringing you something fresh :D Damn god song though

  6. Sometimes, you just get in one of those RnB vibes where you gotta turn it up and sing along



  7. You're probably referring to my post, where I said it would take approximately 3 months if we started right now. Honestly, I still think that's true. If we rush a lore, we could be in a much worse place than we are now. There should be little to no question to have to ask, it should be pretty as fuck, and people still need time to play out what is happening at the moment. New lore might make things more fun, but doing it wrong will definitely make things a lot worse. The admin team is still discussing how to go about things with LMs, if they will even be coming back. History has shown us that most the time the LM position doesn't pan out in a profitable way.
  8. Had to bump n grind up the profile a little bit again

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      Just gonna get this in before anyone else does..



  9. North side love, nice
  10. I hope I can retire when I hit 65
  11. That's actually really cool.