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  1. banter

    Shit, does this mean my alt character owes you a favour still?
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    Love the avatar, btw :) 

    1. Riggsee


      Thank you sir :)

    2. Oliv


      He helped kick the ass of my Jays a year or two ago, I remember him very much so. Sad shit

    3. Riggsee


      He was a super nice guy too. Powerful on and off field presence. Had the chance to eat lunch with him and his daughter one day. 

  2. Sometimes I feel like this man is my spirit animal.


  3. That ending, that perfect fucking ending... If I didn't want more before, I definitely do now. I hope you're already working on the next one.
  4. To answer this I would look at both 11.3 of the metagaming rules which state As per the grey area that seems to be brought up in regards to the fact that after I hit respawn I am no longer dead, I would then say that 9.1 of the New life rule addresses that. Calling out locations, descriptions etc would fall under that, getting involved in a situation that lead to your death. I would say that after the KOS rights had expired though, you would likely be fine. At that point, you have to reinitiate and most of the advantages are gone. I hope this clears things up a bit. Edit: I noticed Castiel's answer after I posted, and although it brings up some very similar points, would still suggest a reinitiation be done just to eliminate the advantage, but if no one saw who killed you it is possible they don't have shared KOS rights from your death anyways.
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    Does it make me a bad person if I do something like this?



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    2. Beni


      It just looks fucking fake tbh. 

    3. Strider


      People actually pay for this? And I thought I was a cuck, smh.

    4. GirlGamer


      Yea there's a few other ones too. It's a pretty depressing section on Fiverr

  5. I've left this thread open so people who want to post things on topic with the OP can feel free to do so.
  6. My apologies. As soon as it was brought to my attention as well as other staff members not too long ago, it was addressed. There was no reason why it shouldn't have been deal with then and there. No excuses, mistakes were made, and have now hopefully been corrected. I can answer this as well. Myself, @Aiko, @Staggs, @Undead, (and some of the GMs such as @Cow and @HebiKotei who assisted with checking in game activity via logs) went through the groups and factions over several days earlier this week. I can't recall if we have completed it yet, but we went through about 80% of them at least at the time I had to step away that day. I may be missing people, but that's more or less it. The LMs assisted in helping to verify lore, the Admins and GMs went through activity. The admins as well went through the bulk of the threads. for formatting, etc. An announcement post was made as well to make sure people are aware that we added stuff that was missing to the rules for creating a group/faction as well so people would be given appropriate time to correct the issues.
  7. Fantastic as always Ron, nice to see Jaroslav standing up for us foreigners.
  8. Sorry guys, its been a busy day so far at work and I haven't had a chance to respond until now. @Rampage I can see some of the points you're making there. Bad RP verdicts have always been subjective to who is reviewing them. There never has been a checklist for what is considered bad RP. We just simply don't have that and I don't think any staff team ever has. Perhaps something like that, if even possible to create could help with clearing things up in regards to bad RP. We will review the policy on revoking whitelists. I still feel, and I don't think anyone is arguing this, that in some cases it is warranted. However, we can always look at it again. We do constantly debate and discuss rules and policies among staff. This just hasn't been one of them for a while. @Wendsill based on the new rules and system, theoretically yes, staff can essentially put in place a punishment that they see fit. Most still follow the old standards though, but the ability is there. The thing is, this isn't new. Staff always could, it was just called Aggravation and Extenuating Circumstances before. Although they still exist they allow for a bit more plus/minus in regards to punishments. I'll try and keep up with the forums, but if I don't respond much today, just know I'm not ignoring you guys. Edit: I made a boo-boo and fixed it, I think. I should not reply when I'm hungry.
  9. That's how I prefer to treat them as well. Every report is just another court case, we are all just lawyers and Judges. Every verdict has the possibility to set a precedent. I don't think preceding verdicts need to be a this is a how all other reports following MUST happen, but they can set a good path to follow. Straying from that path a bit, sure, but should be in the neighborhood. Case by case should not be used as a point to have vastly different polar opposite verdicts, but should be used to make sure that each report is looked at carefully because no two reports are exactly the same. That can change how things get verdict out, but that's how I look at it at least. We had a good meeting with the GM team and the Admins last weekend. A good number of things were brought up and discussed to try and improve the team. We are working on it, but it isn't going to happen over night either. We may falter, but we are working on it.
  10. I ran out of Lucky Charms, I've cracked open the Raisin Bran. I have wide tastes in cereal.

  11. Gladly, I can. Standard punishments are gone, yes. Typically what is done is we reference the old standard punishments and slide a little +/- from there. Some GMs may choose punishments that still align with what the old standards were. Perhaps my wording choice was poor when I said "standard" punishment when referring to these references, as that is what they actually are. References were followed. I also need to remember not to reply to the forum before having coffee to avoid things like this when I first wake up.
  12. I'm not against a suggestion about removing it or it only being used in perhaps more extreme cases. In the end, the GMs that handled the report simply followed the tools all GMs have at their disposal. Your second line I've quoted concerns me. It reads to some one like myself that you just don't like the GM/GMs that wrote it/worked on it since it was simply standard punishments that were followed. I really hope that isn't the case, that would be rather upsetting.