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  1. Until this mess is sorted out i'm going to lock this thread. Once it is reopened it would be appreciated if we could try and not irritate one another. /Locked
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  5. Hello @Simatho, So to answer your questions: The DayZ map is something that is available for ALL members of the community as IC information. All DayZRP characters do not have to know that all settlements exist, it is at the user's discretion (keep in mind this would only apply to the first encounter of the character with the settlement). Despite settlement rules being more 'exceptional circumstances', Rolle has stated that these rules still do not override the DayZRP rules. As such whilst technically Joe might be breaking the settlement rules, nobody has KoS rights on him as of yet. In order to gain KoS rights for somebody breaking your settlement rules the kill still has to be fully justified. In Joe's case, him simply being at the camp and rummaging around their things for the first time would not warrant a killing. If he was told to leave and that these tents belong to the settlement and then continued the kill may be seen as justified. So to answer your question the shooter would be at fault and would likely receive and a KoS ban (as there was no prior roleplay in this example you used). As well as this, the rule: 5.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. "Rule play" is prioritizing rules and OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play. Also backs up that the killing would be unjustified. If you are to gain KoS rights, you would need a strong in character reason to justify a kill without initiation. For example a repeat offender of this, somebody harrassing a member of the settlement continuously after many warnings etc. I hope this has answered your questions and if you have any more concerns or queries feel free to ask away.
  6. Rip, he got me there. Fak
  7. Zenyatta > Mercy, everybody knows that.
  8. Argument* Don't hurt me. I need those resurrects
  9. Don't need to, we're on the same team
  10. Pfft mercy potg. It's all about the Zenyatta POTGs should be the weekend around the 29th Hoping we can get at least anothet team registered before the event!
  11. I can only speak for myself in this. There are times in the day where i am physically unable to be in the helpdesk as well as other people. However, I personally have spent at least 2 hours in the helpdesk per day, be it in two, one hour time slots or one two hour time slot. I always try to put in at least that in a day without slipping. I also try to do this when the helpdesk is more or less empty. I think the problem boils down to the fact that early EU hours (like 10am through to 2-3pm) are just not feasible with the current team we have. People in the EU have work during the those hours to a little later than that and US support members would be asleep, waking up or beginning their day's work most likely. I do think activity in helpdesk lacks sometimes, but I also think it is not in the current team's control to change that much. There aren't enough support staff members with varying availabilities of time to enforce what you're asking of us. People usually have similar time frames that they can actually offer to the community. I say offer because the position is still voluntary and as such we do only have certain windows of time we can offer to the community. Sometimes, support staff windows overlap resulting multiple staff members being in sometimes, but none being in at others. So yea TL;DR: you're right... but it is not in our control.
  12. +1, text initiations alone provide no immediacy of threat as well. ^^^^^ makes a very very good point.